Friday, April 23, 2010

Jean clashed with fans

In Tuesday night's match play against Texas Rangers, the fourth game, Kansas City Royals right fielder Jose Jean and a fan of conflict.

The fans sitting behind first base. The second game, hit a left field hit in Jean security when a base, there is the fourth game to kill Jean was taken out, this fans of the Jean rude remarks. "I know who I am, I know I took the number of annual salary. I know I hit rate was only 0.250, while the fans I ask for much more than this," Jean said, "but sometimes they do not know that I stand , and there are all kinds of difficulties. as I play left field hit, I ran to first base, he began to shout at me, replica mlb jerseys say nasty things, such as 'Why do not you run second base'? I hit the ball hard, and opponents well then, I have no chance to continue entered built. "

Jean mediation of their teammates, the incident quickly resolved.

"He said some private words related to my family, I do not mean. With how he said. But if someone says bad things about people around you that I put the limit up." Jean said.

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