Tuesday, June 29, 2010

While the beginning again and again walks

While the beginning again and again walks, even a crisis occurs bases loaded, but the Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitcher Edwin Jackson, or to cast the final surprise, the first 4 major league games this season no-hitter, leading the Diamondbacks to 1 to 0 in the away defeat ago Tampa Bay Rays owner.

Jackson Council on the vote before 2 out 2 walks, 3 Bureau to send more to 3 consecutive start, facing a crisis no one out bases loaded. But the light of Matt Joyce hit a fly ball out first, followed by third baseman BJ Upton hit a ground ball to allow third base runner at home plate before the tag out to be the last Hank Blalock has hit the infield groundball outs, light is not scoring.

Jackson escaped the bases loaded then stabilize the crisis, the whole cast six strikeouts, although still behind the 6 Board cast a bad 1 4 1 contact body, his teammates also appears a second fielding error, but still not from his light batter the hands of hits. Finally, article 149 of the ball to Jason Barlett guerrilla hit grounder, Diamondbacks firmly grasp Xiadi 27 outs later, Jackson celebrated his rallying career No. 1 market, the history of Arizona, 2 games, is also major league games this season without No. 4 hitter.

Niemann light performance of starting pitcher is not bad, pitched seven out of eight strikeouts Board voted 2 walks, gave up six hits, only 2 of Council on Adam LaRoche blasted by a rattlesnake solo shot lose points, but still lost to No hits for power, Kutun lost season 2.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pei Zhuoya Boston Red Sox (Dustin Pedroia) 3 ring gun today and win

Pei Zhuoya Boston Red Sox (Dustin Pedroia) 3 ring gun today and win, but hit a person until the 10th Council today for the first three runs, before he let the team to ensure victory to 13:11 Rick Colorado Rockies, end to this mutual advance, reversal, playing a total of nearly 5 hours of chase.

Red Sox starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka in the first Council to lose 2 points, but his teammates in the fourth game back to 4 points of attack, the fifth and then the next two points, so that he can lose 2 points 5 Board results, hold 6: 2 advantages of exit, but this is only the beginning of this melee only. mlb jerseys

Under the sixth inning, the Rockies for the onslaught, one hit seven hits Bureau, storm six points ahead of anti-Israel 8:6. But the Red Sox do not admit defeat, Qijuzaigong 3 overtake more than a few, eight innings, the Peizhuo Ya know their first two home runs today, 2 minutes by Zhezhi bomb the Red Sox lead expanded to 11:8 .

Friday, June 25, 2010

Atlanta Braves lefty starter Hampton (Mike Hampton) because the elbow injury surgery

Atlanta Braves lefty starter Hampton (Mike Hampton) because the elbow injury surgery, not a race over the past two years, and now Hampton in spring training is the elbow during the non-round practice a ball game and last year in November when the injury no rear thigh muscles to bring any problems to the Warriors for the Hampton optimistic about the health situation, decided on March 2 to face the Houston team of astronauts sent his warm-up pitch play.

Hampton served as the last fully healthy starting pitcher in the May 8, 2005, was also the face of the astronaut team was playing two hits and scored shutout wins, that game six days after his elbow discomfort , the next three months stay in the disabled list most of the time, that must undergo an operation in September.

Originally planned to rejoin the Hampton last year because of injury did not recover reimbursement for the entire season, the Warriors coach Cox (Bobby Cox) said: "I could see him playing a good thing."

This is the Hampton 8 years 100 million 21 million U.S. dollars contract for the last year, the Warriors hope he can become a starting pitcher and a member of the group to contribute to the team.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers after the game today

Los Angeles Dodgers after the game today, set off to Beijing to San Diego Padres over the weekend and in the Olympic baseball venue "Wukesong Baseball Field" in two exhibition games, this is the first time major league team games in China, our players Kuo and the Clansmen and Villager Expeditionary Force in the list.

Guo's left elbow has been little much better in today's game no mistake Board Rescue 1, he said, he had never been to Beijing, this will be very interesting!

The Dodge's most troubled players, I am afraid that Garciaparra (Nomar Garciaparra), he had also to go to Beijing, but unfortunately the race last week in the right wrist K pitcher, to start the eve of the swelling still has not, so the total manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) only afford to spare, to keep him in Florida, he was very upset.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Arizona Diamondbacks Team veteran starting lefthander Randy Johnson (Randy Johnson),

Arizona Diamondbacks Team veteran starting lefthander Randy Johnson (Randy Johnson), the Los Angeles Angels in the face of today's spring training exhibition game playing the second pitch, Johnson start of the Third Bureau, was beaten a throw hits 1 minute, struck out two batters, the current 8.31 ERA,, Arizona, although the increase in the extended game losing by 4 to 5, but Johnson's own performance and the first Council only to vote compared to 1.1 are satisfied.mlb jerseys

Johnson said: "With the increase in innings pitched my pitch is relatively sharp, and I will have more confidence."

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wood's back was beginning to feel uncomfortable from yesterday

Wood's back was beginning to feel uncomfortable from yesterday, and today the situation worse, he did not see a specialist, but by the team doctor for treatment, a team spokesman said Wood had to play today, but for the prevention of the event was canceled.

In addition, stolen bases yesterday, hit by neck injury when outfielder Kosuke Fukudome has in today's game against the Oakland Athletics in appearance, although the number 3 hit 0 hit strikes out two times, but it should be no big problem.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is not my preference, I would like to rejoin the fastest speed,

Philadelphia Phillies Terminator Ji (Brad Lidge) 2.25 nichido start after knee surgery completed rehabilitation work, but not in time for the opening of the play before the game, Phillies will now Ji into the 15-day disabled list April 5 is expected to return to the team. cheap MLB jerseys

Ji said: "This is not my preference, I would like to rejoin the fastest speed, but unfortunately I did not catch up arm strength, I want to squeeze four weeks of spring training ready to work within a week to complete. " Ji now fastball 91-92 miles per hour, slower than normal, 3-4 miles, the slider is also not good at recovery should be.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Allen said he was playing baseball at the beginning

Allen said he was playing baseball at the beginning, because of Robinson's lead, black baseball players have a chance out of poverty. 9% from the early black players, to the 60's when he was red, black players had increased to 18%, and now, in Major League baseball game in, have not see any racial discrimination, he felt them, particularly advanced the efforts of black baseball players, has finally received the recognition of society. (Allen emphasized that this data is to provide the world Martin Luther 3)

Before the end of the forum, emotional, said: "is it not? Baseball narrowed the gap between urban and rural, what is more fascinating than baseball?"

Friday, June 11, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers home today to start the 2008 season opening game

Los Angeles Dodgers home today to start the 2008 season opening game, against San Francisco Giants, attached to the Dodgers in China on living in America playing professional baseball players Clansmen and Villager Qiju as second baseman, Qiju next fight, hit first base hit the current rate of 100% against.

Dodgers hit the game a total of 11 hits, including starting second baseman Kent (Jeff Kent) 2-run homer, the Giants hit five hits.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Slovenia (Jason Marquis) pitched 5.1 inning hit eight hits

Chicago Cubs vs. Houston astronaut team, the three series the second war, the first astronaut team 4 to 3 victory.

Cubs starting pitcher Macedonia, Slovenia (Jason Marquis) pitched 5.1 inning hit eight hits, lost 5 points has nothing to do with the outcome, the second pitcher Hart (Kevin Hart) Investment Board is playing a 1.2 hits, no loss of points and the win. Astronaut team starting pitcher Austin Walter (Roy Oswalt) pitched 6.2 inning hit 10 hits, lost six points, swallow defeat cast, record 0 wins 2 losses.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hernandez (1 win 0 lose) in Qiju on though they lost 1 point

Hernandez (1 win 0 lose) in Qiju on though they lost 1 point, but has not affected the outcome, the game he pitched out of 6.2 Board Biao 7K, was hit nine hits and scored 4 points lost pitcher.

Taken in eight innings into a 5:6 recovery angel behind a time-only, mlb jersey then relying on half Board City Island sailors Kenji's base hit and Beitakete (Yuniesky Betancourt) of triples by 2 points the insurance points, before two consecutive 2 months away series wins 5 lost sailors, back home after winning an important victory.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mets ace left-hander launched (Johan Santana) as a start

New York Mets vs. Milwaukee Brewers, the second war in three series, the first Mets win 4 to 2. MLB jersey

Mets ace left-hander launched (Johan Santana) as a start, it is Santana's first home pitch at the Mets, pitched six inning to 5 hits including 3 home runs, lost 5 points of which 4 remorse, struck out seven batters to cast bad 2 4 walks, swallow defeat cast, record a win and 2 losses. Brewers team Schiess (Ben Sheets) start, pitched 7.2 inning hit five hits including a home runs lost 3 points, struck out five batters to cast bad 2 4 walks, pitcher to win, record 2 wins 0 lose.