Friday, April 16, 2010

White Sox if they can recruit Abreu

White Sox if they can recruit Abreu, the object of transactions and Abreu most likely place for the overlapping Jermaine Dye. Has attained the age of 35, Dey, this season after the contract expires, will return to free itself, was named to hear your transaction, easy Dye said: "This is normal, because I am about to contract period, if the team went out to my transactions would not be surprised. "

According to the United States, "Daily Herald" website reported that the White Sox will be 11.5 million in salary out of Dey transaction, you can use the 8 million U.S. dollars a year contract to enlist Abreu, in addition to 3.5 million in salary room used for starting pitcher, or get back to the Yankees last season in the trade of catcher I-Rod.

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