Friday, July 9, 2010

Diamondbacks starting pitcher Willis still can not find the strike zone

Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees hit with the Arizona Diamondbacks playoff 10 Council, Sen Yang Ji Gelan to hit the home run to win over six to five, while the Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Buddha test rejoin, Clansmen and Villager also was again reduced to the minor leagues, the Dodgers lost to the Los Angeles depicts an angel than two. Houston Astros defeated Zeyi six to three San Francisco Giants. St. Louis Cardinals Toronto Blue Jays depicts zero shutout.

Diamondbacks starting pitcher Willis still can not find the strike zone, 2.1 Bureau sent seven walks exit, but only beaten a team hits two points lost, the Yankees pitcher Vazquez has lost a quarter of five , two to their questions, nine innings on a sacrifice fly foreign 基罗德里奎're finally tying the ratio of the number of 10 Board Glenn homered to Sen has advanced, 10 Bureau under the rattlesnake captured bases loaded no one out, no to solve three consecutive batters think Rivera save.

Dodgers shortstop Buddhist funerals back home after the test rejoin, Clansmen and Villager only on the two in the Dodgers had no chance even against dropping back to the minor leagues. Eli Qiju six strikeout pitcher was hit only three hits and lost two points, but only three Board Dodge's base hit by Kemp scored the only points to one to two defeat.

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