Sunday, November 14, 2010

Compared to other media reports

Epstein, Boston Red Sox general manager (Theo Epstein) today (14) once again reiterated that pellet catcher Martinez will try to put (Victor Martinez) and third baseman Bell Choi (Adrian Beltran) to sign back, and said that and Yuki Rhys (Kevin Youkilis) discussed, if the new season can not return to third base zone Cui Bell will be back to third base he Yifang. This schedule, players and coaches have agreed to this.

Compared to other media reports, Epstein said the team is still active and Martinez negotiations, "we certainly hope that next year he continued to play in the Red Sox, I believe he also feel our sincerity to be able to see the recent agreement of the . "

Thursday, November 11, 2010

James predicted two male support defense

James predicted two male support defense

James Kuo predicted average score of his career next year toward a higher risk of correction, positioning is still the main setup man, and occasionally part-time closed, and the content to maintain his high strikeout rate, the characteristics show excellent suppression of force. Mattingly determined to succeed Joe Torre as the Dodgers head coach next year, you made it clear that the coming year, or the Pueblo Princeton Terminator, James also believes that the new season to get back fat distribution had skill, but Kuo pitching almost exactly the same content The two are expected to again play a bullpen double insurance. Kuo vote as long as at least a healthy full season next year, not without the opportunity to cast a better result than James, salaries doubled, or altered tickets are likely to do about.

Kuo was awarded honorary citizenship Nanshi

In addition, Kuo was born in Tainan, Tainan City yesterday became the first honorary citizen of 31, issued by the Mayor Hsu Tien-tsai honorary members of the public key certificate and the city.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Metropolitan New Explorer Oddsson (Sandy Alderson) the first thing the new office

Metropolitan New Explorer Oddsson (Sandy Alderson) the first thing the new office, that is, not with Japanese pitcher Takahashi into renewed.

Oddsson said: "He wanted to try Takahashi into the free market, for his contribution to the city, bless him, his big league career."

Takahashi defeat into 6 8 10 wins this year, 3.61 ERA in relief, the performance is actually quite competent, can be said that starting with the backup can be competent, poor performance at the Metropolitan this year, with a few amazing players.

Takahashi Cheng said: "It is unfortunate, but I am grateful to the Metropolitan for giving me this opportunity to open my big league of the road, I enjoyed New York, I want to explore as a free agent." Takahashi Shangcheng Xi Wang's team is to let him fill in the rotation of the team.

However, Takahashi lost into, the other a left-front investment in, Feliciano (Pedro Feliciano) will also be a free agent, and Santana (Johan Santana) whether the success of rehabilitation, the layout of city will the new season of pitcher very difficult, it should test the wisdom of the new Explorer Oddsson.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Girardi) and the not so; even played the World Series in full swing

New York Yankees a few days ago because of "want to change," pitching coach decided not to ground Islander (Dave Eiland) contract, but in the 31st this reason was "ESPN" break, the report pointed out that the Islander and the Yankees parted ways, because and head coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) and the not so; even played the World Series in full swing, the news came out that American global community is still lively discussion.

Islander in June has left the team for a while, came back on and Girardi between cracks. Islander believes that after the return to the team, their coach was often ignored the views of the heart always some imbalance.

Reported that, in fact, they care about breaking accidental, are straightforward personality Islander people, and the introverted Girardi very different creature, some speakers often let the team that surprised, like he has analyzed Vazquez (Javier Vazquez ) pitch, that army has a "death of the arm." In addition, the Islander respondents when there are difficulties, head coach of the Office of General pointed to Girardi helped him clean up.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sabathia explosive opener on the first game

New York Yankees left-hander CC Sabathia in the AL Championship Board 1 of 1 war, under the big bang, rest for too long is the likely cause. This time he will rest in the normal 4 days after the first hair, hoping to retrieve the ball, control the Yankees winning.

Sabathia explosive opener on the first game, a single Board voted 3 times out of four bad, also depressed the playoffs 3 Josh Hamilton belted gun. Although he said he hate excuses, but still possible reasons put forward his view, that the benefits of 8 days of rest did not.

Sabathia said: "Obviously, I do not know what they are doing. I did not rest so long to play, I do not know how to amendment. To fix things too much, because, in general, if I have a Bureau of poor investment I can find the problem and correction in the game. but then I really have not got a clue. "

Saturday, October 16, 2010

As for the Indians general manager Mark Shapiro is that he did not know whether the team's former coach taught sailor

As for the Indians general manager Mark Shapiro is that he did not know whether the team's former coach taught sailor, but he believes that no matter which team hired Wedge, will be the impact of who can bring different head coach.

Wedge in 03 to 09 seasons leading the Indians 7, for a total pay out of 561 wins 573 loses less than 5 percent winning record, but at 05 and 07 Wedge led his unit to play twice the performance of more than 90 wins, including 07 played 96 years led the Indians defeated the group won 66 of the first record, and Wedge also won the American League that year, head coach of the Year Award.

Sailor played this year, 101 American League defeat the worst record of 61 wins, is the second time over the past three years, the number of single-season break lost 100 games, but also because the team's combat power ups and downs, so far from 2007, sailors have been replaced 6 head coach position.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taiwanese pitcher Wang Chien-ming second league debut today in the guide

Taiwanese pitcher Wang Chien-ming second league debut today in the guide, starting 2 Board 6 on the 6 opponents, the ball speed to 89 miles. National team coach, director of rehabilitation are seen Xiaohe, Wang himself has exposed a smile on the microscopic.

The face of the Atlanta Braves, coach of the original cast prepare for Wang about 40 balls, and he only 17 balls, to 6 on 6, the clean and tidy end to the other offensive.

1 Board 4, he pitched 5 good or bad, 2 ground balls, 1 was shot out of bounds, then killed by a hit; No. 2 Board 3 voted out of 5 good or bad, 2 ground balls, fly then kill 1 . Two scoreless innings, no walks, but no strikeouts. Director of Coaching and rehabilitation are appreciated his performance for me.

Casting ball, Williams, director of the National Rehabilitation Team (Stan Williams) praised Wang's ball faster. Wang joked, might be the wind. But Williams said, "not right, the opposite direction the wind is blowing it!" And then kept patting his back as he says "good job".

Monday, October 11, 2010

In the past, the Yankees other than the card position

In the past, the Yankees other than the card position, never survive the first round of the playoffs, while the 10 American League Championship promotion battle defeat the Twins, starting rotation and contributed to wire back to God, so "the glory of Taiwan," Wang performance in 2007 and then was used as control, "New York Times" is a gross understatement, although still tells his trump card does not match the performance, coupled with wire flame, when the Yankees could not advance beyond the card as the reason.

2007 Wang won 19 games again, the momentum to reach the peak time of the first round of the playoffs hit Sabah West (CC Sabathia), led by the Indians, the original is considered to be a evenly balanced in the series, But the real battle Shique not the case, Wang two games, throwing just 12 points lost 5.2 Authority to ERA, and even swallow 2 failed, the defense as high as 19.06, is in addition to the diamond wire broke down, the Yankees were eliminated another major cause .

In 2010, Yankees 4 degrees (the previous three years for the 95,97,07) other than a card into the playoffs, not with the Twins before the battle, the team the last 11 games in the regular season has only won 3 games so that all New Yorkers are worried about starting near collapse of combat power, to the Minnesota Twins fear slash guest. Instead, no one thought that "empire" not only did not collapse, but staged "October Rising" drama.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The end of September first degree registration plate

Following the "Light of Taiwan," Wang, the Diamondbacks ace Webb (Brandon Webb) are today (8) to guide the League pitching, and different places is that this is his third pitch board board, not ideal conditions, investment 2 out of 2 Security Council to endure 3 hours and 1 strikeouts, pitching the ball straight at about 81-85 miles or so, as Wang, 87 miles. After casting the game, Diamondbacks announced the formal end of this season Webber.

The end of September first degree registration plate, Weber ball straight ball only about 78 to 82 miles in about a second to play to 83 miles, and this came home to Chester Stadium Diamondbacks (Chase Field), the ball in as many as 21 teams probe in front of the main cast, the ball and then progress to 85 miles, and put into 2 Board, where the more a pity is struggling bid comparison, there are records out of hours, but solely on the ball, the still fruitful.

Weber said the situation on their own, "I feel like the investment simulation game, like to spend a short break after 1 bureau, feel much better, even if the lost 2 points, 2 Board still feel good." The ball is not as good as In the past, Weber is optimistic the right, "speed will be back, over time, will be better for me."

Monday, September 27, 2010

Phillies (Phillies) today became the first one Major League Baseball's National League playoff teams

Phillies (Phillies) today became the first one Major League Baseball's National League playoff teams, which was attributed to the San Diego Padres (Padres) lost to Cincinnati Reds (Reds).

2nd National League Championship loss to the Phillies New York Mets 3-7 today (Mets), but the Reds 12-2 victory over the priests, at least outside of Philadelphia to determine eligibility card playoffs.

2 years ago won the World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies, World Series last year, only a thin 1 win this season, will be able to reign in the NL East, tomorrow against the Washington Nationals (Nationals).

Minnesota Twins (Twins) and Texas Rangers (Rangers) is to determine the American League team reached the playoffs next month.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

2 years before the National League Cy Young Award winner Linse Kang

San Francisco Giants today (25) in the ace pitcher "floating fat man" Linse Kang (Tim Lincecum) 8 Board 9k, beaten only two hits super repression, and Burrell (Pat Burrell) 2 points ahead of the gun , and closing the 2 to 1 victory over Charles Sim (Jhoulys Chacin) led the Colorado Rockies, won two straight, hold the National League West No. 1 position. The Rockies will swallow the last 5 game losing streak.

Giants head coach of the wavelet (Bruce Bochy) said: "Today Linse Kang is a big hero, and his pitching talent none, when he was a good day is almost invincible, this is the year before last and last year he won the Cy Young Award are causes. "

2 years before the National League Cy Young Award winner Linse Kang, 8, was knocked out only 2 security bureau, only the 6th inning Yonge (Eric Young Jr) batting lost 1 point, to get 15 wins (10 lost). He is very fierce momentum start, continuous solution of 15 batters, asked if thought no-hitter? Linse Kang said: "I never thought of, because once you have that thought, could soon be breaking work."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This year's Tucker Xue La (Mark Teixeira) in addition to deeply stuck against a low ebb

This year's Tucker Xue La (Mark Teixeira) in addition to deeply stuck against a low ebb, has also taking advantage of Sino Swearingen Aircraft teammate Xu (Nick Swisher) to return to play line, to temporary leave due to thumb injury and the first front foot, so that he can not help but sigh is really troubled times, indeed encounter the greatest professional baseball career low. However, your strong fight for the New York Yankees, Tucker has a better than ordinary natural Xue pull the willpower, "I have good support as soon as possible injury, back on the court contributed to the team."

Tucker early in the season as usual Xue pull into a slow phenomenon, but unexpectedly this year, going on for nearly 3 months began to improve, despite the current rate of only 2 percent against rookie in the first quarter tied the score 59, but Star break, frantically 17 home runs in the performance of least significant thawing. But seeing the regular season into the end, Tucker has been Xue pull of the thumb and toe injuries in the September 13 games out of a recent race, only to hit a hit rate of 52 percent (attacks index for the .463), making Coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) yesterday decided to start Teixeira temporary leave of absence to play line.

The arrangements for the pellet, Tucker Xue pull is not much advice and support too, "In the past 2 to 3 weeks of the race, I almost always play pain can be said that the most difficult of his career since the injury, I would like pellets decision will be very helpful, I just want to 100% health back on the court, playing for the team the most powerful contribution. "and perhaps because of general manager Cashman (Brian Cashman) the previous paragraph, let Ji Secretary General assured the healing time for iron.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New York Yankees beat line today (19) to 13 hits and scored 11 points

New York Yankees beat line today (19) to 13 hits and scored 11 points, Robinson Cano, and Curtis Granderson hit a home runs each, and closing of 11 to 3 defeat the Baltimore Orioles. First sent 7 game lost 3 points CC Sabathia, becoming the first Major League season, a 20-win pitcher.

Sabathia situation today is not perfect, pre-cast 7 Board 1 4 4 strikeouts bad, gave up seven hits, except for the first six Councils, the Orioles have hit hits per game.

But the Orioles did not cause serious injury Sabathia, although the two Bureau to hit consecutive hits, three bureau and ends were more batter Robert Andino hit base hit on the base, but ultimately relied on a sacrifice fly only 1 point each grab . Andino then blasted in the next 5 Bureau solo shot.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The first Australian giant stick Lent (Edgar Renteria) a single field 4 security

The first Australian giant stick Lent (Edgar Renteria) a single field 4 security, but also to have been behind the hitters the opportunity to earn RBI, Sangqi Si (Freddy Sanchez) 2 hits and 3 RBI, Huff (Aubrey Huff) fired a 3-gun , Percy (Buster Posey) is also the performance of spring guns, the base with (Jose Guillen) has 2 points guns, four giant coming down all the scores.

Giants victory, priests today are the Cardinals 4-0 shutout, the National League West rankings have transaction, the priests fell second, Giants rise to the first, since the May 6 is the first time since the National League West for the first time an exclusive first. Wild Card battle to become priests behind the margin of victory to the Warriors half.

As for players residing abroad, Hu Jinlong, five-inning pinch today, successfully fired hits, .200 batting average is also a small rise.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yankees in this (14) and Tampa Bay Rays lost the series opener

Gude Na (Brett Gardner) is to replace the present low ebb of the New York Yankees captain Kitt (Derek Jeter) as a pioneer, but Jia Dena feel right wrist discomfort recently received MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) examination, although the inspection report there is no fracture or tear, but a large number of inflammatory tendency to coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) headache again.

Yankees in this (14) and Tampa Bay Rays lost the series opener, the war only into the past eight games to win a low ebb and the first American League East dropped to allow light to succeed the throne. See this situation, Girardi said with resignation: "While the Yankees hope to win the division title, not outside the advancing card playoff position, but if this situation continues We have to live with the best results still have to qualify first and then discuss World Series. "

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Major League Baseball, the former eight innings behind the New York Yankees Baltimore Orioles one point

Major League Baseball, the former eight innings behind the New York Yankees Baltimore Orioles one point, but in nine innings under the (Sino Swearingen Aircraft snow) hit two home runs in sub-bye, three to two win over the Orioles have ended their third straight. New York Mets also another three to two Lectra Washington Nationals, three Lien grabbed two wins.

Orioles in the AL East cellar, but changed to determine when the head coach after Xiao Watt meteoric rise from the dark, with the Yankees were winning the first two three-Lien Chan, to challenge the first time in 24 years swept across the New York Yankees record. Yankees first-base hit three Board Kano Chi get points, but Orioles pitcher threw the only Board Bergson 6.1 points, five Bureau Orioles Vettese also shot the lead two minutes, Qiju Bergson was hit after hit Xiao Han put Vertical Jackson Watt act decisively to defuse the crisis with Johnson, nine innings to send another rescue on seven consecutive successful Koji Uehara, but Rodríguez hit a shot up on a snow out of left field after the bye run homer Sino Swearingen Aircraft , Uehara swallow big league career for the first time the rescue failed, while Yankees pitcher Chamberlain came up nine innings.

Also played in the national metropolis, two hits and Mladic to Board pitcher hit a double sacrifice with Beltran scored two points and rookie Ramos nationals of five two-run homer tied more than a few, but Metropolitan Qiju put to pinch hit Sian Evans scored points ahead, or to beat people three to two, butterfly ball pitcher Dickey won the 10th victory this season, Takahashi into a successful rescue, the first national Hernandez swallow 11 lost.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A-Rod knocked 6 Board sacrifice fly

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees (Yankees) in the A-Rod Rodriguez (Alex Rodriguez), today than Babe Ruth (Babe Ruth), built in Georgia (Lou Gehrig) and Fox (Jimmie Foxx), to create 14 quarter quarterly record of at least 100 RBI.

A-Rod knocked 6 Board sacrifice fly, become the first player to reach this milestone, but the Yankees finally lost to the Baltimore Orioles still 3-4 (Orioles).

Before A-Rod already has 98 RBI, 4 Council today blasted solo shot, also a career first 605 home runs, 6 Board then sacrifice earned 100 RBI.

The Yankees third baseman has 22 home runs this season, eight short of the 14th season will be able to challenge the threshold of 30 H, 13 season career with at least 30 bombers.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nick Swisher is only a half Bureau does not hurt his left knee

"This is quite a cool thing." Sabathia Happy Road, then position the selfless team concept first, "We are still fighting for division titles, it would be difficult to focus on individual achievement." Yankees leading light of a temporary site and a half.

Nick Swisher is only a half Bureau does not hurt his left knee back to replace Curtis Granderson to stick times more dazzling diamonds to play line, pinch breeding season of the 16,17 runs, the Yankees bench to create a history of three double-bang Juxian. The former served hot temper, was ejected iron catch Jorge Posada, anger this "shift" in the bar head, 17 The campaign was born in the same bomb.

Dallas Braden helpless event magic sand retaining body fat, 5 Board 2 hits, 1 responsible for lost have to swallow defeat. Activist brutally swept, Rangers AL West has been thrown away after 10 games.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This has always been confident of the Braden and easily respond to long to prepare

Beginning of the season due to the New York Yankees star A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) across the mound, that his respect for the spot has not been scolded the Oakland Athletics lefthander Braden (Dallas Braden), will be on the 3rd (Taiwan time) Tap into the home as the Yankees pitched. "New York Post," immediately reminded Braden, "The fans are the biggest enemy," Braden said this psychologically prepared long ago.

In addition to the "Daily News" Good to remind Braden, although they miss the visit and the CIA A-Rod (left leg because of) the opportunity to play against, but the face of the vast New York fans are absolutely not escape, the "New York Post "Esen told Braden, if heard fans shouting" Get Off My Mound! (Get out of my mound) "Please do not be too surprised," I think he should be the number of bottom line beyond which, in any case, fans will particularly concerned about him, not to mention his face is called the most terrifying New Yorker. "

This has always been confident of the Braden and easily respond to long to prepare, "but I also look forward to the full, which is part of the game, they (the fans) should have been good to welcome me the way to the bar." While The final battle with the Yankees, Braden would touch the evil empire of the giant strong cast Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia).

Sunday, August 29, 2010

No longer just a head coach willing to give opportunities to the news

No longer just a head coach willing to give opportunities to the news, Ivan Nova today (30) depend on the performance of the pump layout, pitched 5 2 / 3 Board Biao 7K, only lost 1 point, to help Rick White Sox Yankees 2 to 1, not only to ensure the victory of the series, but won his first individual victory.

"We pushed a young man firing line, he (Nova) is paid out of the results we expect." Coach Joe Girardi satisfaction Road.

Battle Blue Jays previous series, Nova critical situation in command, though not the first to vote and win lasting bonds but 5 1 / 3 innings lost 2 points to obtain the performance of the trust coaching staff, access to two carry the responsibility of the opportunity to play this line to face more strong White Sox, and MLB officials before concentrating on Nova in the minor leagues the past injected vitamin B12 rumors, teenager still Tingde Zhu, deep breath and help the team win.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today Dodge series on the Brewers third battle of five in the second half

Dodge yesterday with the Brewers series in the second war, as Kuo series aim at the day before the first war, with 22 goals scored 5 of his season, after the successful rescue, the ninth of the closed task can not be played. Therefore, the old coach Dodge Torre (Joe Torre) used (Ronald Belisario), Xue riels (George Sherrill), and the Big Dipper Tyre (Octavio Dotel) three relays, a person facing a batter, continuous resolve to fight off Brewers center line of the Brown (Ryan Braun), Field (Prince Fielder), and Mai Gaiyi (Casey McGehee), to keep the winning results.

Today Dodge series on the Brewers third battle of five in the second half, the Dodgers ahead 1 point. But starting pitcher Manoa Sitailiou (Carlos Monasterios) in one out later, walked along with two body contacts the ball, so the Brewers capture bases loaded. Torre old trick again to be solved by sending Brown, then again to get rid of Rumsfeld Xue riel, and resolve the crisis over the barrier, to keep a one point lead.

But it was just the fifth. To resolve the crisis, the is desperate; but later if needed relief pitcher with the Kansas case, is a big bet!

Results 6 Jushang Ban, Dodge by Blake (Casey Blake) two-run homer, leading 4:1 than the number pulled. If the odds to keep this on to Joe Torre's "behavior" is likely they will not learn the lesson of the day directly to Hugh Kuo up, "no need" to close the investment and the two Councils.

The 26-year-old right-hander who struck out six

Tampa Bay Rays (Rays) pitcher Dasa (Matt Garza) to cast the first no-hitter in team history, as Major League Baseball MLB season 5 people, to help the team 5-0 win over the Detroit Tigers (Tigers) .

The 26-year-old right-hander who struck out six, walked one person, only took 120 balls pitched at 9 Board record to 11 wins 5 lost.

Philadelphia Phillies (Phillies) of Halladay (Roy Halladay) and Oakland Athletics (Athletics) of Bu Ruidun (Dallas Braden) complete game this season were cast; Colorado Rockies (Rockies) of Jimenez (Ubaldo Jimenez ) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (Diamondbacks) of Jackson (Edwin Jackson) also threw a no-hitter.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

In addition to the original but still a fine addition suspension

Alliance believes that the Orioles and Twins battle for a base umpire Gary Darling security base runners after the verdict, Wigginton forward and gas, have to touch the body during the Darling, which was suspended for three major league games.

Wigginton decided to appeal, but today (27) and the Blue Jays before the game, inform the head coach of Major League Juan Samuel, said the cancellation of an appeal if Wigginton and immediate implementation of ban order, then ban screenings will be reduced to 2 games, this concession was Wigginton and Samuel accepted.

In addition to the original but still a fine addition suspension, Wigginton said that it fully in his unexpected.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dodgers and Padres in March this year

Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) and the San Diego Padres vice president of Winfield (Dave Winfield), today in Beijing to attend a press conference to announce that they will send "troops" stationed in Beijing.

Dodgers and Padres in March this year, plans to 15,16 Day, the two moved to Beijing in spring training exhibition game, when the Taiwanese-American star Clansmen and Villager and Kuo may travel with the team to their tasks in addition to competition, perhaps but also as a translator.

These two warm-up match Beijing, the venue is to accommodate 12 000 spectators in the Beijing Olympics Wukesong Baseball Field, the first by the Dodgers as the home team, the second round by the Padres as home.

"China has a lot of good athletes, such as gymnastics and basketball players Yao Ming." Padres general manager of Tower Falls (Kevin Towers) that the strength of China's baseball in Japan and South Korea after hot pursuit, good strength in the Asian area, He said that he would not be surprised of the strength of Asian baseball map, because of change in China.

Dodgers and Padres have the experience of overseas competition, in which the Dodgers in the old coach La Suda days, had come to Taiwan to play friendly match Lvdui, in 2003, the New York Mets to play exhibition games in Mexico, even as early as 1980 years, and China on cooperation in Beijing to build a batting cages, but also built in Tianjin, another Dodger Stadium.

As for the Padres and New York in 1996, most of Team Sweden in Monterrey, Mexico (Monterrey), to participate in the Alliance's first overseas regular season, when the Padres in 1999 and also played the Colorado Rockies season opener Monterey .

A success of Major League overseas in China are actively exploiting, in addition to coaching to help the Chinese national team training camp, but also provide the Chinese baseball coaches, referees develop training and continually tap the younger players, in the past few years, Major League merchandise China has already opened stores in more than 50, while major league game broadcast can be seen through the baseball exchange, so that more interaction between the two countries increased.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Li Bo in the past were injured last year

Po-roll in the major leagues for 13 years 1999-2002, Cubs 4 years, the first issue of the 121 race, won 36 lost 48 won achievements, particularly home record of 29 wins 18, lost his performance always forget to Chicago not. 2004 New York Yankees when he was 1 year, 8 lost record of 14 wins, 4.33 ERA, but the Yankees finally tasted only her first taste of the playoffs.

Li Bo in the past were injured last year, he was just out of game Phillies 14 games, pitched 78 Council 6 lose record 3 wins, 4.73 ERA. Leeb said that now his health has been good in the Cubs re-start the preparation.

Li Bo is the first hair style pitcher, the future will be Zambrano, Leary (Ted Lilly), Hill (Rich Hill), Marquez (Jason Marquis), etc. The other eight starting pitchers a competitive seat, veterans coming back and more can motivate teenager.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Last season hit 50 home runs Felder said that he wanted to immediately start receiving awards

National League home run king in 2007 Milwaukee Brewers Felder (Prince Fielder), today accepted Gibson Heritage Award (Josh Gibson Legacy Award) awards, a black light.

Last season hit 50 home runs Felder said that he wanted to immediately start receiving awards, he and his wife are very excited. Fair still a child when he and father Felder (Cecil Fielder) with Gibson and the other outside the black view of Famer Robinson (Jackie Robinson) of the film.

Felder asked the young father said: "Gibson hit many home runs you?" His father replied: "Yes ah, yeah! You know ah." Felder said: "I hope one day I to the same as Gibson, hit many home runs. "

Feld advantage of this opportunity to get Gibson Award, to understand more the story of black players, so he can take pride in being a part of them. Feld only 23 years old, full of his future, he is the youngest major league player hit the most powerful players long.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Rangers on December 12 last year

Texas Rangers to avoid salary arbitration today, and 12 from the Seattle Mariners in mid-transaction to the first baseman Bulusade (Ben Broussard), signed a contract for 3.85 million U.S. dollars a year, and with incentive clauses, Broussats Germany also agreed to contribute to the Rangers Foundation.

Rangers on December 12 last year, second baseman Juan Little presented 3A (Tug Hulett) to the Mariners trading Bulusade, Bulusade season this year is scheduled Rangers starting first baseman, to avoid Bulusade proposed salary arbitration, the Rangers completed the signing today with.

Bulusade 31-year-old major league ball has six years of age until after the Indians and the Mariners last year in 240 at bats Mariners hit seven home runs, 29 RBIs, batting average 2 percent 75 , 2 into a career batting average of 67, accumulated 84 home runs and 306 RBIs, he is characterized by stable performance, and has hit a major league record-tying three pinch slam home run.

Rangers still have outfielder Baird (Marion Byrd) and catcher Gerald (Gerald Laird) with salary arbitration eligibility, thanks to Germany last year's rate of 2 percent against 24,9 homers, 47 RBI; Gerald year rate of 3 percent against 07,10 homers and 70 RBI.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tsao also joined CSMG International sports management company

Tsao Chin-hui as a free agent, has decided to accept the invitation of the U.S. Kansas City Royals, a minor league contract at this stage to proceed immediately to join the major league spring training, to gain access to the list of 25 open season.

Tsao also joined CSMG International sports management company, the future will be CSMG is responsible for its work related matters. CSMG Taiwan Ying, director of marketing and Asian baseball department Rie this rock element (30) days, press releases, invitations from the face of multi-pellet, after careful thought, the hui has been recently decided to accept the invitation of the U.S. Kansas City Royals, at this stage to start a minor league contract, then the 2008 baseball major league spring training in Arizona, to gain access to the list of 25 open season, the Royals bullpen to enhance combat capability to prepare.

Tsao Chin-hui in 1999 joined the Colorado Rockies scenery, July 26, 2003, Tsao became the first Major League player registration plate pitching in Taiwan. In 2004, Tsao a race due to a hand injury the opportunity to shrink rapidly in 2005, Tsao as the main force in the Rockies relief pitcher, after the lip laceration due to shoulder surgery rehabilitation. In 2006, injury recovery is not ideal, not a race all season, after the end of the season and Tsao indirect surrender.

January 30, 2007, Tsao and the Dodgers signed a 1 contains the size of the union contract, the Dodgers 21 games voted 24.2 Board, pay a 1 loss, 4.38 ERA report card, on July 14 after all within the wounds and the disabled list, was also moved to 60 days after the disabled list. End of the season, the Dodgers will Tsao out of the 40 list, Tsao selected as a free agent of the body, to look for another career spring.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

As long as Santana (Johan Santana) and the Twins did not nod contract

As long as Santana (Johan Santana) and the Twins did not nod contract, the Yankees are always the biggest eyes of a "fat."

In the Twin Cities five years, 93 million U.S. dollars raised by Santana broker conditions "to be turned down", the intention to fight the city were strongly left wrist, Dodgers and other teams once again Sabre-rattling, which went the Yankees the most active market rumors the Yankees currently working with the Twins trade Santana to discuss the possibility, which the Yankees do not want to respond to high-level low-key.

Reinforcing the Yankees pitching staff is top priority, while Twin Cities last week, has lost seven Gold Gloves with hegemony Hunter (Torii Hunter), if not keep Santana, is bound to get into the combat force restructuring, the Yankees long ago that it will not take high-level " Taiwan Light "Wang as a bargaining chip, may now be included in the transaction list of players point to Cabrera (Miguel Cabrera), the young pitcher Hughes (Phil Hughes), Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain), Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) have also been name.

"Whether the other side (Twins) to that which the players, or we can provide the transaction object, not the message to the outside the current time, only a preliminary discussion stage." Yankees senior vice president of said.

Santana, now 29 years old, in addition to 150 km above the speed ball strength, also has beautiful hand speed ball, nearly four years, at least one quarter out 235 batters K, 2004,2006 awarded in the American League Cy Young Award twice, won 13 lost 15 wins this season, 3.33 ERA the next season was 13.25 million U.S. dollars annual salary.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Belated recognition of particularly treasure

Belated recognition of particularly treasure, rattlesnakes Melvin (Bob Melvin), Indians Wadge (Eric Wedge) proved a good coach does not necessarily have to be a good player.

Player of the times, have spent time catcher, a career batting average of 33 hours are 2 percent, Melvin, Wadge not play well when the point, but after the coaching shine, major league best 15th head coach of the two Union Award winner, leading the Diamondbacks won the National League by the Melvin scored 90 wins, led the Indians into the medal Midland is the Wadge lun yuan League Championship Series, both were selected to the best head coach in team history award the first.

Wadge, 39, for the major league's youngest head coach in 2003, took to arms after the Indians, after four years of restructuring, hard work finally bear fruit this year, led the Indians once again re- back to the playoffs, the team's capabilities will integrate Wadge players due to squatting during the fishing experience, "catcher must always observe the pitch changes, but also the constant encouragement of his teammates, gave me great help." he said.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lee asked to take over the Dodgers last year

Say goodbye to New York until 12 years after the rumored Torre (Joe Torre) will fly to the West Bank, Los Angeles, a fresh start in the Dodgers!

30, according to the Los Angeles Times quoted senior sources said Major League, playing only 82 Dodge this season lost record of 80 wins, could not squeeze into the playoffs, not very satisfied with high-level, the current head coach Li care (Grady Little) his post at stake, The club owner Mai Kante preferred successor candidate, none other than the 1000 winning coach Joe Torre.

Lee asked to take over the Dodgers last year, to arms, the first year and led the Dodgers played 88 won 74 lost to the National League wild card playoff status, the fourth quarter fell to partition, Li Tuotan commitment, team veteran and young communication between the players do have problems with internal record loss and deterioration, although Li care contract with the Dodgers until the end of the next quarter until maturity, but the senior has been the intention of substitutions.

It is reported that as early as Girardi (Joe Girardi) and the Yankees top the interview, had already hinted at some other teams hope he can pick up coach, and Girardi is the Dodge teams within the meaning of, and now Kyrgyzstan Lady Yankees officially took to arms, the former Yankees bench coach Mattingly (Don Mattingly), after soaring expectations dashed, and let it refused to accept any arrangement baseball coach position, once the Dodgers announced that Torre as the new head coach, the Mattingly pole may seek refuge gun, joined the Dodgers coaches.

If Torre really fought Dodgers coach, the former first-hand drawing Wang's mentor, will become the Clansmen and Villager Kuo and Tsao's head coach, this way, the new season of Joe Torre will remain focus of media attention in Taiwan .

Monday, August 2, 2010

Indiana Mattingly came from a player that is humble nice personality

Screening of the new head coach of the Yankees begin their second day of interviews, the body flow with the blood of Mattingly Yankees (Don Mattingly), 24 day and high-level talks, the first time publicly expressed the Yankees to arms "coveted" a long time, but the old horse whether the "dream come true", still may, depending on the boss(George Steinbrenner) final decisions.

Indiana Mattingly came from a player that is humble nice personality, speak never beat around the bush, he admits: "In the past 4 years of experience in the Yankees coaching staff is to one day take over the team prepared to arms." Old Ma took over the Yankees from 2004 to 2006, hitting coach job, transfer bench coach this season, his assistant, former coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) military governor.

Mattingly, 46, 1982 rose to the big leagues until the end of the season after the retirement in 1995, 14-year major league career spent in the Yankees, his career batting average of 07 3 percent, six times All-Star , 1985, Mattingly was only 24 years old, a 3 percent pay 24 batting average, 35 home runs, 145 RBI's report card, selected American League MVP.

Consideration in the pellet existing list, Mattingly has a "pure" Yankee descent the most dominant, 26 will turn to first base coach Pena (Tony Pena) went to Tampa and high-level interviews, the team is expected to take over business affairs Hank (Hank Steinbrenner), said: "The team will interview candidates for 4 to 5, first screened 3, the final decision will be the newly appointed head coach."

Friday, July 30, 2010

ALCS Red Sox the edge of the brink of elimination

The more adversity is no turning back, the more able to prove Becket (Josh Beckett) "playoffs killer" title Non either substance!

ALCS Red Sox the edge of the brink of elimination, 19, wielding the strength of 20 wins vote Becket obstinately cut his way through, starting eight innings Biao a 11K, completely dominate the Indians beat line, the Red Sox from "poor to play "mud, freed start playing order except Kelisipu (Coco Crisp) flowering outside Bang Bang, 7:1 Forced Indians wrapped up and grabbed the second series win.

Boston Red Sox be able to race back to a monopoly on matches with the Becket undoubtedly the number one hero, often the most difficult time in the team, Becket always play the "savior", the Indians left this war once again Investment Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) apt Becket apart from the Home Office lost a little bit unstable points, the way opponents hanging egg, Indians beat lines do nothing.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Of five second half of the Indians offensive resurgence

Of five second half of the Indians offensive resurgence, one out marked base, and then occupied the second base wild pitch by pitcher, with be sent, Cabrera's hit with an RBI, followed by Haffner infield grounder also sent back to third base runner, the leading zero Indians 4, Red Sox starting pitcher will be loose (soil reaction) beat Daisuke exit.

Been bored, the Red Sox batter the sixth inning until the last out Qiju before relying on Zulu hits, two sub-shells Waruiteke capture points, but the Indians bullpen strong combat capabilities, not let the Red Sox overstepped, secure in holding the fruit game wins.

Pine (soil reaction) Daisuke playoffs this year, starting two of five cast their dissatisfaction, a total of nine two-thirds Bureau, lost seven ERA, and all bear defeat.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Major League quarter rose to Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) to play Set-up man (Ace relay) of competency

Although the "Light of Taiwan," Wang did not lead the Yankees into the royal road in the playoffs, but the contribution of the regular season 19 wins is still the eyes of the fans this season's most valuable pitcher.

Yankees official website for the 2007 season, the most valuable pitcher array for online voting, as at 12 so far, Wang has won support of nearly 2,000 votes, with 47% of the vote ahead, veteran Pei Tite (Andy Pettitte) to 26% of the votes won second place.

Major League quarter rose to Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) to play Set-up man (Ace relay) of competency, the former major league career, a point not lost 15.1 Board, rookie season, pitched out of 24 Council Biao 34K, defense rate 0.38, the performance of the Yankees fans were certainly deep, with 21% of the vote in the Pei Tite hot pursuit, the "Terminator" Rivera (Mariano Rivera) won 30 games and rescue successfully, and receive 6% of the voters.

While the Yankees array performance was good, but some money does not work, was New York Daily News named the go, "Rocket Man" Clemens (Roger Clemens) is one of 12 grams of this old interviewed by the media , there was no clear response is hanging sneakers, it touches on the recent heated debate about the uproar of coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) be removed from office express their views, he said: "I look forward to Joe Torre to stay, at least win a world champion again to the existing Yankee Stadium, a perfect end. "

Friday, July 23, 2010

The campaign for a start against the Yankees seem negative

2 rounds of silence, the New York Yankees major league most outstanding offensive firepower last play, in Damon (Johnny Damon) 3 hits and 4 RBI single field under the leadership of the Cleveland Indians beat the Yankees to 8:4, to keep first-line vitality, but also to avoid being swept in the fate of the shaved head.

The campaign for a start against the Yankees seem negative, starting pitcher Roger Clemens (Roger Clemens) by the tight left hamstring injury affecting small, only 2.1 Board voted hit in the four hits and had to lose 3 points on the exit, the Yankees emergency replaced Hughes (Phil Hughes) was stopped Indian offensive.

The former two Councils have been playing for a double play the Yankees offensive end, a breakthrough in the third Indians pitcher Davis Brook (Jake Westbrook) pitch, Hideki Matsui after the first hit on the base, relying on a fielder's choice to third base, Damon hit a timely hit the Yankees back to the first 1 minute.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The campaign blocked the Yankees batter

But first send Gutiyarui Hughes also hit a base hit by Blake lost another two points, one sub-head pretty Aberdeen under construction, the Indian Council House to take a fifth single, leading the expansion gap.

The campaign blocked the Yankees batter, hit only the first four Board two hits, respectively, by the Damon and Cannone's two spring were scores of bomb attacks, one out of five on the second, third base was also just grabbed a points, five Bureau of the Yankees left 15 on base, was the main reason the Indians opened.

Overall performance against the Indians well, knocked 14 hits in addition to, but also belted four home runs, in total luxury the Yankees beat line par; while starting pitcher Shabaxiya Although the performance is not satisfactory, 5 Council on the ball with the 114 exit, but the overall number can create out of key, so he still get the win.

The Democratic vote in four and two-thirds of Wang Office, with a 94 ball, which strikes 58, was pounded nine hits and eight, take The campaign lost battle.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pan Niya pre-season does not officially elected into the Devil Rays roster

Tampa Bay Devil Rays first baseman Pan Niya, won the American League MLB Major League Baseball annual "comeback" award, the League of Nations winner is the Washington Nationals first baseman Yonge.

Pan Niya pre-season does not officially elected into the Devil Rays roster, only invited to participate in spring training, but after playing his regular season opened fully displayed their prowess, refresh the history of a number of team records, including home runs (46), RBI (121), walked to the number (103), on base percentage (4 percent 11) and Slugging percentage (Liu Cheng 27).

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cubs star left fielder Suoliannuo the first to play the first Council

MLB Major League Baseball Chicago Cubs today, a six-zero shutout host Cincinnati Reds, coupled with the area lost to the Milwaukee Brewers San Diego Padres, Cubs get rid of a struggle, success in the National League Central Region champion.

Cubs star left fielder Suoliannuo the first to play the first Council, which takes a solo shot in the right field to help the team get the first point of Chi. Starting pitcher Zambrano pitched Qiju scoreless, six hits, outstanding performance, allowing him win the 18th victory this season.

Bear in the central area had tightly clenched wine people lost today to three to six priests. Cubs 84 wins 76 negative, although not in the National League record top, but won the division title has been enough.

Signed last year, eight 136 million U.S. dollars contract Suoliannuo, not only to the thirty-second ring to prove worth this season, the third, even with a perfect return, the Reds rookie asked to assassinate the Buddha in the base before the stop Red counterattack.

Suoliannuo first quarter total and win the inaugural I hit six home runs and successfully create a new major league record.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Indians fire outbreak under four Board and win three first base hit

(AFP, Cleveland, Ohio on the 23rd) After the Boston Red Sox yesterday as Major League Baseball (MLB) season first team into the playoffs the team, the Cleveland Indy Anren and the Los Angeles Angels won the American League also had separate, the Western champions, determine the promotion playoffs.

Since the 2001 division title since Wei Chang taste of Indians, pitcher Wes Brook earlier today a career-most strikeouts (nine), and the star player Se Simo four hits and two RBIs contribution under the leadership of to six to two win over the Oakland Athletics, the first time in six years, boarded the top spot in the AL Central.

Indians fire outbreak under four Board and win three first base hit, base hit and three-base hit each one, poured them into the quarter of the total, to lay the basis of victory.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This year, Hernandez and his younger brother Li Fan

This year, Hernandez and his younger brother Li Fan. Hernandez (Livan Hernandez) came together with the national team, Li Fan has become a starting pitcher's leaders, but the Duke is still spring training base to find old skill, but Wang and live a long time, the two also trained good friendship.

In fact, Wang was with the Duke had a great duel, 2007 June 18, the Duke team then transferred to the city, played in the subway battle led by the old owner Wang, Chien-Ming Wang in the game results Biao a career-high 10 strikeouts, won 7 to 8:2 victory, Duke is cast under 5 Council on exit, is now looking at is the rehabilitation of the little brother maybe, Duke said that Wang will be able to restore the previous skill.

Major League career ups and downs, the Duke legend is the best example, and now the 41-year-old veteran is trying to stage a comeback, and Wang, this is a kind of encouragement, allowing him more confidence on the back.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Diamondbacks starting pitcher Willis still can not find the strike zone

Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees hit with the Arizona Diamondbacks playoff 10 Council, Sen Yang Ji Gelan to hit the home run to win over six to five, while the Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Buddha test rejoin, Clansmen and Villager also was again reduced to the minor leagues, the Dodgers lost to the Los Angeles depicts an angel than two. Houston Astros defeated Zeyi six to three San Francisco Giants. St. Louis Cardinals Toronto Blue Jays depicts zero shutout.

Diamondbacks starting pitcher Willis still can not find the strike zone, 2.1 Bureau sent seven walks exit, but only beaten a team hits two points lost, the Yankees pitcher Vazquez has lost a quarter of five , two to their questions, nine innings on a sacrifice fly foreign 基罗德里奎're finally tying the ratio of the number of 10 Board Glenn homered to Sen has advanced, 10 Bureau under the rattlesnake captured bases loaded no one out, no to solve three consecutive batters think Rivera save.

Dodgers shortstop Buddhist funerals back home after the test rejoin, Clansmen and Villager only on the two in the Dodgers had no chance even against dropping back to the minor leagues. Eli Qiju six strikeout pitcher was hit only three hits and lost two points, but only three Board Dodge's base hit by Kemp scored the only points to one to two defeat.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mentioned astronauts farms have to mention our Luojia Ren

For this year's poor record in terms of astronauts, in addition to another tragic swallow Oswald Linse Kang's third straight on the outside, it may only good astronauts happy is that they number one minor league potential Young catcher Kaisi Zhuo (Jason Castro), Major League debut in the game board. I only played the first one from Linse Kang hands and win the individual first career major league hits, and then back to the personal career of the first sub (which is also the only one astronaut whole field points). But on defense, two stolen bases are grasping success! The Astros first-round draft pick in 2008, the 10th overall selection to a young teenager, the next several years should be the starting catcher astronauts.

Mentioned astronauts farms have to mention our Luojia Ren. Luo Jiaren excellent record in the minor leagues last year, had this year may rise in the major leagues. But recently his right elbow ulnar link laceration, although without an operation, subject to 4 weeks to 6 weeks for rest and rehabilitation. He should be able to return to the mound later this quarter. With him this year, though still good, but send too many conditions. So if he is organic at the major league, he should have to wait until September when the chance of expansion. I only hope that the injury keep him well good!

In addition, Luo Jiaren last year because of outstanding performance, was selected to participate in the "rising stars" (Futures Game) game. Taiwan teenager was absent this year! Attached to the Cleveland Indians catcher Chen Junxiu our young, low-1A season this year, the pay out of .318 in batting average, six homers, .917 OPS for excellent results, selected this year "World Team." Indians have had just a young major league catcher santan that (Carlos Santana) in the array will be blocked Chen Junxiu in Indian development. But as long as Chen Junxiu can continue to have good performance, superb offensive and defensive catcher in the major league of great value! So even if the Indians have no chance, other teams will be interested in him! So Chen Junxiu the good work, continue to fuel it!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cliff Li Ji Philadelphia Phillies after defecting from the sailors

Major League Baseball MLB, Cliff Lee (Cliff Lee) today continued repression of the New York Yankees (Yankees), finished third straight vote, power to help the Seattle Mariners (Mariners) 7 to 4 victory.

Cliff Li Ji Philadelphia Phillies after defecting from the sailors, in the World Series against the Yankees in the record is 2 wins 0 negative. He (record 7 wins 3 losses) showed active durable combat power, as Randy in 1998. Johnson (Randy Johnson) wrote after the first of three consecutive complete cast of Mariners pitcher.

As the sailor (32 wins 44 lost) poor record this season, the media speculation, despite the recent fighting and Cliff Lee quite good, but this year could once again be a trade.

Great help fire crew, Hughes, the Yankees (Phil Hughes) to swallow the second defeat this season.

Friday, July 2, 2010

MLB Phillies pitcher Moyle (Jamie Moyer) was today blasted Major League record breaking 506 home runs

MLB Phillies pitcher Moyle (Jamie Moyer) was today blasted Major League record breaking 506 home runs, but the performance of the entire field commendable.

Toronto Blue Jays in Wales (Vernon Wells) 3 knockout Zhezhi Council home run record, so that beyond the 47-year-old Moyle Phillies Hall of Fame pitcher Roberts (Robin Roberts) records.

Phillies Finally, the game 11 to 2 victory, Moyle pitched seven bureaus end, this is the first 4000 Board of his career, becoming the 40th major league pitcher cross this threshold.

The lefthander Major League career in 1986 so far, the cumulative record of 267 wins 201 negative.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red Sox to the National League Giants Stadium one less game originally designated hitter ended

Major League Baseball, Boston Red Sox Francisco Giants with the last of a three-Lien Chan, the Red Sox pitcher to vote Liszt complete nine innings played only five hits and lost by one point, beat the giant headed pitcher Linse Kang, the Red Sox five to one win, three-set matches Lien Chan also made advantage, but injuries to catcher Martinez, Red Sox general one another breakage. Another Cleveland Indians defeated Zeyi Cincinnati Reds five to three, ending a seven game losing streak.

Red Sox to the National League Giants Stadium one less game originally designated hitter ended, the three conditions Lien Chan has been, second baseman sent Zhuorui Ya broke his left foot after the first, second starting pitcher Bakehuozi again base running when the knee injury, the Red Sox bullpen was forced to use seven pitchers Relay finish; 3 Lien final, starting catcher Martinez received under the four Bureau arrested two foul tips the ball, left hand thumb fracture exit.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

While the beginning again and again walks

While the beginning again and again walks, even a crisis occurs bases loaded, but the Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitcher Edwin Jackson, or to cast the final surprise, the first 4 major league games this season no-hitter, leading the Diamondbacks to 1 to 0 in the away defeat ago Tampa Bay Rays owner.

Jackson Council on the vote before 2 out 2 walks, 3 Bureau to send more to 3 consecutive start, facing a crisis no one out bases loaded. But the light of Matt Joyce hit a fly ball out first, followed by third baseman BJ Upton hit a ground ball to allow third base runner at home plate before the tag out to be the last Hank Blalock has hit the infield groundball outs, light is not scoring.

Jackson escaped the bases loaded then stabilize the crisis, the whole cast six strikeouts, although still behind the 6 Board cast a bad 1 4 1 contact body, his teammates also appears a second fielding error, but still not from his light batter the hands of hits. Finally, article 149 of the ball to Jason Barlett guerrilla hit grounder, Diamondbacks firmly grasp Xiadi 27 outs later, Jackson celebrated his rallying career No. 1 market, the history of Arizona, 2 games, is also major league games this season without No. 4 hitter.

Niemann light performance of starting pitcher is not bad, pitched seven out of eight strikeouts Board voted 2 walks, gave up six hits, only 2 of Council on Adam LaRoche blasted by a rattlesnake solo shot lose points, but still lost to No hits for power, Kutun lost season 2.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pei Zhuoya Boston Red Sox (Dustin Pedroia) 3 ring gun today and win

Pei Zhuoya Boston Red Sox (Dustin Pedroia) 3 ring gun today and win, but hit a person until the 10th Council today for the first three runs, before he let the team to ensure victory to 13:11 Rick Colorado Rockies, end to this mutual advance, reversal, playing a total of nearly 5 hours of chase.

Red Sox starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka in the first Council to lose 2 points, but his teammates in the fourth game back to 4 points of attack, the fifth and then the next two points, so that he can lose 2 points 5 Board results, hold 6: 2 advantages of exit, but this is only the beginning of this melee only. mlb jerseys

Under the sixth inning, the Rockies for the onslaught, one hit seven hits Bureau, storm six points ahead of anti-Israel 8:6. But the Red Sox do not admit defeat, Qijuzaigong 3 overtake more than a few, eight innings, the Peizhuo Ya know their first two home runs today, 2 minutes by Zhezhi bomb the Red Sox lead expanded to 11:8 .

Friday, June 25, 2010

Atlanta Braves lefty starter Hampton (Mike Hampton) because the elbow injury surgery

Atlanta Braves lefty starter Hampton (Mike Hampton) because the elbow injury surgery, not a race over the past two years, and now Hampton in spring training is the elbow during the non-round practice a ball game and last year in November when the injury no rear thigh muscles to bring any problems to the Warriors for the Hampton optimistic about the health situation, decided on March 2 to face the Houston team of astronauts sent his warm-up pitch play.

Hampton served as the last fully healthy starting pitcher in the May 8, 2005, was also the face of the astronaut team was playing two hits and scored shutout wins, that game six days after his elbow discomfort , the next three months stay in the disabled list most of the time, that must undergo an operation in September.

Originally planned to rejoin the Hampton last year because of injury did not recover reimbursement for the entire season, the Warriors coach Cox (Bobby Cox) said: "I could see him playing a good thing."

This is the Hampton 8 years 100 million 21 million U.S. dollars contract for the last year, the Warriors hope he can become a starting pitcher and a member of the group to contribute to the team.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers after the game today

Los Angeles Dodgers after the game today, set off to Beijing to San Diego Padres over the weekend and in the Olympic baseball venue "Wukesong Baseball Field" in two exhibition games, this is the first time major league team games in China, our players Kuo and the Clansmen and Villager Expeditionary Force in the list.

Guo's left elbow has been little much better in today's game no mistake Board Rescue 1, he said, he had never been to Beijing, this will be very interesting!

The Dodge's most troubled players, I am afraid that Garciaparra (Nomar Garciaparra), he had also to go to Beijing, but unfortunately the race last week in the right wrist K pitcher, to start the eve of the swelling still has not, so the total manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) only afford to spare, to keep him in Florida, he was very upset.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Arizona Diamondbacks Team veteran starting lefthander Randy Johnson (Randy Johnson),

Arizona Diamondbacks Team veteran starting lefthander Randy Johnson (Randy Johnson), the Los Angeles Angels in the face of today's spring training exhibition game playing the second pitch, Johnson start of the Third Bureau, was beaten a throw hits 1 minute, struck out two batters, the current 8.31 ERA,, Arizona, although the increase in the extended game losing by 4 to 5, but Johnson's own performance and the first Council only to vote compared to 1.1 are jerseys

Johnson said: "With the increase in innings pitched my pitch is relatively sharp, and I will have more confidence."

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wood's back was beginning to feel uncomfortable from yesterday

Wood's back was beginning to feel uncomfortable from yesterday, and today the situation worse, he did not see a specialist, but by the team doctor for treatment, a team spokesman said Wood had to play today, but for the prevention of the event was canceled.

In addition, stolen bases yesterday, hit by neck injury when outfielder Kosuke Fukudome has in today's game against the Oakland Athletics in appearance, although the number 3 hit 0 hit strikes out two times, but it should be no big problem.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is not my preference, I would like to rejoin the fastest speed,

Philadelphia Phillies Terminator Ji (Brad Lidge) 2.25 nichido start after knee surgery completed rehabilitation work, but not in time for the opening of the play before the game, Phillies will now Ji into the 15-day disabled list April 5 is expected to return to the team. cheap MLB jerseys

Ji said: "This is not my preference, I would like to rejoin the fastest speed, but unfortunately I did not catch up arm strength, I want to squeeze four weeks of spring training ready to work within a week to complete. " Ji now fastball 91-92 miles per hour, slower than normal, 3-4 miles, the slider is also not good at recovery should be.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Allen said he was playing baseball at the beginning

Allen said he was playing baseball at the beginning, because of Robinson's lead, black baseball players have a chance out of poverty. 9% from the early black players, to the 60's when he was red, black players had increased to 18%, and now, in Major League baseball game in, have not see any racial discrimination, he felt them, particularly advanced the efforts of black baseball players, has finally received the recognition of society. (Allen emphasized that this data is to provide the world Martin Luther 3)

Before the end of the forum, emotional, said: "is it not? Baseball narrowed the gap between urban and rural, what is more fascinating than baseball?"

Friday, June 11, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers home today to start the 2008 season opening game

Los Angeles Dodgers home today to start the 2008 season opening game, against San Francisco Giants, attached to the Dodgers in China on living in America playing professional baseball players Clansmen and Villager Qiju as second baseman, Qiju next fight, hit first base hit the current rate of 100% against.

Dodgers hit the game a total of 11 hits, including starting second baseman Kent (Jeff Kent) 2-run homer, the Giants hit five hits.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Slovenia (Jason Marquis) pitched 5.1 inning hit eight hits

Chicago Cubs vs. Houston astronaut team, the three series the second war, the first astronaut team 4 to 3 victory.

Cubs starting pitcher Macedonia, Slovenia (Jason Marquis) pitched 5.1 inning hit eight hits, lost 5 points has nothing to do with the outcome, the second pitcher Hart (Kevin Hart) Investment Board is playing a 1.2 hits, no loss of points and the win. Astronaut team starting pitcher Austin Walter (Roy Oswalt) pitched 6.2 inning hit 10 hits, lost six points, swallow defeat cast, record 0 wins 2 losses.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hernandez (1 win 0 lose) in Qiju on though they lost 1 point

Hernandez (1 win 0 lose) in Qiju on though they lost 1 point, but has not affected the outcome, the game he pitched out of 6.2 Board Biao 7K, was hit nine hits and scored 4 points lost pitcher.

Taken in eight innings into a 5:6 recovery angel behind a time-only, mlb jersey then relying on half Board City Island sailors Kenji's base hit and Beitakete (Yuniesky Betancourt) of triples by 2 points the insurance points, before two consecutive 2 months away series wins 5 lost sailors, back home after winning an important victory.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mets ace left-hander launched (Johan Santana) as a start

New York Mets vs. Milwaukee Brewers, the second war in three series, the first Mets win 4 to 2. MLB jersey

Mets ace left-hander launched (Johan Santana) as a start, it is Santana's first home pitch at the Mets, pitched six inning to 5 hits including 3 home runs, lost 5 points of which 4 remorse, struck out seven batters to cast bad 2 4 walks, swallow defeat cast, record a win and 2 losses. Brewers team Schiess (Ben Sheets) start, pitched 7.2 inning hit five hits including a home runs lost 3 points, struck out five batters to cast bad 2 4 walks, pitcher to win, record 2 wins 0 lose.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mets ace left-hander launched (Johan Santana) as a start

New York Mets vs. Milwaukee Brewers, the second war in three series, the first Mets win 4 to 2.
Mets ace left-hander launched (Johan Santana) as a start, it is Santana's first home pitch at the Mets, pitched six inning to 5 hits including 3 home runs, lost 5 points of which 4 remorse, struck out seven batters to cast bad 2 4 walks, swallow defeat cast, record a win and 2 losses. Brewers team Schiess (Ben Sheets) start, pitched 7.2 inning hit five hits including a home runs lost 3 points, struck out five batters to cast bad 2 4 walks, pitcher to win, record 2 wins 0 lose.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The performance of brand new season this year

The performance of brand new season this year, the Florida Marlins, tomorrow, at home and with the Atlanta Braves Division Series three games to start the first battle.
Marlins starting pitcher Young Chu true (Jair Jurrjens) starting two games so far, investment has been hit 12.1 Board lost 6 points 16 hits, struck out eight batters to cast a bad 3 4 walks, 1 win and 1 loss record , 4.38 earned run average.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Michael Hsu is only half of experience in the four Bureau of turbulence

Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Jimmy Xu (Gil Meche) today on the road against the Los Angeles Angels, pitched six inning hit six hits and only lost two points, leading the Royal and closing is a 3:2 win over the suspension of three-game winning streak last angel .

Michael Hsu is only half of experience in the four Bureau of turbulence, was knocked three hits, including Kou Chiman (Casey Kotchman) 2 RBI hits first base, this is his only mistake the whole game. MLB jersey

His team-mate against fire started in the match gave the Angels a day pitcher dimensional Buddha (Jered Weaver) played rough, a Jushang Ban to hit the five hits, including Butler (Billy Butler) and Gordon (Alex Gordon) The knockout one of the hits with an RBI for the Royal made 2-0 lead.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pettitte (Andy Pettitte) really is the only New York Yankees lost master

Pettitte (Andy Pettitte) really is the only New York Yankees lost master, and Baltimore Orioles today, the last of a three-Lien Chan, who cast the seven Council strike, leading the Yankees to win wrapped up by 7:1, not suspended Yankees recent three-game losing streak, the Orioles have to avoid being swept, but the star third baseman A-Rod was injured in the race may affect his next game to play.

Pettitte left the 35-year-old Orioles pitcher rather have played today, beginning a continuous race to solve the 14 Orioles batters, starting a total of 7 Council, is playing only four scattered hits and did not lose points, but also sent 5 strikeouts, no walks on balls in play under his teammates against fire, Pettitte (3 wins and 1 loss) easily won the Yankee, the Orioles career team record of 23 wins 6 to upgrade to the defeat, while at the Camden Stadium 14 wins 4 defeat.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles at home the evening of the second doubleheader

Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles at home the evening of the second doubleheader, White Sox outfielder off the bench in Anderson (Brian Anderson) grasp the opportunity to start, hit a goodbye hits in the bottom of the ninth and closing the White Sox Take 6 : 5, Orioles beat Retrieving a city.

Anderson was a starter two years ago, MLB jerseys but now only as a substitute, because today is a double game, he can start in the second as the center fielder, the second half of his first knockout Board 1 RBI doubles, as White Sox into a 1:2 broken egg chasing, this is 2006 after Anderson 1 RBI.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nationals 4 at home with the Pirates team Lien Series Game 2

Nationals 4 at home with the Pirates team Lien Series Game 2, Pirates 3 on the team launched a wave of fierce attacks, of which 3 baseman Baotisita (Jose Bautista) hit three-run homer, Pirates team The semi-Council played a whole, 9 times, enough to destroy the national team scored 6 points. An end, the Pirates team to 11:4 victory over the Nationals.

Baotisita in the game with 2 homers, 4 RBIs, in addition to 3 on 3 missile, the 5 is a stage beyond spring home run; catcher domett (Ryan Doumit) and shortstop Ge Maizi (Chris Gomez) 2 RBI each, which three players a total of eight runs batted in, the pirates won the team hero.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Atlanta Braves team at home against the San Diego Padres

Atlanta Braves team at home against the San Diego Padres, three series was the first world war.

Warriors to Chu Jair Jurrjens) really (as the first pitcher, six primary vote was 7-hit only lost 1 minute, 3-8 win four bad, get 1 pitcher, 4 WINS and 2 MLB jersey.

Padres pitcher Chris young (Young) first season this year with only one game losing more than 2 minutes, but the main cast of five was beaten 9-hit lost 5 points, swallow defeated vote, winning 3-2 defeat.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cubs 3, Diamondbacks guest Lien Chan's debut

Cubs 3, Diamondbacks guest Lien Chan's debut, the landlord Cubs starting pitcher Leary (Ted Lilly) 7 Board cast 10K, only to be a rattlesnake in the center fielder Young (Chris Young) hit a solo shot hair, lost 1 point against help themselves MLB jersey when playing a hits, 1 RBI. Bear in Leary, led, and closing to 3 to 1 win, win No. 1 series win.

Arizona's starting pitcher today is Harlan (Dan Haren), before the game record 4 wins and 1 defeat against Cubs were offered for Leary, the previous two wins 4 defeat.

Diamondbacks 1, there are scores on the revenue, by the Young hit a solo shot.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Los Angeles Angels vs. Chicago White Sox, game four with the first war

Los Angeles Angels vs. Chicago White Sox, game four with the first war.

Angels pitcher to rookie Adam Hart (Nick Adenhart) as a starter, pitched 5.2 inning hit nine hits and lost 4 points and his first career victory, record a win 0 lose. White Sox starting pitcher Burleigh (Mark Buehrle) pitched 5.2 inning hit 10 hits and lost 8 minutes, swallow the lost investment and record a win 5 defeat.

Monday, May 17, 2010

6 Bureau before the two sides did not break the duck

White Sox battle on the giant inter-Union Lien Chan's debut is a three-pitcher battle, both teams hit only five hits, White Sox rookie by Major League Luomanruizi (Alexei Ramirez) hit in seven at 2 pm gun, and closing at 2 to 0 victory MLB jersey.

The game the White Sox's starting pitcher is floating Loy Tokushima (Gavin Floyd), giant introduced mulberry Chevalier (Jonathan Sanchez).

6 Bureau before the two sides did not break the duck, 0 to 0, forcing the 7th Council.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tampa Bay Devil Rays rookie third baseman Longgeliya (Evan Longoria) today at home against the Baltimore Orioles

Tampa Bay Devil Rays rookie third baseman Longgeliya (Evan Longoria) today at home against the Baltimore Orioles, slamming two home runs, there is a single-game career-high six RBIs, starting pitcher Jackson ( Edwin Jackson) Board voted 5 just lost 3 points, and closing to 11:4 victory over the Devil Rays, Orioles, Devil Rays won both Lien Chan and former three-two victory, but also to determine to win this series.

Devil Rays blow today with plenty of firepower, a bureau in the second half gave the Orioles starting pitcher Choi uxeau (Steve Trachsel) to a played rough, four-bar Pena (Carlos Pena) prior to an RBI base hit, followed by the fifth Stick Longgeliya belted three-run homer, leading to achieve 4:0.

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New York Yankees came to Baltimore and the Golden Eagle today launched three Lien Chan

New York Yankees came to Baltimore and the Golden Eagle today launched three Lien Chan, the first pitcher Rui Sile (Darrell Rasner) although the re-start only to lose a good points, but the Eagle Diamond was starting to play line Olson (Garrett Olsen) blockade, Rui Sile did not receive any support, coupled with a large loss of blood Qiju half bullpen having fallen by 5 points, and closing the Yankees lost the first game with 1:6, the longest suspension of the season with five victory, the Orioles is the end of the five-game losing streak.

Five days ago Rui Sile and Olson at Yankee Stadium fight, Rui Sile 7 Board scoreless pitcher, but stay under 3 Bureau Ousen Ze is lost war, beginning from the game after the Yankees won five straight games, but also Orioles reach the American League East to the last, but today turned, Olson the shameful, starting 7 to cast seven strikeouts Council, sent four walks in only three scattered hits being played no mistake, Yankees fail to get his hands 1 minute.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

San Diego Padres vs. Washington Nationals continue the three game series

San Diego Padres vs. Washington Nationals continue the three game series, the second war, the first Padres 4 to 2 victory.

Council did not score the first three sides, four Council, the national team catcher Floris (Jesus Flores) blasted first career slam home run.

Of five, the Padres a second out, with runners on second base, second baseman Tadahito Iguchi singled with one RBI.

The sixth inning, the Nationals center fielder Miligi (Lastings Milledge) spring home run, Qiju the national team and then get 1 point.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Red Sox in the next 30 days, will not suffer the rival Yankees

Red Sox in the next 30 days, will not suffer the rival Yankees. In this 9:2 victory, the Red Sox the advantage of only two ranked in the Yankee before. The two teams are playing catch-up in the region ranked first in the Devil Rays. However, the advantage of the devil fish is not obvious. Red Sox to a behind the Devil Rays, Yankees three games. No one can expect in the Aug. 26 start at Yankee Stadium After the final battle, how the league table will change. But the Red Sox have not worried. They are more focused on the immediate game. "Now that the situation is that everyone healthy," Red Sox center fielder Sweden said, "Everyone, everyone is healthy, everybody feel good. There is no such a long time. Now that nice kind of situation. " mlb jersey

Friday, May 7, 2010

Manniluoman Ruiz out at first base in the bottom of the ninth no case was the debut

Friday night, Manniluoman Ruiz out at first base in the bottom of the ninth no case was the debut. At this time behind the Diamondbacks Dodgers team 1:2. The moment there, it is Dodge's expectations for Luomanruizi is 55 239 spectators in the stadium to see the Dodgers. Luomanruizi face Diamondbacks pitcher, hit two powerful swings and misses. Increase the volume again and again the audience cry as Manny, looking forward to Hollywood-style ending. "It really looks like a battle for the excellent preparation." Dodgers Manager Joe Torre said Zhou. However, unfortunately, and it did not happen. Luomanruizi just hit a grounder direction guerrilla, guerrilla Stephen, rattlesnakes. Drew easy double play. mlb jerseys

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Since August 14, 2005 the first pitcher since, inspired the warriors

Since August 14, 2005 the first pitcher since, inspired the warriors, we have lost him to celebrate. This evening, enjoy the fact that they had: their teammates to overcome a variety of ailments, his future may not only left the injured list. "Mike's victory a great impact on them," manager Bob Dynasty Warriors Cisco said, "He waited too long, he paid so much, should get these." Qi Ju, he was beaten four hits in loss 2 points. He showed enough self-confidence. His trademark sinker helped him get 13 ground ball outs. Monday in the bullpen, he regained feeling sinker. Tuesday's game after he said he felt, and five days of the Cardinals game completely different. "That is what we know aggressive Hampton," the test, Cisco said, "He is full of aggression." Although he may not like the elbow, as before, starting 22 games, 15 wins and 2 losses, ERA fraction 2.61, Hampton at least get back to the past self. This is his since May 9, 2005 for the first time since pitching five innings.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is what I signed here to do

"This is what I signed here to do," Kaluosike said, "This year I have been thinking about this, so if they let me into the rotation list, in any case I have to work hard, the sake of this the team. "

"Now, we have to face is that we have lost a partner - a very important partner. This means that the four remaining starting to do better," Gui Lan said, "I Kang Terui Las regret. but we still have the task, we must go on. I hope Weisikazi, Dankers, Mark Lloyd Tokushima better still floating, with Jose share of work together. "

Monday, May 3, 2010

But let active participate in the Olympics or a major league no small challenge

But let active participate in the Olympics or a major league no small challenge. "I would not say impossible," Du School said, "but this is a major event. We have a game every day, Administrator Bud Selig expressed do not want interrupted season. But we can also send high-level players for competition, which should be able to BOCOG comfortable. but the U.S. is unlikely to follow Japan's professional baseball league practice - each professional team to send two players the opportunity to compete for the national team. "I think from the Alliance in the selection list unrealistic. "Du faction said. mlb jersey

2016 Olympic host city will be elected in October 2009. Chicago is a member of the candidate list also includes Japan, Tokyo, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. "If the United States honored to host the 2016 Olympic Games," Du School said, "There is no baseball game to shame."

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Phillies took four straight games to the San Diego performance this season at home

The Phillies took four straight games to the San Diego performance this season at home to face combat 2.62 ERA was the Maidakesi not do anything. The win ended a four game losing streak the Phillies, but also enable them to keep up with the pace of the city, is now behind only a game. mlb jersey

"Our defense has slipped, I have been looking for reasons, but I think before the end of the season we can have a string of wins." Manager Charlie Man Niuai Le said.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Major League season games one after another

Major League season games one after another, especially in September draws near, the player is exhausted. Metropolitan recent holidays in August 4, the next one in September 4. Saturday night's game, four city sent relief pitcher, in addition to the two warm-up. Johan. Santana is carrying this data onto the mound Sunday afternoon's. Vote of the nine innings he directed at a very nice pirate - large slider and fastball. Not only bidder beautiful, his innings pitched better. He let bullpen good rest for a day. "In the bullpen waiting for Zhengou boring." Aaron Hillman said.

Metropolitan Pirates win 4-0, the most recent winning streak extended to six games, 68 wins and 56 losses winning percentage appreciation of the achievements to 0.548. Brian Schneider hit the second homer this week, Carlos Cui Bell-Star Game has been played since the second branch.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jason Walsh's mission is to "mind his own business"

Jason Walsh's mission is to "mind his own business," he hit only one to complete the task. The ball flew Ying Zhaofeng left field stands, ran against Walsh jumping area. The attack brought to the Phillies 5-4 victory.

"Which I played the ball well," Walsh said, "I did." mlb jersey

While sitting in the other there is no good playing performance in August hit rate even dropped to 208, but he will Xieershidi in the eighth article of the curve ball into a home run is sufficient to prove his strength. Night the wind slowed down the speed of the ball, Wordsworth of the season 17 home runs so far landed in a place away from home plate Wall.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In the International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge interview

In the International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge interview, Rogge said that baseball wanted to return to the Olympic Games, not a lack of major league quality players. Olympic baseball bronze medal game the third inning, hit a third home run in the Maitebulang after Rogge in Wukesong Baseball Field, he sat against the back of the auditorium area. As the organizing committee decided to cancel the 2012 London Olympic Games Baseball and Softball program, which will be at least 8 years of baseball in the last day of the Olympics.
"As an Olympic event should be as universal as possible," Rogge said, "to have the best athletes, to strictly observe the provisions of the World Anti-Doping Agency. This is a condition that must be met."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Beitakete suppress the ninth inning against Rangers

"We played very hard every night," Best Park said, "We will soon recover, it will be helpful. We are playing well, we play hard for the fans."

Beitakete suppress the ninth inning against Rangers, he won the third pitcher this season. This is also the Indians seven game winning streak. If they can get three wins in Detroit, it can be discharged to third place in the AL Central. Since June 16, they have not photographed in the third partition, not even side by side. "We want to make every effort to get the best results," Draskovic said, "We must make every effort to get the most victories, and we hope to end a very high ranking position of the season. We want to ensure that the end of the season playing well." mlb jersey

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jean clashed with fans

In Tuesday night's match play against Texas Rangers, the fourth game, Kansas City Royals right fielder Jose Jean and a fan of conflict.

The fans sitting behind first base. The second game, hit a left field hit in Jean security when a base, there is the fourth game to kill Jean was taken out, this fans of the Jean rude remarks. "I know who I am, I know I took the number of annual salary. I know I hit rate was only 0.250, while the fans I ask for much more than this," Jean said, "but sometimes they do not know that I stand , and there are all kinds of difficulties. as I play left field hit, I ran to first base, he began to shout at me, replica mlb jerseys say nasty things, such as 'Why do not you run second base'? I hit the ball hard, and opponents well then, I have no chance to continue entered built. "

Jean mediation of their teammates, the incident quickly resolved.

"He said some private words related to my family, I do not mean. With how he said. But if someone says bad things about people around you that I put the limit up." Jean said.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raphael Shaliyanuo the end of the season ahead

Thursday, the Atlanta Braves lefthander rescue Raphael. Shaliyanuo accepted elbow surgery earlier this season ended. He may be back next year when spring training pitching. mlb jersey
James Andrew made his ulnar nerve transposition surgery, the process back a transposition of his elbow bone spurs. Andrew did not find that he has ligament damage. Signed with the Warriors in January this year, nine million two-year contract, the Shaliyanuo played only 14 times. The name of the expected early in spring training Terminator some elbow discomfort. This year, he entered the three injured list. Shaliyanuo salary next year will be 6.1 million U.S. dollars, the Warriors hope that next year some of his wonderful performance, can increase the number of his salary. 71 out of race last year, the 28-year-old relief pitcher, he will limit the opponent's batting 0.181, 0.232 on base percentage, which relief pitcher in the National League second.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hunter said his fight against scores of 4 seats back to home plate for a sub-2 hits

"It's very exciting," Hunter said his fight against scores of 4 seats back to home plate for a sub-2 hits, 1 RBI, "This is what happened? How the ball will fly out of the build a wall that only 5 to 10 inches, but two days a row occurred? I am very pleased with the gloves. I can not believe I did it for two consecutive days. crazy. "
When Buleilake from relief pitcher Jose. Yali Tang and more in the hands of far-reaching almost hit a home run was the leading score when Hunter jumped a timely manner, this "will soon become a home run" ball firmly connected live. The process, Hunter's head hit the wall, and the day before he had just gone through the same process. That is why he can not celebrate this wonderful play has reasons. replica mlb jerseys
"I feel dizzy," he said, "I only get ahead. I do not want to let everyone see that I hit dizzy. I focus back to a rest area."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chien-Ming Wang was inaccurate ball socks

Red Sox batter the face of intractable, if the ball out of the question, would like to win probably be prohibitively difficult, Wang today (11) to complete a taste of bitterness, 100th career start Consequently, the first Board appeared three walks, would only support a 2 2 / 3 and had to exit the Board, responsible for loss of 4 points to swallow mlb jerseys defeat of season 4, ERA dropped slightly into the only good news.

The face of the first play of Dustin Pedroia, Wang successfully to win balls out of a few, but a good start is half alone, Wang could not find the other half of the success of the first Board appeared frequently in crisis, 29 balls which only 12 shots, but fortunately only 1 point of attack opponents, and the residual base left the bases loaded.

Friday, April 16, 2010

White Sox if they can recruit Abreu

White Sox if they can recruit Abreu, the object of transactions and Abreu most likely place for the overlapping Jermaine Dye. Has attained the age of 35, Dey, this season after the contract expires, will return to free itself, was named to hear your transaction, easy Dye said: "This is normal, because I am about to contract period, if the team went out to my transactions would not be surprised. "

According to the United States, "Daily Herald" website reported that the White Sox will be 11.5 million in salary out of Dey transaction, you can use the 8 million U.S. dollars a year contract to enlist Abreu, in addition to 3.5 million in salary room used for starting pitcher, or get back to the Yankees last season in the trade of catcher I-Rod.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Manny rejected in the proposed new contract

Manny rejected in the proposed new contract, the Dodgers owner clear that this battle in which Manny will not be available about him. Meanwhile the Los Angeles Times also suggested that if the Dodgers sign Manny can not succeed, you can recruit star outfielder Abreu (Bobby Abreu) and free agent Dunn (Adarn Dunn).

Abreu career batting average 3 percent, plus a race stability, career on-base percentage is as high as 4 into 05, if he succeeds in joining the Dodgers, and Torre could be adjourned to the edge of mentoring. In addition, Dunn's career rate of 2 percent against 47, the base rate of 3 into 81, also reinforced as the object of Dodge.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A-Rod believe the experts: admit their mistake is right

Yankees star Triple baseman A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) Monday to accept the U.S. sports channel ESPN cable sports visit, the first time admitted that he had in the past to improve performance in the middle of 2001-2003 had used banned substances. American sports writer Jon Heyman on "" that "the courage to admit that the first step is to do things."

Last pre-season "camp commander" Andy Pettitte in the Mitchell report which was named first been injected with growth hormone doping HIG, when he jumped out to admit their mistakes, apologize to the baseball and football fans, that injury was trapped, so in 2002, had two injections, and in 2004 the 3rd use of HIG.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

In addition to recruiting Manny Ramirez metropolis currently unsuccessful

Philadelphia also got 3 years 30 million dollars left heavy artillery Raul Ibanez. Hyman believes that in addition to successfully seize the strong cast their strong play, his career has also recruited a new gunner 2 into 86, leading them to none other than non-throne.

New York Mets after the Phillies in the regular season last season, the last paragraph, mercilessly brutal Milwaukee Brewers "comic play," but lost the playoffs tickets, season players will inevitably become their outer reinforcement The prime objective.

In addition to recruiting Manny Ramirez metropolis currently unsuccessful, the last season after 3 years 37 million dollars to sign K-Rod (Francisco Rodriguez) much attention, and successfully left lefty Oliver Perez, and get right-hander Tim Redding. Hyman believes that the performance from the general manager Omar Minaya could see, baseball season's ambitions this year.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Orleans Saints defensive end signed a new front

Week 3, New Orleans Saints and free agent defensive end Alex Feng - Brown on a two-year terms of the contract agreement. To help the defending champion in March this year to fill Charles - Grant was the team lineup after termination left a loophole.

Brown's first 8 seasons playing in the Chicago Bears. Saints spokesman Greg - The Purcell said the former Chicago Bears linebacker II and Wednesday this week visited the Saints training headquarters in the suburbs. Saints signed him and the amount of new contract terms were not disclosed.

Brett Farve got a little grandson

Minnesota Vikings team may have finally found their future quarterback: Brett - Law of the Front is now a grandfather. His 21-year-old daughter, Brittany gave birth to a boy - Parker - Brett. This little sharpshooter, 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Brett grandfather on his website that he and his wife, Diener "very proud" to welcome their first grandchild.

Faffe not yet announced whether he will return to his Viking expedition first 20 NFL seasons. Last year, 40-year-old one of his best season, helping lead the Vikings into the NFC final.

Baby's birth is the first by a spokesman for Minneapolis reported.

NFL players now in the area that no other people to become grandfather.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

San Diego, one-year contract with Spring Rolls

Lightning team running back and kick back hand attack Darren - Spring Rolls and the team signed a one year contract worth 7.283 million U.S. dollars.

Spring Rolls is a restricted free agent. Lightning team provided him with the largest first and the third round of contract offers, which means that if the NFL has 5 years experience in the eve of running back and other teams, then the Lightning team provided the right to match each other as the loss of contracts or his compensation by the other first round and third round draft pick.

San Diego area, and Sproles was announced Friday the signing.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vikings Team front one-year contract with defensive end

Minnesota Vikings defensive end and front Mike - Montgomery signed a one-year contract.

Montgomery over the past five seasons for the NFC North rival Green Bay effectiveness. Packers team in the 2005 draft the first six of his selected from Texas A & M University.

Montgomery best season came in 2008, when he was starting 8 games, 71 times and 2.1 times Qinsha interception. But in the Storm - Capers coached the team into 3-4 defensive formation, he's playing time began to decrease.

In Minnesota, Montgomery will serve as a front end starter Jared - and Ray Allen - John Edwards on the bench.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ruse Jones is in New Orleans right half-day test

At the same time, trainers Duke - Ruse Jones is in New Orleans right half-day test. Rousse said Jones weight of 13 pounds, it is now 181 pounds, 40-yard sprint time in 4.5 seconds or less. "He looks fantastic," Ruse said. "Physically speaking, he has for next season's NFL game ready, but the biggest problem is not his speed or he can do in the field."

Jones was considered to be a very promising NFL star, but repeatedly break the law to make his career off the track. The 26-year-old former West Virginia's outstanding player in his first two seasons playing for the Tennessee Titans team when an elite cornerback and kick back hand attack, when Schwartz is the team's defensive coach. But the 2007 season, Jones because some events are outside the union president, Roger - Goodell suspended.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rams coach denied Buy Macnab

St. Louis Rams coach Steve - Spa Ancient Norodom Join denied the Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan - Macnab reported close to reaching the ranks of the transfer agreement.

Norodom on Thursday visited the ancient Spa Cardinals spring training camp when the team said that "nothing can be said about the transfer of." Spa ancient Norodom said, "this time of year, all sorts of things will happen, But there is nothing. "

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NFL playoffs, decided to change the overtime rules

Sudden death in the NFL playoffs become less sudden.

League playoffs this week, two of the overtime rules changed. Rules will be implemented next season if the team by throwing a coin to get some guess right the first attack and to rely on a free kick for points, then the other team will get the ball right. If you took over the series of attacks to score another free kick over, competition will be under the current under sudden death rules. If the team won the first attack of the right to rely on scoring touchdowns, then the end of the game.

In the NFL, held Tuesday meeting, the team owners voted by 28 to 4 by the proposal. Minnesota, Buffalo, Cincinnati and Baltimore, voted against it. The adoption of the proposal due to director Roger - Goodale's support, and throwing coins in a series of data show that the decision has been too obvious winner of the overtime. Minnesota in the NFC finals last season, losing in overtime in New Orleans Saints. Saints win by throwing coins in the first attack of the right to promote Daoqian Chang and scored a free kick won the day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Indianapolis, appointment of new coach

Colts appointment of Former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Ron - Turner took over for foreign coaches, and where necessary a group of former University of Virginia, Secret Service coordinator Ron - Prince of the Assistant offensive line coach.

Just last month, Stanford University, just choose Turner as the team took over the new quarterback and foreign coaches. Prince from 2006-2008, has served as head coach of Kansas State University.

Indianapolis has also changed in the other four coaching positions. Tom - Moore will serve as the top offensive assistant, Clyde - Christensen has moved from assistant to head coach and promoted outside the coach took over the offensive coordinator.

Peter - Mezz Commissioner from offensive quality control coach and assistant offensive line was promoted to offensive line coach. At the same time administrative assistant Jim Colts - Bob - Kut was selected as offensive assistant.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tampa Bay signed for two years and security, Wei Jones

Free agent safety Wei Sean - Jones accepted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to provide a two-year contract. The team announced the deal on Wednesday.

Jones, the first five seasons for the Cleveland Browns the effectiveness of the Philadelphia Eagles last season, playing him nine times in the Hawks starting lineup, completing 72 interception, 1 sack and 2 steals. Jones in 2004, was Brown's team selected in the second-round draft pick from 2006 onwards, he has served as the starter and the team playing on consecutive nights in the past four seasons, he won a total of 16 steals, which Health data security ranks tied for fourth.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Philadelphia Eagles signed with the Jiujiang Baskett

Philadelphia Eagles free agent with the outside to take over Hank - Baskett signed a one-year contract.

In Philadelphia in September last year, played three seasons after being the team Basikete termination, after which he and the Indianapolis Colts signed up, playing 15 games, including playoffs. The effectiveness of the Hawks in 47 games, Baskett caught the ball a total of 71 times a total of 1046 yards, there are six touchdowns, three of his touchdown catch more than 85 yard. Effectiveness in Indianapolis during the Baskett primarily as a SWAT team player. He has five catches for 34 yards.

The 5 years experience in the foreign take over NFL's wife Kendra Wilkinson, the former Playboy model, Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend, and she now has its own television program, "Kendra," when the Sun will be E! Web site (an entertainment site) played in the second quarter.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Packers Super Bowl wins five stories will be on the silver screen

Robert De Niro also challenge the new roles to play. This time he will play the United States well-known football coach Wen Silongbadi legend. The film will be specially crafted sports channel ESPN's ESPN sports movies film company Chupin by ESPN and the NFL co-organized the film's completion.

It is learned that the film will be based on past Lombardi coached the Green Bay Packers Jerry Kramer created by members of the team documentary literature "immediately re-match," adapted from. Film will be in the Green Bay Packers Lombardi team nine years of coaching career, the main line, he led the initial unknown about the Green Bay Packers won five NFL championship story. The film is expected in 2012, "Super Bowl" (NFL Annual Finals) before and after the release.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NFL 10 free agent

March 5 after the start of the new season, a large number of players become a free agent, some of which is the team's backbone, the following are most concerned about this year's 10 free agent.

1.Thomas Jones, New York Jets, running back

Jones last season, contributed 14 touchdowns and 1402 yards red ball, he was a leader, has a tough character and single-season more than 1000 yard capacity of the red ball.

2.Ryan Clark, Pittsburgh Steelers, free and safe Wei

The advent of today's Guardian, one of the most intelligent, and very young, after the contract out of its own large numbers of followers.

3.Darren Sharper, New Orleans Saints, free safe Wei

Although already 34 years old, but the play has not been Shapo age limit to nine times last season, tied for the league in steals, but also the three defensive touchdowns.

4.Kevin Mawae, Tennessee Titans, center

39-year-old age is an obstacle to renewal of his contract, but he is still the All-Star last season, the players, in most NFL teams are still playing in the starting strength.

5.LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego, lightning, running back

He is no longer productive period of LT, but there are still more than a single season, 1000 yards and at least 50 times the capacity of the catch.

6.Leigh Bodden, New England Patriots, Kok Wei

Teng Tower - Robertson did not become a free agent, so Boden in hot demand on the market this year, in the Patriots team and his contract before the other teams have the opportunity to compete for shot.

7.Jamal Williams, San Diego, lightning, protecting front

Although the injury has a bad history, but in the 3-4 configuration, Williams still play an important role in the strength, lightning team very much hope that he will return to the team.

8.Kevin Faulk, New England Patriots, running back

Perhaps such a high ranking unexpected, but to ask the Patriots, and you'll understand his values and his New England in every effort to re-sign a contract.

9.Jake Delhomme, Carolina Panthers, quarterback

Talk about what you are looking for him, he was worth 3 million annual salary of the replacement, at least not playing the team can win.

10.Derrick Mason, Baltimore Ravens, foreign take over

The data in 2009, he was 73 times the ball forward 1028 yards, contribute seven touchdowns, has it all, although the age of 36, signed a big contract more difficult, but as a strong team to take over the number two foreign objects super - value for money.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The real Super Bowl fame played a ball

44th Annual NFL Finals - Super Bowl stadium in Miami, the sun of life wonderful staged, the United States Federation champion Indianapolis Colts with the National Federation champion New Orleans Saints team had considered quitting. After four fierce fighting, the Saints teams of three with Hartley kick a reasonable success and Brisbane sub quarterback sneaked the ball 31 to more than 17 Liqin Colts, the first time in history was Super Bowl champions.

Saints team's win is not a super hero quarterback Drew - Brisbane, the audience match the success of his 39 passes 32 times, passing up a total distance of 288 yards, including two touchdowns passing, quarterback scores for the 114.5-round, won an overwhelming four regular season MVP's Gary Payton - Manny, but the Saints still unknown hero sophomore cornerback - Porter. Porter at a critical juncture for the successful completion of Payton - Manny's steals, and get back to offensive touchdowns, the Colts tied the hope of completely snuffed.

This is Payton - Manny finished the game was the only time pass steals. Section IV, colt just 7 points behind, so long as to get a touchdown, you can tie the game in Manning's meticulous combing, the colt made the first continuous attack, quickly advancing to the rivals on the half-pony, when the Man ning aimed at the left side and sent a pass to teammate, electro-optic Flint, the cornerback Porter popped up suddenly diagonal stabbing Lane, directly caught a Manning pass, under the cover of his teammates, Paowei Porter reached the trot all the way Colts touchdowns terminal region has made no preparations for pony team who has not made a trailing escort, bringing the game to lose the suspense, the Saints reached the Super Bowl for the first time we have obtained the title.

No positive about this before the game during the regular season mediocre cornerback, and even the U.S. media, quips, "as long as the waves make mistakes especially in the field, we thank God!." However, this comes from Indiana University Bloomington campus two-year cornerback had the ball in the playoffs to become a famous hero. The League of Nations in the crucial final, it is relying on a super-Porter for another quarterback Brett - Faffe successful steals, will the game into overtime, the Saints free kick to seize the opportunity to complete the Juesha. In the two priceless competition, Porter used to shock the world with the performance of cutting off two top-level quarterback, a ball of fame on the true story of the NFL stadium to reproduce.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

France's 0-2 defeat by Spain

The same as the European champions, but almost no one optimistic about France. "Marca" drum up support before the game for Spain, "smashed the 42 years the curse away victorious," France "Equipe" also embarrassed to admit competition into a "parade of Spain", FIFA is also enlivened by a few out: "For Spain abnormal situation is favorable, the European champions France in Wednesday's main stadium to send to their lineup, including the Sun was in Liverpool and Blackburn League Torres comes back. "

Casillas played 102 times on behalf of Spain, with Spain's Raul played tied for second place record. World Cup away jersey for the first time dressed in the Spanish first kick-off, the European champion then showed their strength and ball five minutes before the rate of 88%. French manufacturers were frequently used to counter the threat, but Gourcuff, Franck Ribery has a breakthrough to the restricted area on the right are not formed after the high cross shot. Spain will win 19 minutes after the goal, Henry was off Iniesta pass forward pass, Silva lose a ball, single-handedly broke into the Villa closed the face of the right foot Tuishe Loritz break ,1:0 -- Villa No. 37 into the national team goal lead away from home in Spain. The first 45 minutes, the Spanish siege of front row, Alonso after the sub-front steal the ball, Ramos, restricted the right side of the ball go past Escude left foot shot hit Escude varied-line network, 2: 0.

The score for the French team helpless, the Spanish can be confidently deployed forces, but in no way diminished offensive forces, and poor is the little bit of luck. Spain's Xavi and Torres sent half, Stade de France, only found a surprising opponent has a gun one spare vehicle. Spain won easily, as well as Xianxin let out a public reserve to adapt to the atmosphere before the game very Danding Bosque: "With warm-up tournament substitution rules, as much as possible to the majority of players play. France is the support teams, players want to get one to enjoy. "be treated as such competition, there are strong teams in France and that the identity and temperament.