Monday, August 29, 2011

Natural Beauty of the Artist's Strong Feelings

 It is even more evident sloping branches graceful dance the United States, to the infinite poetic tales of a whole picture. Women's red dress and the scarf is the panorama of the strongest voice. Savor this painting, the viewer can almost hear the rustling of leaves and twigs. This is by no means natural taste, but worth a fantasy dream. Artist picture entirely warm dye shop, the colors seem softly-spoken, no passion, only harmony. If there is no natural beauty of the artist's strong feelings, it is difficult to give people the impression of so many memorable impression. This is an ideal landscape, but also a true lyrical art. Love of nature is the primary condition for painting landscapes. Corot is very loving nature, he said: "Art is love," "When you draw a landscape, first find the form, and then find the color, the color link between the good, which is called color, which That is the reality, but this should be subordinated to all your feelings. " This brief few words, perhaps the whole secret of Corot's landscape lies. Corot's life has not experienced the desire for working towards set pieces or hard feelings. He later sold a half without work. Once the rain, he was fine after the peace of mind to wait to go paint. He likes bright sunny day. In his view, the painting's creation in the studio for just as ready made material. This shows that Corot's landscapes of the charm, not because of his face paint, but he extracted from life he found beauty.

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