Sunday, August 29, 2010

No longer just a head coach willing to give opportunities to the news

No longer just a head coach willing to give opportunities to the news, Ivan Nova today (30) depend on the performance of the pump layout, pitched 5 2 / 3 Board Biao 7K, only lost 1 point, to help Rick White Sox Yankees 2 to 1, not only to ensure the victory of the series, but won his first individual victory.

"We pushed a young man firing line, he (Nova) is paid out of the results we expect." Coach Joe Girardi satisfaction Road.

Battle Blue Jays previous series, Nova critical situation in command, though not the first to vote and win lasting bonds but 5 1 / 3 innings lost 2 points to obtain the performance of the trust coaching staff, access to two carry the responsibility of the opportunity to play this line to face more strong White Sox, and MLB officials before concentrating on Nova in the minor leagues the past injected vitamin B12 rumors, teenager still Tingde Zhu, deep breath and help the team win.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today Dodge series on the Brewers third battle of five in the second half

Dodge yesterday with the Brewers series in the second war, as Kuo series aim at the day before the first war, with 22 goals scored 5 of his season, after the successful rescue, the ninth of the closed task can not be played. Therefore, the old coach Dodge Torre (Joe Torre) used (Ronald Belisario), Xue riels (George Sherrill), and the Big Dipper Tyre (Octavio Dotel) three relays, a person facing a batter, continuous resolve to fight off Brewers center line of the Brown (Ryan Braun), Field (Prince Fielder), and Mai Gaiyi (Casey McGehee), to keep the winning results.

Today Dodge series on the Brewers third battle of five in the second half, the Dodgers ahead 1 point. But starting pitcher Manoa Sitailiou (Carlos Monasterios) in one out later, walked along with two body contacts the ball, so the Brewers capture bases loaded. Torre old trick again to be solved by sending Brown, then again to get rid of Rumsfeld Xue riel, and resolve the crisis over the barrier, to keep a one point lead.

But it was just the fifth. To resolve the crisis, the is desperate; but later if needed relief pitcher with the Kansas case, is a big bet!

Results 6 Jushang Ban, Dodge by Blake (Casey Blake) two-run homer, leading 4:1 than the number pulled. If the odds to keep this on to Joe Torre's "behavior" is likely they will not learn the lesson of the day directly to Hugh Kuo up, "no need" to close the investment and the two Councils.

The 26-year-old right-hander who struck out six

Tampa Bay Rays (Rays) pitcher Dasa (Matt Garza) to cast the first no-hitter in team history, as Major League Baseball MLB season 5 people, to help the team 5-0 win over the Detroit Tigers (Tigers) .

The 26-year-old right-hander who struck out six, walked one person, only took 120 balls pitched at 9 Board record to 11 wins 5 lost.

Philadelphia Phillies (Phillies) of Halladay (Roy Halladay) and Oakland Athletics (Athletics) of Bu Ruidun (Dallas Braden) complete game this season were cast; Colorado Rockies (Rockies) of Jimenez (Ubaldo Jimenez ) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (Diamondbacks) of Jackson (Edwin Jackson) also threw a no-hitter.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

In addition to the original but still a fine addition suspension

Alliance believes that the Orioles and Twins battle for a base umpire Gary Darling security base runners after the verdict, Wigginton forward and gas, have to touch the body during the Darling, which was suspended for three major league games.

Wigginton decided to appeal, but today (27) and the Blue Jays before the game, inform the head coach of Major League Juan Samuel, said the cancellation of an appeal if Wigginton and immediate implementation of ban order, then ban screenings will be reduced to 2 games, this concession was Wigginton and Samuel accepted.

In addition to the original but still a fine addition suspension, Wigginton said that it fully in his unexpected.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dodgers and Padres in March this year

Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) and the San Diego Padres vice president of Winfield (Dave Winfield), today in Beijing to attend a press conference to announce that they will send "troops" stationed in Beijing.

Dodgers and Padres in March this year, plans to 15,16 Day, the two moved to Beijing in spring training exhibition game, when the Taiwanese-American star Clansmen and Villager and Kuo may travel with the team to their tasks in addition to competition, perhaps but also as a translator.

These two warm-up match Beijing, the venue is to accommodate 12 000 spectators in the Beijing Olympics Wukesong Baseball Field, the first by the Dodgers as the home team, the second round by the Padres as home.

"China has a lot of good athletes, such as gymnastics and basketball players Yao Ming." Padres general manager of Tower Falls (Kevin Towers) that the strength of China's baseball in Japan and South Korea after hot pursuit, good strength in the Asian area, He said that he would not be surprised of the strength of Asian baseball map, because of change in China.

Dodgers and Padres have the experience of overseas competition, in which the Dodgers in the old coach La Suda days, had come to Taiwan to play friendly match Lvdui, in 2003, the New York Mets to play exhibition games in Mexico, even as early as 1980 years, and China on cooperation in Beijing to build a batting cages, but also built in Tianjin, another Dodger Stadium.

As for the Padres and New York in 1996, most of Team Sweden in Monterrey, Mexico (Monterrey), to participate in the Alliance's first overseas regular season, when the Padres in 1999 and also played the Colorado Rockies season opener Monterey .

A success of Major League overseas in China are actively exploiting, in addition to coaching to help the Chinese national team training camp, but also provide the Chinese baseball coaches, referees develop training and continually tap the younger players, in the past few years, Major League merchandise China has already opened stores in more than 50, while major league game broadcast can be seen through the baseball exchange, so that more interaction between the two countries increased.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Li Bo in the past were injured last year

Po-roll in the major leagues for 13 years 1999-2002, Cubs 4 years, the first issue of the 121 race, won 36 lost 48 won achievements, particularly home record of 29 wins 18, lost his performance always forget to Chicago not. 2004 New York Yankees when he was 1 year, 8 lost record of 14 wins, 4.33 ERA, but the Yankees finally tasted only her first taste of the playoffs.

Li Bo in the past were injured last year, he was just out of game Phillies 14 games, pitched 78 Council 6 lose record 3 wins, 4.73 ERA. Leeb said that now his health has been good in the Cubs re-start the preparation.

Li Bo is the first hair style pitcher, the future will be Zambrano, Leary (Ted Lilly), Hill (Rich Hill), Marquez (Jason Marquis), etc. The other eight starting pitchers a competitive seat, veterans coming back and more can motivate teenager.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Last season hit 50 home runs Felder said that he wanted to immediately start receiving awards

National League home run king in 2007 Milwaukee Brewers Felder (Prince Fielder), today accepted Gibson Heritage Award (Josh Gibson Legacy Award) awards, a black light.

Last season hit 50 home runs Felder said that he wanted to immediately start receiving awards, he and his wife are very excited. Fair still a child when he and father Felder (Cecil Fielder) with Gibson and the other outside the black view of Famer Robinson (Jackie Robinson) of the film.

Felder asked the young father said: "Gibson hit many home runs you?" His father replied: "Yes ah, yeah! You know ah." Felder said: "I hope one day I to the same as Gibson, hit many home runs. "

Feld advantage of this opportunity to get Gibson Award, to understand more the story of black players, so he can take pride in being a part of them. Feld only 23 years old, full of his future, he is the youngest major league player hit the most powerful players long.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Rangers on December 12 last year

Texas Rangers to avoid salary arbitration today, and 12 from the Seattle Mariners in mid-transaction to the first baseman Bulusade (Ben Broussard), signed a contract for 3.85 million U.S. dollars a year, and with incentive clauses, Broussats Germany also agreed to contribute to the Rangers Foundation.

Rangers on December 12 last year, second baseman Juan Little presented 3A (Tug Hulett) to the Mariners trading Bulusade, Bulusade season this year is scheduled Rangers starting first baseman, to avoid Bulusade proposed salary arbitration, the Rangers completed the signing today with.

Bulusade 31-year-old major league ball has six years of age until after the Indians and the Mariners last year in 240 at bats Mariners hit seven home runs, 29 RBIs, batting average 2 percent 75 , 2 into a career batting average of 67, accumulated 84 home runs and 306 RBIs, he is characterized by stable performance, and has hit a major league record-tying three pinch slam home run.

Rangers still have outfielder Baird (Marion Byrd) and catcher Gerald (Gerald Laird) with salary arbitration eligibility, thanks to Germany last year's rate of 2 percent against 24,9 homers, 47 RBI; Gerald year rate of 3 percent against 07,10 homers and 70 RBI.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tsao also joined CSMG International sports management company

Tsao Chin-hui as a free agent, has decided to accept the invitation of the U.S. Kansas City Royals, a minor league contract at this stage to proceed immediately to join the major league spring training, to gain access to the list of 25 open season.

Tsao also joined CSMG International sports management company, the future will be CSMG is responsible for its work related matters. CSMG Taiwan Ying, director of marketing and Asian baseball department Rie this rock element (30) days, press releases, invitations from the face of multi-pellet, after careful thought, the hui has been recently decided to accept the invitation of the U.S. Kansas City Royals, at this stage to start a minor league contract, then the 2008 baseball major league spring training in Arizona, to gain access to the list of 25 open season, the Royals bullpen to enhance combat capability to prepare.

Tsao Chin-hui in 1999 joined the Colorado Rockies scenery, July 26, 2003, Tsao became the first Major League player registration plate pitching in Taiwan. In 2004, Tsao a race due to a hand injury the opportunity to shrink rapidly in 2005, Tsao as the main force in the Rockies relief pitcher, after the lip laceration due to shoulder surgery rehabilitation. In 2006, injury recovery is not ideal, not a race all season, after the end of the season and Tsao indirect surrender.

January 30, 2007, Tsao and the Dodgers signed a 1 contains the size of the union contract, the Dodgers 21 games voted 24.2 Board, pay a 1 loss, 4.38 ERA report card, on July 14 after all within the wounds and the disabled list, was also moved to 60 days after the disabled list. End of the season, the Dodgers will Tsao out of the 40 list, Tsao selected as a free agent of the body, to look for another career spring.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

As long as Santana (Johan Santana) and the Twins did not nod contract

As long as Santana (Johan Santana) and the Twins did not nod contract, the Yankees are always the biggest eyes of a "fat."

In the Twin Cities five years, 93 million U.S. dollars raised by Santana broker conditions "to be turned down", the intention to fight the city were strongly left wrist, Dodgers and other teams once again Sabre-rattling, which went the Yankees the most active market rumors the Yankees currently working with the Twins trade Santana to discuss the possibility, which the Yankees do not want to respond to high-level low-key.

Reinforcing the Yankees pitching staff is top priority, while Twin Cities last week, has lost seven Gold Gloves with hegemony Hunter (Torii Hunter), if not keep Santana, is bound to get into the combat force restructuring, the Yankees long ago that it will not take high-level " Taiwan Light "Wang as a bargaining chip, may now be included in the transaction list of players point to Cabrera (Miguel Cabrera), the young pitcher Hughes (Phil Hughes), Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain), Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) have also been name.

"Whether the other side (Twins) to that which the players, or we can provide the transaction object, not the message to the outside the current time, only a preliminary discussion stage." Yankees senior vice president of said.

Santana, now 29 years old, in addition to 150 km above the speed ball strength, also has beautiful hand speed ball, nearly four years, at least one quarter out 235 batters K, 2004,2006 awarded in the American League Cy Young Award twice, won 13 lost 15 wins this season, 3.33 ERA the next season was 13.25 million U.S. dollars annual salary.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Belated recognition of particularly treasure

Belated recognition of particularly treasure, rattlesnakes Melvin (Bob Melvin), Indians Wadge (Eric Wedge) proved a good coach does not necessarily have to be a good player.

Player of the times, have spent time catcher, a career batting average of 33 hours are 2 percent, Melvin, Wadge not play well when the point, but after the coaching shine, major league best 15th head coach of the two Union Award winner, leading the Diamondbacks won the National League by the Melvin scored 90 wins, led the Indians into the medal Midland is the Wadge lun yuan League Championship Series, both were selected to the best head coach in team history award the first.

Wadge, 39, for the major league's youngest head coach in 2003, took to arms after the Indians, after four years of restructuring, hard work finally bear fruit this year, led the Indians once again re- back to the playoffs, the team's capabilities will integrate Wadge players due to squatting during the fishing experience, "catcher must always observe the pitch changes, but also the constant encouragement of his teammates, gave me great help." he said.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lee asked to take over the Dodgers last year

Say goodbye to New York until 12 years after the rumored Torre (Joe Torre) will fly to the West Bank, Los Angeles, a fresh start in the Dodgers!

30, according to the Los Angeles Times quoted senior sources said Major League, playing only 82 Dodge this season lost record of 80 wins, could not squeeze into the playoffs, not very satisfied with high-level, the current head coach Li care (Grady Little) his post at stake, The club owner Mai Kante preferred successor candidate, none other than the 1000 winning coach Joe Torre.

Lee asked to take over the Dodgers last year, to arms, the first year and led the Dodgers played 88 won 74 lost to the National League wild card playoff status, the fourth quarter fell to partition, Li Tuotan commitment, team veteran and young communication between the players do have problems with internal record loss and deterioration, although Li care contract with the Dodgers until the end of the next quarter until maturity, but the senior has been the intention of substitutions.

It is reported that as early as Girardi (Joe Girardi) and the Yankees top the interview, had already hinted at some other teams hope he can pick up coach, and Girardi is the Dodge teams within the meaning of, and now Kyrgyzstan Lady Yankees officially took to arms, the former Yankees bench coach Mattingly (Don Mattingly), after soaring expectations dashed, and let it refused to accept any arrangement baseball coach position, once the Dodgers announced that Torre as the new head coach, the Mattingly pole may seek refuge gun, joined the Dodgers coaches.

If Torre really fought Dodgers coach, the former first-hand drawing Wang's mentor, will become the Clansmen and Villager Kuo and Tsao's head coach, this way, the new season of Joe Torre will remain focus of media attention in Taiwan .

Monday, August 2, 2010

Indiana Mattingly came from a player that is humble nice personality

Screening of the new head coach of the Yankees begin their second day of interviews, the body flow with the blood of Mattingly Yankees (Don Mattingly), 24 day and high-level talks, the first time publicly expressed the Yankees to arms "coveted" a long time, but the old horse whether the "dream come true", still may, depending on the boss(George Steinbrenner) final decisions.

Indiana Mattingly came from a player that is humble nice personality, speak never beat around the bush, he admits: "In the past 4 years of experience in the Yankees coaching staff is to one day take over the team prepared to arms." Old Ma took over the Yankees from 2004 to 2006, hitting coach job, transfer bench coach this season, his assistant, former coach Joe Torre (Joe Torre) military governor.

Mattingly, 46, 1982 rose to the big leagues until the end of the season after the retirement in 1995, 14-year major league career spent in the Yankees, his career batting average of 07 3 percent, six times All-Star , 1985, Mattingly was only 24 years old, a 3 percent pay 24 batting average, 35 home runs, 145 RBI's report card, selected American League MVP.

Consideration in the pellet existing list, Mattingly has a "pure" Yankee descent the most dominant, 26 will turn to first base coach Pena (Tony Pena) went to Tampa and high-level interviews, the team is expected to take over business affairs Hank (Hank Steinbrenner), said: "The team will interview candidates for 4 to 5, first screened 3, the final decision will be the newly appointed head coach."