Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sabathia explosive opener on the first game

New York Yankees left-hander CC Sabathia in the AL Championship Board 1 of 1 war, under the big bang, rest for too long is the likely cause. This time he will rest in the normal 4 days after the first hair, hoping to retrieve the ball, control the Yankees winning.

Sabathia explosive opener on the first game, a single Board voted 3 times out of four bad, also depressed the playoffs 3 Josh Hamilton belted gun. Although he said he hate excuses, but still possible reasons put forward his view, that the benefits of 8 days of rest did not.

Sabathia said: "Obviously, I do not know what they are doing. I did not rest so long to play, I do not know how to amendment. To fix things too much, because, in general, if I have a Bureau of poor investment I can find the problem and correction in the game. but then I really have not got a clue. "

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