Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Introduction of Painting of The Evening

20 said: the evening [the illusion disappeared]
Period :1842-1843
Creator: France
Specification: 156.5cm × 238cm
Materials: fabric paint
Keep possession at the: possession of the Louvre in Paris
This is a follow the rules of classical painting, creative works, the characters more to learn from the ancient Greek sculptures, with a quiet and solemn temperament. Rational apathy soaked on the screen: people want to ship away, they sang a melancholy song, in the evening, where to go is unknown. This is a rich implication of the proposition, always silent shore sat a philosopher, he knows best - all this is about to fade away the feeling.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Natural Beauty of the Artist's Strong Feelings

 It is even more evident sloping branches graceful dance the United States, to the infinite poetic tales of a whole picture. Women's red dress and the scarf is the panorama of the strongest voice. Savor this painting, the viewer can almost hear the rustling of leaves and twigs. This is by no means natural taste, but worth a fantasy dream. Artist picture entirely warm dye shop, the colors seem softly-spoken, no passion, only harmony. If there is no natural beauty of the artist's strong feelings, it is difficult to give people the impression of so many memorable impression. This is an ideal landscape, but also a true lyrical art. Love of nature is the primary condition for painting landscapes. Corot is very loving nature, he said: "Art is love," "When you draw a landscape, first find the form, and then find the color, the color link between the good, which is called color, which That is the reality, but this should be subordinated to all your feelings. " This brief few words, perhaps the whole secret of Corot's landscape lies. Corot's life has not experienced the desire for working towards set pieces or hard feelings. He later sold a half without work. Once the rain, he was fine after the peace of mind to wait to go paint. He likes bright sunny day. In his view, the painting's creation in the studio for just as ready made material. This shows that Corot's landscapes of the charm, not because of his face paint, but he extracted from life he found beauty.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moreau's Life of Painting and its Symbolism

Mystery for the symbolism painting is indispensable, often, the picture is just a metaphor, and theme will have to look outside to the screen. In addition, another point of view from the screen, Moreau's paintings do not pursue the integrity of the surface, only the pursuit of a sense of the overall picture, so he called the history of Western modern art to connect the link between tradition and modernity, is bridges, in particular, he described the image of women with a very strong suggestive and symbolic with the times, so as the Symbolist painter, for the development of modern Western art has played an active role in promoting.

Moreau(Gustave Moreau, 1826 ---- 1898), was born in Paris, France, the father is an architect and his mother was a musician. University system to accept classical education in 1846, after 20-year-old Morrow After obtaining parental consent Paris Academy of Fine Arts, the classical and romantic paintings depth and detailed analysis and research and later met Degas and other Impressionists, and gradually developed his own unique style. later years taught the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, emphasized that students should pay attention to the traditional, emphasis on basic skills, while focusing on the students' artistic creative ability, their teaching methods by the Academy's attention, and cultivate a large number of potential, talented artists. Moro was later described as traditional and modern art in connection process one of the most important artists.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wild "Action Painting" - Jackson Pollock and • "Autumn Rhythm"

Each member of the audience before in this piece are not difficult to find passionate painter Pollock running around the canvas, the shuttle, the hands hold sticks, knives and brushes of different tools, or drops, or shower, or rejection, or down, or boorish insolent, or care, without reservation into their passion to the canvas. Even his uninhibited uninhibited behavior - the creative process itself is an important part of the work - European and American art, said this practice is behavior painting. In this work, Pollock uses only four pigments, namely black, white, blue and brown, on the canvas, the painter not to any concrete thing, entirely through his walk in the flow of paint, to achieve an integration kind of harmony and harmonious at the same time, also appeared on the screen like a natural sense of melody. The audience is concerned, there is no image of the face of an entirely new color composition of paintings, when you first see this piece, you will feel? Even want to know the performance is on the screen something, to convey what is intended and so on. However, from the perspective of the history of modern Western art, said this piece is 20 since the 1950s one of the most important works, because it represents a new beginning a new era.
Pollock painting in a painting by the way the subconscious influence, when the arbitrary creation, at one go, of course, which also runs through the artist's conscious control, but he will sense that there is a very minor position on the . When writing, he always will be a huge canvas on the wall or the floor of his huge canvas of the stage show, as he himself said: "My work is not from the easel in the painting Before, I would almost never taut canvas, I prefer to not tighten the canvas nailed to the wall hard and on the ground, I need the kind of hard surface resistance force, drawing on the floor, I feel more relaxed I think and draw closer, more like a painting part because that way I can move around the painting, starting with four sides of the screen to start, then gradually close to the 'heart, is entirely in the painting. "final word expressed the essence of Pollock's action painting, in a sense, also expressed the spirit of abstract expressionist painting and nature. Abstract expressionist paintings produced in the 1950s the United States, expressed as an abstract way to express their feelings, which is characterized sway in bold colors on the canvas in the creation of even more arbitrary, so called "Action Painting" . So we can see that Pollock's painting is a strange way, the art of creative artists how to deal with attitude, Pollock is an extreme, in 1951 he was a radio broadcast interview bluntly said: "I am interested in , today's artists no longer need to draw objective things around them, modern artists paint in different ways, from their heart and spirit of artistic creation.
In 1942, Pollock's painting is an important turning point, a work he was elected to Gallery held a very important exhibition, and exhibitors are contemporary European and American masters such as Picasso, wave Ladd, Braque, etc., especially the United States to participate in this exhibition of young female artists Chrysler carat, brilliant, is that she Pollock painting into a broader art world into. After Pollock's art has been more widely appreciated, the famous American art critic Clement grid • Lin Boge in the "National Magazine" published an article, to Pollock as "I have seen in the U.S. the most powerful artistic works. "Since then, Pollock became famous, painting has become more radicalized. Finally, he created a unique style of "action painting" style, his representative as well as "a woman cutting round the moon", "one of the • works No. 30," "green pillars," "Lavender Fog: No. " and so on.