Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sabathia explosive opener on the first game

New York Yankees left-hander CC Sabathia in the AL Championship Board 1 of 1 war, under the big bang, rest for too long is the likely cause. This time he will rest in the normal 4 days after the first hair, hoping to retrieve the ball, control the Yankees winning.

Sabathia explosive opener on the first game, a single Board voted 3 times out of four bad, also depressed the playoffs 3 Josh Hamilton belted gun. Although he said he hate excuses, but still possible reasons put forward his view, that the benefits of 8 days of rest did not.

Sabathia said: "Obviously, I do not know what they are doing. I did not rest so long to play, I do not know how to amendment. To fix things too much, because, in general, if I have a Bureau of poor investment I can find the problem and correction in the game. but then I really have not got a clue. "

Saturday, October 16, 2010

As for the Indians general manager Mark Shapiro is that he did not know whether the team's former coach taught sailor

As for the Indians general manager Mark Shapiro is that he did not know whether the team's former coach taught sailor, but he believes that no matter which team hired Wedge, will be the impact of who can bring different head coach.

Wedge in 03 to 09 seasons leading the Indians 7, for a total pay out of 561 wins 573 loses less than 5 percent winning record, but at 05 and 07 Wedge led his unit to play twice the performance of more than 90 wins, including 07 played 96 years led the Indians defeated the group won 66 of the first record, and Wedge also won the American League that year, head coach of the Year Award.

Sailor played this year, 101 American League defeat the worst record of 61 wins, is the second time over the past three years, the number of single-season break lost 100 games, but also because the team's combat power ups and downs, so far from 2007, sailors have been replaced 6 head coach position.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taiwanese pitcher Wang Chien-ming second league debut today in the guide

Taiwanese pitcher Wang Chien-ming second league debut today in the guide, starting 2 Board 6 on the 6 opponents, the ball speed to 89 miles. National team coach, director of rehabilitation are seen Xiaohe, Wang himself has exposed a smile on the microscopic.

The face of the Atlanta Braves, coach of the original cast prepare for Wang about 40 balls, and he only 17 balls, to 6 on 6, the clean and tidy end to the other offensive.

1 Board 4, he pitched 5 good or bad, 2 ground balls, 1 was shot out of bounds, then killed by a hit; No. 2 Board 3 voted out of 5 good or bad, 2 ground balls, fly then kill 1 . Two scoreless innings, no walks, but no strikeouts. Director of Coaching and rehabilitation are appreciated his performance for me.

Casting ball, Williams, director of the National Rehabilitation Team (Stan Williams) praised Wang's ball faster. Wang joked, might be the wind. But Williams said, "not right, the opposite direction the wind is blowing it!" And then kept patting his back as he says "good job".

Monday, October 11, 2010

In the past, the Yankees other than the card position

In the past, the Yankees other than the card position, never survive the first round of the playoffs, while the 10 American League Championship promotion battle defeat the Twins, starting rotation and contributed to wire back to God, so "the glory of Taiwan," Wang performance in 2007 and then was used as control, "New York Times" is a gross understatement, although still tells his trump card does not match the performance, coupled with wire flame, when the Yankees could not advance beyond the card as the reason.

2007 Wang won 19 games again, the momentum to reach the peak time of the first round of the playoffs hit Sabah West (CC Sabathia), led by the Indians, the original is considered to be a evenly balanced in the series, But the real battle Shique not the case, Wang two games, throwing just 12 points lost 5.2 Authority to ERA, and even swallow 2 failed, the defense as high as 19.06, is in addition to the diamond wire broke down, the Yankees were eliminated another major cause .

In 2010, Yankees 4 degrees (the previous three years for the 95,97,07) other than a card into the playoffs, not with the Twins before the battle, the team the last 11 games in the regular season has only won 3 games so that all New Yorkers are worried about starting near collapse of combat power, to the Minnesota Twins fear slash guest. Instead, no one thought that "empire" not only did not collapse, but staged "October Rising" drama.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The end of September first degree registration plate

Following the "Light of Taiwan," Wang, the Diamondbacks ace Webb (Brandon Webb) are today (8) to guide the League pitching, and different places is that this is his third pitch board board, not ideal conditions, investment 2 out of 2 Security Council to endure 3 hours and 1 strikeouts, pitching the ball straight at about 81-85 miles or so, as Wang, 87 miles. After casting the game, Diamondbacks announced the formal end of this season Webber.

The end of September first degree registration plate, Weber ball straight ball only about 78 to 82 miles in about a second to play to 83 miles, and this came home to Chester Stadium Diamondbacks (Chase Field), the ball in as many as 21 teams probe in front of the main cast, the ball and then progress to 85 miles, and put into 2 Board, where the more a pity is struggling bid comparison, there are records out of hours, but solely on the ball, the still fruitful.

Weber said the situation on their own, "I feel like the investment simulation game, like to spend a short break after 1 bureau, feel much better, even if the lost 2 points, 2 Board still feel good." The ball is not as good as In the past, Weber is optimistic the right, "speed will be back, over time, will be better for me."