Sunday, July 31, 2011

Western Oil Painting to Create a Beautiful Mood

United States, is the art of the most fundamental driving force. And the East with direct line and color performance of the United States, praised the United States of painting is different from the performance of the United States pay more attention to Western painting and spatial effects of a mood, a more diversified form of expression. Because oil paint thick heap of features and strong plasticity is unmatched by other kinds of painting, it's this feature that painting has the feeling that people have thoughts and feelings out of resonance with the rhythm and intensity.
Oil paintings porcelain making money online miscellaneous jade artists arts network of experts, according to Bo Wang Po introduction, the role of Western oil painting under the brush, shaping not only the shape of the task to complete, but also the effect of texture images have a direct impact. This texture is often beyond the limitations of texture while the spirit of the air throughout the screen and the viewer's heart, become detached from the concrete of the color layer in the United States, showing the effect of abstraction.
"Before the performance," this piece of Russian oil to create the kind of aesthetic mood is very commendable. Dominated the entire screen with a yellow tone, but the level of feeling full, especially in chiaroscuro, dark paint thinner in the middle tones and highlights are coated with thick layers, or cover or stay, to form blocks of color contrast, reflect the sense of space. Because of varying thickness, showing the rich colors and texture rhyme intended. To shape the characters in the background contrast, the very vivid colors and moving, full of femininity.
Oil painting artists, ceramic hybrid Jade making money online mall another Baby Jane Bo painting, Tully Liwo Abramovich's "mother love" to create a far-reaching implication is more delicate. Clear water, green trees, blue sky, relaxed horse form a beautiful landscape plan, and a vivid portrait of two horses drinking scene mother affectionate concern with the eyes of the drinking water of children, maternal theme pretty clear. The performance of traditional Chinese paintings are strong and vigorous gesture when the horse run, and this picture is showing the horse in the static serenity and demonstrated the kind of deep maternal love, theme novel, the mood of aesthetic structure, high artistic value. Tully Liwo Abramovich is Russia famous oil painter, Repin Academy of Fine Arts professor, artistic skills are very high.