Friday, July 30, 2010

ALCS Red Sox the edge of the brink of elimination

The more adversity is no turning back, the more able to prove Becket (Josh Beckett) "playoffs killer" title Non either substance!

ALCS Red Sox the edge of the brink of elimination, 19, wielding the strength of 20 wins vote Becket obstinately cut his way through, starting eight innings Biao a 11K, completely dominate the Indians beat line, the Red Sox from "poor to play "mud, freed start playing order except Kelisipu (Coco Crisp) flowering outside Bang Bang, 7:1 Forced Indians wrapped up and grabbed the second series win.

Boston Red Sox be able to race back to a monopoly on matches with the Becket undoubtedly the number one hero, often the most difficult time in the team, Becket always play the "savior", the Indians left this war once again Investment Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) apt Becket apart from the Home Office lost a little bit unstable points, the way opponents hanging egg, Indians beat lines do nothing.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Of five second half of the Indians offensive resurgence

Of five second half of the Indians offensive resurgence, one out marked base, and then occupied the second base wild pitch by pitcher, with be sent, Cabrera's hit with an RBI, followed by Haffner infield grounder also sent back to third base runner, the leading zero Indians 4, Red Sox starting pitcher will be loose (soil reaction) beat Daisuke exit.

Been bored, the Red Sox batter the sixth inning until the last out Qiju before relying on Zulu hits, two sub-shells Waruiteke capture points, but the Indians bullpen strong combat capabilities, not let the Red Sox overstepped, secure in holding the fruit game wins.

Pine (soil reaction) Daisuke playoffs this year, starting two of five cast their dissatisfaction, a total of nine two-thirds Bureau, lost seven ERA, and all bear defeat.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Major League quarter rose to Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) to play Set-up man (Ace relay) of competency

Although the "Light of Taiwan," Wang did not lead the Yankees into the royal road in the playoffs, but the contribution of the regular season 19 wins is still the eyes of the fans this season's most valuable pitcher.

Yankees official website for the 2007 season, the most valuable pitcher array for online voting, as at 12 so far, Wang has won support of nearly 2,000 votes, with 47% of the vote ahead, veteran Pei Tite (Andy Pettitte) to 26% of the votes won second place.

Major League quarter rose to Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) to play Set-up man (Ace relay) of competency, the former major league career, a point not lost 15.1 Board, rookie season, pitched out of 24 Council Biao 34K, defense rate 0.38, the performance of the Yankees fans were certainly deep, with 21% of the vote in the Pei Tite hot pursuit, the "Terminator" Rivera (Mariano Rivera) won 30 games and rescue successfully, and receive 6% of the voters.

While the Yankees array performance was good, but some money does not work, was New York Daily News named the go, "Rocket Man" Clemens (Roger Clemens) is one of 12 grams of this old interviewed by the media , there was no clear response is hanging sneakers, it touches on the recent heated debate about the uproar of coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) be removed from office express their views, he said: "I look forward to Joe Torre to stay, at least win a world champion again to the existing Yankee Stadium, a perfect end. "

Friday, July 23, 2010

The campaign for a start against the Yankees seem negative

2 rounds of silence, the New York Yankees major league most outstanding offensive firepower last play, in Damon (Johnny Damon) 3 hits and 4 RBI single field under the leadership of the Cleveland Indians beat the Yankees to 8:4, to keep first-line vitality, but also to avoid being swept in the fate of the shaved head.

The campaign for a start against the Yankees seem negative, starting pitcher Roger Clemens (Roger Clemens) by the tight left hamstring injury affecting small, only 2.1 Board voted hit in the four hits and had to lose 3 points on the exit, the Yankees emergency replaced Hughes (Phil Hughes) was stopped Indian offensive.

The former two Councils have been playing for a double play the Yankees offensive end, a breakthrough in the third Indians pitcher Davis Brook (Jake Westbrook) pitch, Hideki Matsui after the first hit on the base, relying on a fielder's choice to third base, Damon hit a timely hit the Yankees back to the first 1 minute.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The campaign blocked the Yankees batter

But first send Gutiyarui Hughes also hit a base hit by Blake lost another two points, one sub-head pretty Aberdeen under construction, the Indian Council House to take a fifth single, leading the expansion gap.

The campaign blocked the Yankees batter, hit only the first four Board two hits, respectively, by the Damon and Cannone's two spring were scores of bomb attacks, one out of five on the second, third base was also just grabbed a points, five Bureau of the Yankees left 15 on base, was the main reason the Indians opened.

Overall performance against the Indians well, knocked 14 hits in addition to, but also belted four home runs, in total luxury the Yankees beat line par; while starting pitcher Shabaxiya Although the performance is not satisfactory, 5 Council on the ball with the 114 exit, but the overall number can create out of key, so he still get the win.

The Democratic vote in four and two-thirds of Wang Office, with a 94 ball, which strikes 58, was pounded nine hits and eight, take The campaign lost battle.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pan Niya pre-season does not officially elected into the Devil Rays roster

Tampa Bay Devil Rays first baseman Pan Niya, won the American League MLB Major League Baseball annual "comeback" award, the League of Nations winner is the Washington Nationals first baseman Yonge.

Pan Niya pre-season does not officially elected into the Devil Rays roster, only invited to participate in spring training, but after playing his regular season opened fully displayed their prowess, refresh the history of a number of team records, including home runs (46), RBI (121), walked to the number (103), on base percentage (4 percent 11) and Slugging percentage (Liu Cheng 27).

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cubs star left fielder Suoliannuo the first to play the first Council

MLB Major League Baseball Chicago Cubs today, a six-zero shutout host Cincinnati Reds, coupled with the area lost to the Milwaukee Brewers San Diego Padres, Cubs get rid of a struggle, success in the National League Central Region champion.

Cubs star left fielder Suoliannuo the first to play the first Council, which takes a solo shot in the right field to help the team get the first point of Chi. Starting pitcher Zambrano pitched Qiju scoreless, six hits, outstanding performance, allowing him win the 18th victory this season.

Bear in the central area had tightly clenched wine people lost today to three to six priests. Cubs 84 wins 76 negative, although not in the National League record top, but won the division title has been enough.

Signed last year, eight 136 million U.S. dollars contract Suoliannuo, not only to the thirty-second ring to prove worth this season, the third, even with a perfect return, the Reds rookie asked to assassinate the Buddha in the base before the stop Red counterattack.

Suoliannuo first quarter total and win the inaugural I hit six home runs and successfully create a new major league record.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Indians fire outbreak under four Board and win three first base hit

(AFP, Cleveland, Ohio on the 23rd) After the Boston Red Sox yesterday as Major League Baseball (MLB) season first team into the playoffs the team, the Cleveland Indy Anren and the Los Angeles Angels won the American League also had separate, the Western champions, determine the promotion playoffs.

Since the 2001 division title since Wei Chang taste of Indians, pitcher Wes Brook earlier today a career-most strikeouts (nine), and the star player Se Simo four hits and two RBIs contribution under the leadership of to six to two win over the Oakland Athletics, the first time in six years, boarded the top spot in the AL Central.

Indians fire outbreak under four Board and win three first base hit, base hit and three-base hit each one, poured them into the quarter of the total, to lay the basis of victory.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This year, Hernandez and his younger brother Li Fan

This year, Hernandez and his younger brother Li Fan. Hernandez (Livan Hernandez) came together with the national team, Li Fan has become a starting pitcher's leaders, but the Duke is still spring training base to find old skill, but Wang and live a long time, the two also trained good friendship.

In fact, Wang was with the Duke had a great duel, 2007 June 18, the Duke team then transferred to the city, played in the subway battle led by the old owner Wang, Chien-Ming Wang in the game results Biao a career-high 10 strikeouts, won 7 to 8:2 victory, Duke is cast under 5 Council on exit, is now looking at is the rehabilitation of the little brother maybe, Duke said that Wang will be able to restore the previous skill.

Major League career ups and downs, the Duke legend is the best example, and now the 41-year-old veteran is trying to stage a comeback, and Wang, this is a kind of encouragement, allowing him more confidence on the back.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Diamondbacks starting pitcher Willis still can not find the strike zone

Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees hit with the Arizona Diamondbacks playoff 10 Council, Sen Yang Ji Gelan to hit the home run to win over six to five, while the Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Buddha test rejoin, Clansmen and Villager also was again reduced to the minor leagues, the Dodgers lost to the Los Angeles depicts an angel than two. Houston Astros defeated Zeyi six to three San Francisco Giants. St. Louis Cardinals Toronto Blue Jays depicts zero shutout.

Diamondbacks starting pitcher Willis still can not find the strike zone, 2.1 Bureau sent seven walks exit, but only beaten a team hits two points lost, the Yankees pitcher Vazquez has lost a quarter of five , two to their questions, nine innings on a sacrifice fly foreign 基罗德里奎're finally tying the ratio of the number of 10 Board Glenn homered to Sen has advanced, 10 Bureau under the rattlesnake captured bases loaded no one out, no to solve three consecutive batters think Rivera save.

Dodgers shortstop Buddhist funerals back home after the test rejoin, Clansmen and Villager only on the two in the Dodgers had no chance even against dropping back to the minor leagues. Eli Qiju six strikeout pitcher was hit only three hits and lost two points, but only three Board Dodge's base hit by Kemp scored the only points to one to two defeat.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mentioned astronauts farms have to mention our Luojia Ren

For this year's poor record in terms of astronauts, in addition to another tragic swallow Oswald Linse Kang's third straight on the outside, it may only good astronauts happy is that they number one minor league potential Young catcher Kaisi Zhuo (Jason Castro), Major League debut in the game board. I only played the first one from Linse Kang hands and win the individual first career major league hits, and then back to the personal career of the first sub (which is also the only one astronaut whole field points). But on defense, two stolen bases are grasping success! The Astros first-round draft pick in 2008, the 10th overall selection to a young teenager, the next several years should be the starting catcher astronauts.

Mentioned astronauts farms have to mention our Luojia Ren. Luo Jiaren excellent record in the minor leagues last year, had this year may rise in the major leagues. But recently his right elbow ulnar link laceration, although without an operation, subject to 4 weeks to 6 weeks for rest and rehabilitation. He should be able to return to the mound later this quarter. With him this year, though still good, but send too many conditions. So if he is organic at the major league, he should have to wait until September when the chance of expansion. I only hope that the injury keep him well good!

In addition, Luo Jiaren last year because of outstanding performance, was selected to participate in the "rising stars" (Futures Game) game. Taiwan teenager was absent this year! Attached to the Cleveland Indians catcher Chen Junxiu our young, low-1A season this year, the pay out of .318 in batting average, six homers, .917 OPS for excellent results, selected this year "World Team." Indians have had just a young major league catcher santan that (Carlos Santana) in the array will be blocked Chen Junxiu in Indian development. But as long as Chen Junxiu can continue to have good performance, superb offensive and defensive catcher in the major league of great value! So even if the Indians have no chance, other teams will be interested in him! So Chen Junxiu the good work, continue to fuel it!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cliff Li Ji Philadelphia Phillies after defecting from the sailors

Major League Baseball MLB, Cliff Lee (Cliff Lee) today continued repression of the New York Yankees (Yankees), finished third straight vote, power to help the Seattle Mariners (Mariners) 7 to 4 victory.

Cliff Li Ji Philadelphia Phillies after defecting from the sailors, in the World Series against the Yankees in the record is 2 wins 0 negative. He (record 7 wins 3 losses) showed active durable combat power, as Randy in 1998. Johnson (Randy Johnson) wrote after the first of three consecutive complete cast of Mariners pitcher.

As the sailor (32 wins 44 lost) poor record this season, the media speculation, despite the recent fighting and Cliff Lee quite good, but this year could once again be a trade.

Great help fire crew, Hughes, the Yankees (Phil Hughes) to swallow the second defeat this season.

Friday, July 2, 2010

MLB Phillies pitcher Moyle (Jamie Moyer) was today blasted Major League record breaking 506 home runs

MLB Phillies pitcher Moyle (Jamie Moyer) was today blasted Major League record breaking 506 home runs, but the performance of the entire field commendable.

Toronto Blue Jays in Wales (Vernon Wells) 3 knockout Zhezhi Council home run record, so that beyond the 47-year-old Moyle Phillies Hall of Fame pitcher Roberts (Robin Roberts) records.

Phillies Finally, the game 11 to 2 victory, Moyle pitched seven bureaus end, this is the first 4000 Board of his career, becoming the 40th major league pitcher cross this threshold.

The lefthander Major League career in 1986 so far, the cumulative record of 267 wins 201 negative.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red Sox to the National League Giants Stadium one less game originally designated hitter ended

Major League Baseball, Boston Red Sox Francisco Giants with the last of a three-Lien Chan, the Red Sox pitcher to vote Liszt complete nine innings played only five hits and lost by one point, beat the giant headed pitcher Linse Kang, the Red Sox five to one win, three-set matches Lien Chan also made advantage, but injuries to catcher Martinez, Red Sox general one another breakage. Another Cleveland Indians defeated Zeyi Cincinnati Reds five to three, ending a seven game losing streak.

Red Sox to the National League Giants Stadium one less game originally designated hitter ended, the three conditions Lien Chan has been, second baseman sent Zhuorui Ya broke his left foot after the first, second starting pitcher Bakehuozi again base running when the knee injury, the Red Sox bullpen was forced to use seven pitchers Relay finish; 3 Lien final, starting catcher Martinez received under the four Bureau arrested two foul tips the ball, left hand thumb fracture exit.