Thursday, November 11, 2010

James predicted two male support defense

James predicted two male support defense

James Kuo predicted average score of his career next year toward a higher risk of correction, positioning is still the main setup man, and occasionally part-time closed, and the content to maintain his high strikeout rate, the characteristics show excellent suppression of force. Mattingly determined to succeed Joe Torre as the Dodgers head coach next year, you made it clear that the coming year, or the Pueblo Princeton Terminator, James also believes that the new season to get back fat distribution had skill, but Kuo pitching almost exactly the same content The two are expected to again play a bullpen double insurance. Kuo vote as long as at least a healthy full season next year, not without the opportunity to cast a better result than James, salaries doubled, or altered tickets are likely to do about.

Kuo was awarded honorary citizenship Nanshi

In addition, Kuo was born in Tainan, Tainan City yesterday became the first honorary citizen of 31, issued by the Mayor Hsu Tien-tsai honorary members of the public key certificate and the city.

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