Thursday, April 29, 2010

Major League season games one after another

Major League season games one after another, especially in September draws near, the player is exhausted. Metropolitan recent holidays in August 4, the next one in September 4. Saturday night's game, four city sent relief pitcher, in addition to the two warm-up. Johan. Santana is carrying this data onto the mound Sunday afternoon's. Vote of the nine innings he directed at a very nice pirate - large slider and fastball. Not only bidder beautiful, his innings pitched better. He let bullpen good rest for a day. "In the bullpen waiting for Zhengou boring." Aaron Hillman said.

Metropolitan Pirates win 4-0, the most recent winning streak extended to six games, 68 wins and 56 losses winning percentage appreciation of the achievements to 0.548. Brian Schneider hit the second homer this week, Carlos Cui Bell-Star Game has been played since the second branch.

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