Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moreau's Life of Painting and its Symbolism

Mystery for the symbolism painting is indispensable, often, the picture is just a metaphor, and theme will have to look outside to the screen. In addition, another point of view from the screen, Moreau's paintings do not pursue the integrity of the surface, only the pursuit of a sense of the overall picture, so he called the history of Western modern art to connect the link between tradition and modernity, is bridges, in particular, he described the image of women with a very strong suggestive and symbolic with the times, so as the Symbolist painter, for the development of modern Western art has played an active role in promoting.

Moreau(Gustave Moreau, 1826 ---- 1898), was born in Paris, France, the father is an architect and his mother was a musician. University system to accept classical education in 1846, after 20-year-old Morrow After obtaining parental consent Paris Academy of Fine Arts, the classical and romantic paintings depth and detailed analysis and research and later met Degas and other Impressionists, and gradually developed his own unique style. later years taught the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, emphasized that students should pay attention to the traditional, emphasis on basic skills, while focusing on the students' artistic creative ability, their teaching methods by the Academy's attention, and cultivate a large number of potential, talented artists. Moro was later described as traditional and modern art in connection process one of the most important artists.

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