Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mentioned astronauts farms have to mention our Luojia Ren

For this year's poor record in terms of astronauts, in addition to another tragic swallow Oswald Linse Kang's third straight on the outside, it may only good astronauts happy is that they number one minor league potential Young catcher Kaisi Zhuo (Jason Castro), Major League debut in the game board. I only played the first one from Linse Kang hands and win the individual first career major league hits, and then back to the personal career of the first sub (which is also the only one astronaut whole field points). But on defense, two stolen bases are grasping success! The Astros first-round draft pick in 2008, the 10th overall selection to a young teenager, the next several years should be the starting catcher astronauts.

Mentioned astronauts farms have to mention our Luojia Ren. Luo Jiaren excellent record in the minor leagues last year, had this year may rise in the major leagues. But recently his right elbow ulnar link laceration, although without an operation, subject to 4 weeks to 6 weeks for rest and rehabilitation. He should be able to return to the mound later this quarter. With him this year, though still good, but send too many conditions. So if he is organic at the major league, he should have to wait until September when the chance of expansion. I only hope that the injury keep him well good!

In addition, Luo Jiaren last year because of outstanding performance, was selected to participate in the "rising stars" (Futures Game) game. Taiwan teenager was absent this year! Attached to the Cleveland Indians catcher Chen Junxiu our young, low-1A season this year, the pay out of .318 in batting average, six homers, .917 OPS for excellent results, selected this year "World Team." Indians have had just a young major league catcher santan that (Carlos Santana) in the array will be blocked Chen Junxiu in Indian development. But as long as Chen Junxiu can continue to have good performance, superb offensive and defensive catcher in the major league of great value! So even if the Indians have no chance, other teams will be interested in him! So Chen Junxiu the good work, continue to fuel it!

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