Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vikings Team front one-year contract with defensive end

Minnesota Vikings defensive end and front Mike - Montgomery signed a one-year contract.

Montgomery over the past five seasons for the NFC North rival Green Bay effectiveness. Packers team in the 2005 draft the first six of his selected from Texas A & M University.

Montgomery best season came in 2008, when he was starting 8 games, 71 times and 2.1 times Qinsha interception. But in the Storm - Capers coached the team into 3-4 defensive formation, he's playing time began to decrease.

In Minnesota, Montgomery will serve as a front end starter Jared - and Ray Allen - John Edwards on the bench.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ruse Jones is in New Orleans right half-day test

At the same time, trainers Duke - Ruse Jones is in New Orleans right half-day test. Rousse said Jones weight of 13 pounds, it is now 181 pounds, 40-yard sprint time in 4.5 seconds or less. "He looks fantastic," Ruse said. "Physically speaking, he has for next season's NFL game ready, but the biggest problem is not his speed or he can do in the field."

Jones was considered to be a very promising NFL star, but repeatedly break the law to make his career off the track. The 26-year-old former West Virginia's outstanding player in his first two seasons playing for the Tennessee Titans team when an elite cornerback and kick back hand attack, when Schwartz is the team's defensive coach. But the 2007 season, Jones because some events are outside the union president, Roger - Goodell suspended.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rams coach denied Buy Macnab

St. Louis Rams coach Steve - Spa Ancient Norodom Join denied the Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan - Macnab reported close to reaching the ranks of the transfer agreement.

Norodom on Thursday visited the ancient Spa Cardinals spring training camp when the team said that "nothing can be said about the transfer of." Spa ancient Norodom said, "this time of year, all sorts of things will happen, But there is nothing. "

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NFL playoffs, decided to change the overtime rules

Sudden death in the NFL playoffs become less sudden.

League playoffs this week, two of the overtime rules changed. Rules will be implemented next season if the team by throwing a coin to get some guess right the first attack and to rely on a free kick for points, then the other team will get the ball right. If you took over the series of attacks to score another free kick over, competition will be under the current under sudden death rules. If the team won the first attack of the right to rely on scoring touchdowns, then the end of the game.

In the NFL, held Tuesday meeting, the team owners voted by 28 to 4 by the proposal. Minnesota, Buffalo, Cincinnati and Baltimore, voted against it. The adoption of the proposal due to director Roger - Goodale's support, and throwing coins in a series of data show that the decision has been too obvious winner of the overtime. Minnesota in the NFC finals last season, losing in overtime in New Orleans Saints. Saints win by throwing coins in the first attack of the right to promote Daoqian Chang and scored a free kick won the day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Indianapolis, appointment of new coach

Colts appointment of Former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Ron - Turner took over for foreign coaches, and where necessary a group of former University of Virginia, Secret Service coordinator Ron - Prince of the Assistant offensive line coach.

Just last month, Stanford University, just choose Turner as the team took over the new quarterback and foreign coaches. Prince from 2006-2008, has served as head coach of Kansas State University.

Indianapolis has also changed in the other four coaching positions. Tom - Moore will serve as the top offensive assistant, Clyde - Christensen has moved from assistant to head coach and promoted outside the coach took over the offensive coordinator.

Peter - Mezz Commissioner from offensive quality control coach and assistant offensive line was promoted to offensive line coach. At the same time administrative assistant Jim Colts - Bob - Kut was selected as offensive assistant.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tampa Bay signed for two years and security, Wei Jones

Free agent safety Wei Sean - Jones accepted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to provide a two-year contract. The team announced the deal on Wednesday.

Jones, the first five seasons for the Cleveland Browns the effectiveness of the Philadelphia Eagles last season, playing him nine times in the Hawks starting lineup, completing 72 interception, 1 sack and 2 steals. Jones in 2004, was Brown's team selected in the second-round draft pick from 2006 onwards, he has served as the starter and the team playing on consecutive nights in the past four seasons, he won a total of 16 steals, which Health data security ranks tied for fourth.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Philadelphia Eagles signed with the Jiujiang Baskett

Philadelphia Eagles free agent with the outside to take over Hank - Baskett signed a one-year contract.

In Philadelphia in September last year, played three seasons after being the team Basikete termination, after which he and the Indianapolis Colts signed up, playing 15 games, including playoffs. The effectiveness of the Hawks in 47 games, Baskett caught the ball a total of 71 times a total of 1046 yards, there are six touchdowns, three of his touchdown catch more than 85 yard. Effectiveness in Indianapolis during the Baskett primarily as a SWAT team player. He has five catches for 34 yards.

The 5 years experience in the foreign take over NFL's wife Kendra Wilkinson, the former Playboy model, Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend, and she now has its own television program, "Kendra," when the Sun will be E! Web site (an entertainment site) played in the second quarter.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Packers Super Bowl wins five stories will be on the silver screen

Robert De Niro also challenge the new roles to play. This time he will play the United States well-known football coach Wen Silongbadi legend. The film will be specially crafted sports channel ESPN's ESPN sports movies film company Chupin by ESPN and the NFL co-organized the film's completion.

It is learned that the film will be based on past Lombardi coached the Green Bay Packers Jerry Kramer created by members of the team documentary literature "immediately re-match," adapted from. Film will be in the Green Bay Packers Lombardi team nine years of coaching career, the main line, he led the initial unknown about the Green Bay Packers won five NFL championship story. The film is expected in 2012, "Super Bowl" (NFL Annual Finals) before and after the release.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NFL 10 free agent

March 5 after the start of the new season, a large number of players become a free agent, some of which is the team's backbone, the following are most concerned about this year's 10 free agent.

1.Thomas Jones, New York Jets, running back

Jones last season, contributed 14 touchdowns and 1402 yards red ball, he was a leader, has a tough character and single-season more than 1000 yard capacity of the red ball.

2.Ryan Clark, Pittsburgh Steelers, free and safe Wei

The advent of today's Guardian, one of the most intelligent, and very young, after the contract out of its own large numbers of followers.

3.Darren Sharper, New Orleans Saints, free safe Wei

Although already 34 years old, but the play has not been Shapo age limit to nine times last season, tied for the league in steals, but also the three defensive touchdowns.

4.Kevin Mawae, Tennessee Titans, center

39-year-old age is an obstacle to renewal of his contract, but he is still the All-Star last season, the players, in most NFL teams are still playing in the starting strength.

5.LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego, lightning, running back

He is no longer productive period of LT, but there are still more than a single season, 1000 yards and at least 50 times the capacity of the catch.

6.Leigh Bodden, New England Patriots, Kok Wei

Teng Tower - Robertson did not become a free agent, so Boden in hot demand on the market this year, in the Patriots team and his contract before the other teams have the opportunity to compete for shot.

7.Jamal Williams, San Diego, lightning, protecting front

Although the injury has a bad history, but in the 3-4 configuration, Williams still play an important role in the strength, lightning team very much hope that he will return to the team.

8.Kevin Faulk, New England Patriots, running back

Perhaps such a high ranking unexpected, but to ask the Patriots, and you'll understand his values and his New England in every effort to re-sign a contract.

9.Jake Delhomme, Carolina Panthers, quarterback

Talk about what you are looking for him, he was worth 3 million annual salary of the replacement, at least not playing the team can win.

10.Derrick Mason, Baltimore Ravens, foreign take over

The data in 2009, he was 73 times the ball forward 1028 yards, contribute seven touchdowns, has it all, although the age of 36, signed a big contract more difficult, but as a strong team to take over the number two foreign objects super - value for money.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The real Super Bowl fame played a ball

44th Annual NFL Finals - Super Bowl stadium in Miami, the sun of life wonderful staged, the United States Federation champion Indianapolis Colts with the National Federation champion New Orleans Saints team had considered quitting. After four fierce fighting, the Saints teams of three with Hartley kick a reasonable success and Brisbane sub quarterback sneaked the ball 31 to more than 17 Liqin Colts, the first time in history was Super Bowl champions.

Saints team's win is not a super hero quarterback Drew - Brisbane, the audience match the success of his 39 passes 32 times, passing up a total distance of 288 yards, including two touchdowns passing, quarterback scores for the 114.5-round, won an overwhelming four regular season MVP's Gary Payton - Manny, but the Saints still unknown hero sophomore cornerback - Porter. Porter at a critical juncture for the successful completion of Payton - Manny's steals, and get back to offensive touchdowns, the Colts tied the hope of completely snuffed.

This is Payton - Manny finished the game was the only time pass steals. Section IV, colt just 7 points behind, so long as to get a touchdown, you can tie the game in Manning's meticulous combing, the colt made the first continuous attack, quickly advancing to the rivals on the half-pony, when the Man ning aimed at the left side and sent a pass to teammate, electro-optic Flint, the cornerback Porter popped up suddenly diagonal stabbing Lane, directly caught a Manning pass, under the cover of his teammates, Paowei Porter reached the trot all the way Colts touchdowns terminal region has made no preparations for pony team who has not made a trailing escort, bringing the game to lose the suspense, the Saints reached the Super Bowl for the first time we have obtained the title.

No positive about this before the game during the regular season mediocre cornerback, and even the U.S. media, quips, "as long as the waves make mistakes especially in the field, we thank God!." However, this comes from Indiana University Bloomington campus two-year cornerback had the ball in the playoffs to become a famous hero. The League of Nations in the crucial final, it is relying on a super-Porter for another quarterback Brett - Faffe successful steals, will the game into overtime, the Saints free kick to seize the opportunity to complete the Juesha. In the two priceless competition, Porter used to shock the world with the performance of cutting off two top-level quarterback, a ball of fame on the true story of the NFL stadium to reproduce.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

France's 0-2 defeat by Spain

The same as the European champions, but almost no one optimistic about France. "Marca" drum up support before the game for Spain, "smashed the 42 years the curse away victorious," France "Equipe" also embarrassed to admit competition into a "parade of Spain", FIFA is also enlivened by a few out: "For Spain abnormal situation is favorable, the European champions France in Wednesday's main stadium to send to their lineup, including the Sun was in Liverpool and Blackburn League Torres comes back. "

Casillas played 102 times on behalf of Spain, with Spain's Raul played tied for second place record. World Cup away jersey for the first time dressed in the Spanish first kick-off, the European champion then showed their strength and ball five minutes before the rate of 88%. French manufacturers were frequently used to counter the threat, but Gourcuff, Franck Ribery has a breakthrough to the restricted area on the right are not formed after the high cross shot. Spain will win 19 minutes after the goal, Henry was off Iniesta pass forward pass, Silva lose a ball, single-handedly broke into the Villa closed the face of the right foot Tuishe Loritz break ,1:0 -- Villa No. 37 into the national team goal lead away from home in Spain. The first 45 minutes, the Spanish siege of front row, Alonso after the sub-front steal the ball, Ramos, restricted the right side of the ball go past Escude left foot shot hit Escude varied-line network, 2: 0.

The score for the French team helpless, the Spanish can be confidently deployed forces, but in no way diminished offensive forces, and poor is the little bit of luck. Spain's Xavi and Torres sent half, Stade de France, only found a surprising opponent has a gun one spare vehicle. Spain won easily, as well as Xianxin let out a public reserve to adapt to the atmosphere before the game very Danding Bosque: "With warm-up tournament substitution rules, as much as possible to the majority of players play. France is the support teams, players want to get one to enjoy. "be treated as such competition, there are strong teams in France and that the identity and temperament.