Sunday, January 31, 2010

German Internet regulation laws to go by

Germany is the world's first use of the Internet to develop legal norms, one of the countries. After more than ten years of development, has formed a government, institution concerted efforts the situation. The legal basis must be in accordance with the law is for the Government and relevant agencies to manage the Internet the main principles and ideas.

At present, to prevent the spread of neo-Nazi organizations, through the network of extreme thinking, aiming to halt the young people's access to pornographic information through the network, as well as to prohibit the distribution of child pornography through the Internet network monitoring information is the focus of Germany.

After reunification in response to the resurgence of neo-Nazi movement, the German parliament passed the "Anti-Nazi and anti-criminal law" expressly provides sympathetic to the Nazis, denial of Nazi crimes, to promote racial discrimination a criminal offense; strictly prohibits any propaganda of Nazi ideology, the use of Nazi symbols behavior; for neo-Nazi elements and their behavior pursued rigorously. Included making Nazi salutes, shouted "Hey, Hitler" are illegal. The above-mentioned requirements are applicable to the Internet.

In August 1997, the German government began to implement the "Information and Communications Services Act," clearly provides for Internet content providers, Internet service providers and Web search service provider liability. Focused on restrictions on the law contains obscene, pornographic, malicious speech, gossip, racist remarks, especially against the Nazi-related thought and speech and image transmission on the Internet.

However, the German neo-Nazi organizations in preventing the spread of extremist ideology through the network also encountered new challenges. According to foreign reports, in order to escape the German government to combat, many neo-Nazi organizations, the site of the server to the United States, Canada and other western countries. German "Mirror" weekly reported that many neo-Nazi organizations, through the network directly into the past, the practice of propaganda and extremist ideology, by releasing an anti-Nazi staff members of the family situation, home address and other personal information on threats to the personal safety of anti-Nazi. How to stop these acts, has become Germany's new topics.