Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers after the game today

Los Angeles Dodgers after the game today, set off to Beijing to San Diego Padres over the weekend and in the Olympic baseball venue "Wukesong Baseball Field" in two exhibition games, this is the first time major league team games in China, our players Kuo and the Clansmen and Villager Expeditionary Force in the list.

Guo's left elbow has been little much better in today's game no mistake Board Rescue 1, he said, he had never been to Beijing, this will be very interesting!

The Dodge's most troubled players, I am afraid that Garciaparra (Nomar Garciaparra), he had also to go to Beijing, but unfortunately the race last week in the right wrist K pitcher, to start the eve of the swelling still has not, so the total manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) only afford to spare, to keep him in Florida, he was very upset.

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