Thursday, July 22, 2010

The campaign blocked the Yankees batter

But first send Gutiyarui Hughes also hit a base hit by Blake lost another two points, one sub-head pretty Aberdeen under construction, the Indian Council House to take a fifth single, leading the expansion gap.

The campaign blocked the Yankees batter, hit only the first four Board two hits, respectively, by the Damon and Cannone's two spring were scores of bomb attacks, one out of five on the second, third base was also just grabbed a points, five Bureau of the Yankees left 15 on base, was the main reason the Indians opened.

Overall performance against the Indians well, knocked 14 hits in addition to, but also belted four home runs, in total luxury the Yankees beat line par; while starting pitcher Shabaxiya Although the performance is not satisfactory, 5 Council on the ball with the 114 exit, but the overall number can create out of key, so he still get the win.

The Democratic vote in four and two-thirds of Wang Office, with a 94 ball, which strikes 58, was pounded nine hits and eight, take The campaign lost battle.

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