Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This year's Tucker Xue La (Mark Teixeira) in addition to deeply stuck against a low ebb

This year's Tucker Xue La (Mark Teixeira) in addition to deeply stuck against a low ebb, has also taking advantage of Sino Swearingen Aircraft teammate Xu (Nick Swisher) to return to play line, to temporary leave due to thumb injury and the first front foot, so that he can not help but sigh is really troubled times, indeed encounter the greatest professional baseball career low. However, your strong fight for the New York Yankees, Tucker has a better than ordinary natural Xue pull the willpower, "I have good support as soon as possible injury, back on the court contributed to the team."

Tucker early in the season as usual Xue pull into a slow phenomenon, but unexpectedly this year, going on for nearly 3 months began to improve, despite the current rate of only 2 percent against rookie in the first quarter tied the score 59, but Star break, frantically 17 home runs in the performance of least significant thawing. But seeing the regular season into the end, Tucker has been Xue pull of the thumb and toe injuries in the September 13 games out of a recent race, only to hit a hit rate of 52 percent (attacks index for the .463), making Coach Girardi (Joe Girardi) yesterday decided to start Teixeira temporary leave of absence to play line.

The arrangements for the pellet, Tucker Xue pull is not much advice and support too, "In the past 2 to 3 weeks of the race, I almost always play pain can be said that the most difficult of his career since the injury, I would like pellets decision will be very helpful, I just want to 100% health back on the court, playing for the team the most powerful contribution. "and perhaps because of general manager Cashman (Brian Cashman) the previous paragraph, let Ji Secretary General assured the healing time for iron.

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