Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010, 10 network video merger prediction: a further shot Google

U.S. video site WatchMojo, Founder and CEO Ashkan Karbasfrooshan in science and technology blog TechCrunch recently wrote, and describes the field of online video will appear this year, 10 major deal. The following is a summary of the article:

Venture Capital eager to quit the field of online video, while the potential acquirer has a more than 80 billion U.S. dollars in cash. Among them, Microsoft holding 20 billion U.S. dollars in cash, Apple holds 40 billion U.S. dollars in cash, Google holds 15 billion U.S. dollars in cash, Amazon holds 3 billion U.S. dollars in cash, Yahoo holds 3 billion U.S. dollars in cash. In theory, online video companies and potential acquirer would be a perfect match, but because of too many online video start-up companies, so not all online video companies are able to Ruyuan married into rich and powerful family. The following fields will appear online video this year, 10 major deal.

First: Demand Media acquisition of Tremor Media

Social media websites Demand Media has already financed 355 million U.S. dollars, but most sales still come from its domain name registration department eNom. Demand Media is working to expand the content business, and developed a "content farm" strategy. The site intends through the acquisition of an online video website to expand display and video advertising, its potential acquisition targets for Brightroll and Tremor Media. Tremor Media Advertising to reach 177.6 million unique visitors, accounting for the United States 85% of the total number of Internet users.

2nd: Lagardere Groupe will acquire Dailymotion

Zhayi Seeing go, the French media group Lagardere that the online video site is not a valuable marketing platform, but for the national sentiment Lagardere possible acquisition of Dailymotion. Lagardere may be through the acquisition will be known as the French Dailymotion create YouTube. Dailymotion can continue to play down the right, if the advertiser friendly content, will help boost Lagardere revenue. Lagardere also be able to Dailymotion's audience to promote their own content.

3rd: Scripps will acquire 5Min

Scripps is one similar to the Discovery of the premium content producers. Although the companies are more inclined to television channels, but as more and more consumers to watch video online, the company need to strengthen their own websites. Scripps has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the 5Min, so the two companies are familiar with each other.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

EU calls Google Street View to remind the public before taking the photograph

According to foreign media reports, the European Union regulators Thursday asked Google and will be shooting pictures in the city before services are used to inform the public street. This is further exacerbated by Google's legal risk in the European Union.

The European Union in a letter sent to Google, said Google should be the original photo to shorten the retention time from 1 year to 6 months. Instead, Google said in a statement, the streetscape, as the original image that lasts a year is "legitimate and justified."

Google said the company has informed the way through the web site to inform the public streets pictures collection to. According to a notice given in the service Thursday, Google Street View cars have begun collecting pictures Cagliari in Italy and France, Nantes viewfinder, and may be moved into the vicinity of the other cities.

Google in 2007 for the United States issued a street service, and now it has been to extend it to about 100 cities in the world. To allay privacy concerns, Google images through a special software in the human face and license plate number for the fuzzy processing.

As the EU is worried that Google Street View camera in public, would violate the privacy provisions of the EU's part, so streetscape services in the region, shooting very slowly.

Last year, the Greek government had asked Google to stop shooting, until the introduction of additional privacy safeguards. Last year, in April, the British inhabitants of a village and even built a human wall to block Google's path finder car. Google had also to be the German government requested the deletion of one face, street number, license plate numbers and other personal information of the original image.

EU's justice commissioner Viviane Reding said the EU data protection has a very high standard, and she hoped that all businesses are able to act in accordance with regulations.

European Union data protection authorities in charge of Alex Turk 2 Yue 11 wrote to Google data privacy officer, said Peter Fleischer, Google should be filming in advance via the website, as well as local or national media notice. He also said that Google should try to avoid a shoot-sensitive content, and those who would not normally be passers-by to see the private details of the.

He also said that Google will be the original image without the blur to save one-year policies that are "inappropriate" policy, it should be changed. In his view, enhance the image fuzzy processing technology and better to remind the public attention that will help reduce the privacy concerns Google's complaints, but also can shorten people's pictures for the issue of response time.

Just this week three, that is, the EU issued the warning on Google the day before the Italian courts for violations of user privacy has just grounds and sentenced to three Google executives 6 months imprisonment, suspended. The three executives charged with failure to promptly remove the section of the autistic boys were beaten and humiliated at school video. Google said it would appeal the case, and believe that this ruling contradicts the spirit of the Internet, freedom of speech.

Also in Wednesday, the European Union antitrust regulators said the complaints against Google's rival Google to reduce its Google search engine rankings. The EU said that Google did not launch an antitrust investigation, and Google will deny the existence of improper conduct.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nelson: Internet users wanted to have fun are not willing to pay for network news

According to foreign media reports, the research firm Nielsen has released a survey showed that Internet users more willing to pay for online entertainment content, but not willing to pay for the network news.

Nelson on the global 52 countries, conducted a survey of 27000 consumers, the findings show that Internet users are more willing to movies, games and music pay.

Nearly 60% of the respondents expressed their willingness to pay for movies and music, while more than 50% expressed their willingness to pay for the game. In contrast, are willing to pay the proportion of Internet news is only 30%.

The survey results show that the "New York Times" recently announced the pricing strategy may not be wise. "The New York Times" announced last month that starting in 2011, online readers per month free of charge to read a certain number of articles on the need to pay more than quantitative.

In addition, the News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch has said that plans to this year's news site on the implementation of fees and charges.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hulu postponed iPad payment services and other issues facing the Flash Support

According to foreign media reports, blog, MediaMemo disclosed last Friday, Hulu may be only to the Apple iPad tablet PC users paid subscription service.

MediaMemo quoted sources as saying, iPad version of Hulu will be a paid service, "most likely" is a form of subscription service. Hulu on the Internet for free.

Months, there have been rumors that in considering the Hulu push subscription services to turn around. It is learned that, Hulu yet to finalize the payment service plan, you need to finalize the plan before finalizing the iPad paid service plan.

Hulu is one of the problems facing the iPad does not support Adobe Flash. Last week, rumors Hulu in the development of services without the need Flash version of the iPad. MediaMemo pointed out that, given the problems faced, iPad 3 on sale, when, Hulu "very unlikely" to finalize the subscription plan or publish iPad Edition service.

Friday, February 19, 2010

HTC will stick with Microsoft and Google Operating System

According to foreign media reports, Taiwan smartphone maker HTC CEO Peter Chou said Thursday the company's long-term use of Microsoft and Google mobile phone operating system.

HTC is Microsoft's long-term partner, is also Google launched its first own-brand teams, equipped with mobile phones on behalf of the Android software, industrial plants.

"We are Microsoft's commitment has never changed," Chou Mobile Communications Conference in Barcelona (Mobile World Congress), said. "Of course, we also stick to Android, and we are both long-term commitment."

Microsoft earlier this week at the meeting, introduced a new version of mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt was the first time to participate in the meeting and delivered a speech.

HTC this week announced two new Android phone and a Windows mobile phone, there is a low-cost smart phone Smart, did not use Microsoft or Google's software, and use Qualcomm's chipsets, only about half the price.

HTC said last month that its gross margin to be 32% from the fourth quarter fell to about 30%, but Chou said that investors over-worried. HTC is the world's fourth-largest smartphone manufacturers.

"I think some people misunderstand that we will be a significant expense of profits," he said. "We will definitely improve the company's overall profits, so HTC is more competitive, and increasingly strong."

"Our profit is only a small fluctuation, not too serious," he said. "I think our future and our competitiveness and make the right choice, but we have great confidence in their own strategy."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New type of virus can evade anti-virus software has been infected with 75000 units PC

According to foreign media reports, the Internet security company NetWitness has reminded users, a new computer virus has recently infected the world's 75000 computer.

The virus, called "Kneber botnet", infected computer, it will collect online financial systems, social networking sites and e-mail user's login information, and then send that information to the hacker.

NetWitness said that so far have been from the Global 2500 organizations to 7.5 million computers are infected.

NetWitness CEO Amit Yoran said in a statement: "conventional signature-based anti-malware and intrusion detection systems are unable to effectively detect Kneber virus."

Monday, February 8, 2010

IPAD acceleration of e-reader market shopping

With the deconstruction of the iPad perspective on the birth, it seems to be between iPhone and PC products between the third. Zhongguancun counter Apple's distribution of Xiao told reporters, although they have only just been released in the United States, but now every day consumer telephone consultation, and asked whether the Chinese mainland market. Consumers are most valued, or light, fashion, avant-garde. U.S. market research firm NPD's latest survey recently released report shows that in all kinds of e-book reader has purchased the U.S. consumers, 93% of users have purchased a product's performance was "very satisfied" or "relatively satisfied."

Deputy Director of Information Management Department of Peking University, Professor Zhou Qingshan pointed out that Apple has long been a leader in the information industry trends, in addition to design an advantage, this launch iPad is a combination of new property rights under the network environment model, profit model, achieved a business innovation. iPad will be the model of content and software package unique, and it is more than ten million species of hardware and software, is to start from the cultural and creative industries, adding to the product interesting and cultural.

To some extent, iPad e-book reading function of the introduction of the complex situation on the future evolution of electronic publishing again Duoliaoyifen uncertain. Apple iPad is currently e-book for the function, specifically set up their own iBook Store Sales Shop, formally related to the content source.

Jobs at the press conference, said that six major publishing companies in the five already iPad in the provision of e-book content to reach an agreement, they are penguins, Hab, Simon & Schuster, Makemilun, Hachette Special Book Group. The world's largest bookseller, Random House trade category also expressed hope for further communication with Apple. The New York Times Group, News Group, Conde Nast Media Group and other also as much as there's collaboration.Hab Publishing Group and general manager of market development in China Zhou Ailan told reporters that, as a group are willing and different number of publishers, so that is conducive to the promotion of works of digital publishers and readers in different variety of choice, which is a kind of mutual benefit and win-win situation.

At the same time, iPad with the publishers to take a more liberal forms of cooperation, but also to allow self-publishing house prices. Not long ago, because it has long been upholding the Amazon electronic 9.9 U.S. dollars low price to attract customers, while McGraw-Hill that the book prices are too low to require Amazon to improve McGraw-Hill publishing company in the Amazon online prices of electronic books. Amazon ultimately compromise in this dispute are willing to increase the price. Even media reports said the incident reflects Apple iPad of Kindle e-reader in the market dominance has become a strong challenge. Amazon and Apple in the coming e-book market, publishing and retail sectors is bound to start a fight, but this is just the beginning.

In addition, analysts point out that Apple's iPad reading the e-book reader to meet the greater needs of users. iPad represents a change in the way e-book reader. Readers will read the text turned to multi-media approach to reading. Not only can enjoy the pictures and videos, you can also read the contents of the back on our comments. A "New York Times" website, for example, iPad specially equipped with a "New York Times" digital version of the program, the title page continuously updated, while mixed series of pictures, videos, user reviews, links to other sources, as well as documentary-style news reported.

Professor Zhou Qingshan that, iPad development of electronic readers, first of all depends on whether one can accept "mobile computer and e-reader" pattern of use. Second, iPad in the "standard, application software, hardware, supplies, accessories," such as supporting the development of ability for the user to accept. But more critical is that publishing is affecting human ideology and values of spiritual products, in the face in different countries and regions of different social and cultural background, publishing content should be able to meet the various sales regions and cultural practices, legal practices, this is Apple's It should be noted.

As for the e-book market, whether it would iPad an overwhelming majority, swept to form the world's trend of China Publishing Science Research Institute, said researcher Zhang Li, e-books, and music industry is absolutely not an industrial patterns and concepts. E-book resources can be more dispersed around the world, and will not form a large monopoly companies. Mobile terminal development on the traditional publishing challenge is certain, but Apple's market experience and a good performance, but also to be seen. E-books have to face other competitors in addition to paper media, but also the face of competition from other electronic readers. ABI Research analyst Jiefuaoer Jeff Orr said: "Tablet PC will not replace the laptop, Internet phone book or at least the next few years, it will be a phase co-exist with the above equipment, a luxury."

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Reported that Yelp had refused to Microsoft's acquisition of 700 million U.S. dollars

Recently, Yelp rejected Google 5.5 billion acquisition of another message claimed, Yelp has also rejected Microsoft's acquisition of 700 million U.S. dollars.

According to "Business Week" report, Yelp has received, "Microsoft's acquisition of 700 million U.S. dollars." Yelp may refuse to purchase, just want their own IPO.

Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman for refusal explains: "Yelp can choose to become a great Internet brands in ... ... This is my life is also an opportunity."

By the end of 2009, Google and Yelp's acquisition negotiations have entered the final phase of the two sides also identified about 550 million U.S. dollars in price. However, a sudden last-minute Yelp inform Google, do not agree with the former signed the acquisition agreement. As for Yelp why is it suddenly abandoned the deal is still unknown.

On Yelp are interested in including Yahoo, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz showing interest in acquisition of Yelp. Butts In response to whether they intend to acquire Yahoo, Yelp's question, said she was on strengthening Yahoo's local content is very interested in, "local content is extremely important place for human consumption is usually located in a family as the center of the circle with a radius of no more than 5 miles ( approximately 8 km) and within. "

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vegetative brain scanner available through the exchange of "voice"

British and Belgian researchers found that some vegetables appears to have lost consciousness, but in fact they can understand, or even answer simple questions, but the "voice" locked body, not Gaiden. Through the brain scanner, they can exchange with the outside world.

Research findings, published in the United States at 3, "New England Journal of Medicine" magazine website.

Exchange "voice"

The researchers first examined a 29-year-old male vegetative state. The man, in 2003 a car accident, a coma for two years after diagnosis of "persistent vegetative state" (PVS), that is the definition of the international medical community in persistent vegetative states.

Researchers told the men, they will ask questions, want men with "yes" or "no" answer. To facilitate the distinction between the answer, he had to replace the vision of two different scenarios: For the "yes", which envisions himself on the tennis court to play tennis, which will stimulate the brain at the top of cell activity; for "No", then the idea at home and walk, which will cause base of the brain cell activity.

Next, the man heard about their six issues, including the father's name and whether the sisters, and other. The researchers also used functional magnetic resonance at the side of the imager (MRI) to monitor brain activity in men. For each question, imaging devices are within 5 minutes to "capture" the man answers. A total of five men, gives the correct answer.

Since then, researchers again 22 "persistent vegetative state" patients with a similar test, asking them to envisage the above-mentioned two kinds of scenarios. Imager scan showed that four patients successfully completed "task."


The result surprised the researchers, in particular the performance of 29-year-old man. After all, he has been diagnosed as vegetative state about 5 years.

The Associated Press quoted study authors, the British Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences, Dr. Adrian Owen, saying: "When you see the patient (29-year-old men) of the scan results, we were shocked. He Conversion Thought alone accurately answer the questions ... ... We believe he is fully awake consciousness, (test) that he must understand not only the instructions, understand the implications, but also give answer. "

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Win7 will enable the "trump card" next month 1st RC version will be automatically shut down

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft will have Windows 7 RC version (final release candidate) activated killer, the user either pay for or should endure the pain of automatic shutdown. From the beginning on the 15th of this month, Windows 7 RC will be made every few hours display warning notices to remind users to pay for; and March 1, run the Windows 7 RC version of the computer will shut down once every 2 hours, shut down the former and No warning. Automatic shutdown will continue until June 1 this year, after which Microsoft will replace the user's desktop, in the lower right corner of the task bar, "this version of Windows is not genuine" notification. This would mean running Windows 7 RC version of the computer will not have access to an optional update or download the required Windows certified software.

This will be history, Microsoft for the users to the most severe "punishment" actions. Until last May, Microsoft has also confirmed to the media version of Windows 7RC will be June 1, 2010 is free to use, free use of the period will be extended to 13 months; but now did not say explicitly that all installed Windows 7RC version of the computer users are user piracy, but the treatment is already higher than in 2008 Microsoft Windows XP crack down on piracy, but also severe auto-black, while the free use of extended 13-month commitments have been set aside in advance.

The reporter learned from the computer stores the dealers learned, Windows7 official version from the sale has been sold in the first two months, not bad; but was boxed retail version of a gradual decline in sales, a seller said that the most dismal time of "failed to sell a set of three days." The case against the sluggish sales, dealers have to organize themselves Promotions Clearance Action: Buy boxed version of Windows7 send anti-virus software, or carrying out the price Anzhe (ie, the invoice issued by the standard price, but the actual amount charged is lower than this figure) . The B2C Web Shop Amazon on Windows7 excellent boxed version though not discounted prices, but an extra 50 yuan ~ 200 yuan complimentary gift card (the equivalent of cash shopping on the site use).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sony Ericsson released the whole key to Aspen

In order to fierce market competition, manufacturers have all the hope of drawing more specific design concepts to show their own distinctive. Thus, in addition to the hardware specifications and product design make a big fuss, the subject matter, such as environmental protection and other content companies have begun to become separate ways to seek a breakthrough in one of the ways. Recently, the introduction of praise from all of the GreenHeart popular series, Sony Ericsson make persistent efforts, the first time, its smart phones labeled green label, has officially released the latest environmentally friendly green certified business smart phone - Sony Ericsson Lixin Aspen.

For Sony Ericsson, this environmentally-friendly business smart phone, perhaps we will not be unfamiliar. The aircraft had to "Faith" in the name of the network have had exposure, and has become the Sony Ericsson's first candy bar style phone full keyboard. Published information from the official point of view, Sony Ericsson, Aspen has two main features worthy of our attention. First of all, in the smart phone products for the first time introduced the concept of environmental protection, including those from outside to inside a variety of environmental design, such as water-based spray paint, recycled plastic (green charger, environmental protection and headset, environmental protection and reduction package), Eco mate Application procedures, operational guidelines and other electronic machine is not only embodies the main features as GreenHeart series, but also to become the first paragraph has a green certified environmentally-friendly business smartphone. Secondly, the phone is still relatively rare in the provision of the current operating mode of the touch-screen QWERTY full keyboard phone, not only equipped with a 2.4-inch QVGA resolution, 65K color screen and powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.3 operating system, but also has a full QWERTY keyboard, and to provide touch-operated functions and handwriting recognition.

Sony Ericsson Aspen also offers a variety of panels so that users can use in their daily lives into a personalized exclusive adjustable panel, such as the daily patterns and business models to provide two kinds of interface options, and the finger sliding screen, open the individual common functions can be quickly , and in the need to enter text or edit the e-mail when you can with a full keyboard for more efficient and convenient text input method. As a business phone, Sony Ericsson mobile phones Aspen also supported the view Office documents, PDF files, and also emphasized that a simple e-mail settings, and do not care if the phone is lost, users can also use Microsoft MyPhone services, remote operation remove the cell phone of the important data. In addition, the phone will continue to use the Spb Mobile Shell3.0 software to create user interfaces, can have a flexible 3D animation engine, intelligent Facebook integration, scrolling display function, a variety of small tools and a variety of practical innovation and so on.

In addition to excellent business features, Sony Ericsson, Aspen also offers a wealth of entertainment features. Has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and multimedia player, FM radio and PlayNow support services, and built-in 3.2 million pixel camera, but it is rather a pity that did not provide auto-focus features. In order to meet the current users prefer mobile Internet boom, Sony Ericsson has also built many of Aspen social networking services, including Facebook, Skype, YouTube, CNN, Twitter, Windows Live, as well as Google Mobile and other applications. Of course, as a business handset a natural and ultimately a comprehensive wireless network capabilities. The Sony Ericsson Aspen not only support the GSM / GPRS / WCDMA / HSPA high-speed network, but also provides a WiFi wireless LAN access capabilities, so users can connect to the network through a variety of ways.

Aspen Sony Ericsson Other features include support for A-GPS navigation and Google Maps, has a power-saving mode, and supports Bluetooth technology and is equipped with standard micro-USB interface, can make use of micro-SDHC memory card to obtain the maximum 16GB capacity on demand. However, in the volume in the Nokia E71 Sony Ericsson Aspen slightly large compared to its body size of 117 × 60 × 12.45 mm, weight was 130 grams. Mobile phones equipped with the standard battery case, the available 600 hours standby time and up to eight hours of continuous talk time. It is reported that phone will provide two kinds of classic black and white silver body color options, is expected to hit retail shelves in the second quarter of this year. While the official did not disclose the sales people are concerned about price, but according to Sony Ericsson's Asia Pacific vice president of marketing Peter Ang's argument that the opportunity is an "affordable" mobile phone.

Monday, February 1, 2010

iPad is not the only option

iPad is not the only option
The release of Apple's iPad has given the industry has brought a lot of surprises, but it falls well below the point where the world is unparalleled. At least, on the recent CES conference, there are a lot of Tablet PC product launch, in fact, iPad competitors quite a bit.
Smart this
Terms of hardware features, using ARM architecture intelligent handling of this (SmartBook) is the iPad most direct competitor. At present, MSI, ASUS have already developed a system of using Android smart in this sample. With the iPad, these smart also used in this 1GHz of CPU, but also integrated WiFi, and 3G communications chips for wireless Internet applications than the iPad has a stronger competitive edge.
As Apple's old rival, Android developers Google has not Xianxia Lai. It is understood that Google and HTC's touch-screen make-up smart cooperative R & D this is also about the stage, and thus and Google has just released its own brand mobile phone NexusOne jointly and iPhone Apple's iPad start against. In addition, there are the upper reaches of the leading chip maker Freescale's new 7-inch Intelligent iPad this will also pose a danger, because it is the price of less than 200 U.S. dollars, cost-effective advantages become more prominent.
At the same time, HP claimed that it would initiate the relevant co-operation with Microsoft, Dell has released a 5-inch-sized smart this, coupled with last year announced the launch of Android system will be smart copies Acer, Apple iPad is bound to and a lot of the old opponents once again launched a positive contest.
Chinese goods
In the CES meeting, the domestic sale of electronic products, boss --- Hanwang Science and Technology released a tablet computer chip called TouchPad The domestic manufacturers to build Tablet PC, direct use is currently on the market popular ultra thin and light notebooks hardware configuration, but also with windwos7 operating system, supports multi-touch functionality.
As for the other section at the CES Show in getting attention of the Tablet PC, also from China, it is Lenovo's Sky-light. It is worth mentioning that Lenovo's Skylight not only in the interface were carried out independent R & D and innovation, and also a breakthrough appearance to design a unique detachable keyboard and screen the way the performance rather leading technological level.
Of course, in China, there is a group of craving for the cottage manufacturers are waiting for the birth of the iPad. Shenzhen Huaqiang North, part of the cottage manufacturers iPad not even before the official release, by reference to the network spread all kinds of Apple's tablet PC schematic picture developed related products. The cottage Tablet PC mainly relies on the Internet this platform, joined the LCD touch panel and LCD screen can be rotated and other elements. Like in those days as a high imitation iPhone, using Apple's reputation, high imitation version iPad also hope that the good to make money.