Monday, October 11, 2010

In the past, the Yankees other than the card position

In the past, the Yankees other than the card position, never survive the first round of the playoffs, while the 10 American League Championship promotion battle defeat the Twins, starting rotation and contributed to wire back to God, so "the glory of Taiwan," Wang performance in 2007 and then was used as control, "New York Times" is a gross understatement, although still tells his trump card does not match the performance, coupled with wire flame, when the Yankees could not advance beyond the card as the reason.

2007 Wang won 19 games again, the momentum to reach the peak time of the first round of the playoffs hit Sabah West (CC Sabathia), led by the Indians, the original is considered to be a evenly balanced in the series, But the real battle Shique not the case, Wang two games, throwing just 12 points lost 5.2 Authority to ERA, and even swallow 2 failed, the defense as high as 19.06, is in addition to the diamond wire broke down, the Yankees were eliminated another major cause .

In 2010, Yankees 4 degrees (the previous three years for the 95,97,07) other than a card into the playoffs, not with the Twins before the battle, the team the last 11 games in the regular season has only won 3 games so that all New Yorkers are worried about starting near collapse of combat power, to the Minnesota Twins fear slash guest. Instead, no one thought that "empire" not only did not collapse, but staged "October Rising" drama.

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