Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cubs 3, Diamondbacks guest Lien Chan's debut

Cubs 3, Diamondbacks guest Lien Chan's debut, the landlord Cubs starting pitcher Leary (Ted Lilly) 7 Board cast 10K, only to be a rattlesnake in the center fielder Young (Chris Young) hit a solo shot hair, lost 1 point against help themselves MLB jersey when playing a hits, 1 RBI. Bear in Leary, led, and closing to 3 to 1 win, win No. 1 series win.

Arizona's starting pitcher today is Harlan (Dan Haren), before the game record 4 wins and 1 defeat against Cubs were offered for Leary, the previous two wins 4 defeat.

Diamondbacks 1, there are scores on the revenue, by the Young hit a solo shot.

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