Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BlackBerry 8707 in appearance generally consistent with the 8700

BlackBerry 8707 uses a 260,000-color 2.4-inch QVGA (240 × 320) resolution landscape screen display impressive. The screen is a piece of inherited advantages of BlackBerry, either in the sun or in the dark, showing the effects are more clear. And to support the backlight time and the turn right at the top of the fuselage and other commonly used indicator is the option to open cases. The left side of the fuselage from top to bottom in turn equipped with a standard 2.5mm headphone port, miniUSB data interface and voice voice-activated shortcuts.

BlackBerry 8707 uses Intel XScale processor processor, CPU clocked at 312MHz, with 64MB flash memory, 16MB SDRAM, compared to previous products, mobile phone data processing capacity and overall performance are enhanced browsing the web, view documents and attachments faster. 8707v supports GSM / GPRS / EDGE network environment, it is a pure and simple 3G phone. Also has the IE browser and WAP browser, another addition to their normal functions, such as built-in media player, e-mail client, etc. are also readily available. But also for business users is critical to the office suite of software also has a very good support. Supports Bluetooth 2.0 but does not support the expansion card expansion sorry.

Edit Comment: 3G BlackBerry 8707 is undoubtedly the biggest selling point, another phone data processing capacity and overall performance have been improved, very well, like friends not to miss cases. The current situation with the new 8707 package one, a senior foil, and BlackBerry models a unique dormant cases, buying the time of purchase I remember a friend mentioned that Pacific Internet Zhejiang station to get more concessions blackberry cases.

BlackBerry as a pure business phone models in the development of the early advocates a simple, quick ideas. It is the existence of its personalized stick to the road in the North American market to achieve an intelligent machine was ranked first. Take mobile entertainment you want to come to the same without considering this friend of 8707V, the current Blu-ray communication Hangzhou celebrate National Day, will launch a special promotion, you can get the National Day RMB 888 suite cases, apart from the new 8707, there were high-level foil and the special high-level sleep blackberry cases holster.

BlackBerry 8707 in appearance generally consistent with the 8700, but this time, we can see is a white version, and there is a red nose Vodafone LOGO. As a business function-based models to fight, there will be no 8707 for this camera is equipped with the support of the back of a large body of large-diameter silver cases it is very handsome allowed an independent speaker. Compared with the previous model, the BlackBerry 8707 not much changes, only buttons on the re-arrangement of the design, cell phone to the right of control wheel spin while BlackBerry has inherited the strongest selling point, so that single-handed control of more comfort. Body size of 110 × 69.5 × 19.5 mm and weighs 140 grams.

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