Monday, October 12, 2009

I will certainly patronize around the flea market

In the evening of March 4 opening of the exhibition site, with a variety of concept version of the same eye-catching sports shoes, as well as the first generation to a generation of Jordan 20 shoes. They are all Beijingers GUO collections.

Since 1985, the birth of the first pairs of Jordan shoes, now, 20 years jordan shoes, Jordan shoes, every major innovation is accompanied by shoemaking technology breakthrough. It is this point, let GUO think they, or than the concept of limited-edition version of the sport shoes and more collection value and meaning.

"In 1997, the 12th generation of Michael Jordan shoes in China. It was the first time Jordan shoes in China, but also the first time I saw Michael Jordan shoes, may be Aiwujiwu, and I looked like it. This marked the beginning of my 8 years Jordan shoe collection career. opened his own shoe store, I gradually increased recently to the study of shoes. "Since then, GUO constantly looking for that version of the worldwide volume of rare or unique significance Jordan shoes. In his collection of a pair of 10th-generation jordan shoes shoes body, actually has the Chicago Bulls in 1994, when the signature of all service members.

That was in 1993 ~ 1994 Annual American professional basketball league finals, after the first time Jordan will soon retire. To commemorate the decommissioning, when the Bulls players of all in-service joint in the pairs of Michael Jordan shoes signed and donated to the Jordan as a gift.

In 2001, this pair of shoes in a Japanese auction. "We learned this news later, I was excited about the whole bad sleep at night. A few days later, My friends helped me in Japan, the success of this pair of shoes photographed. Since then, this pair of shoes on as my favorite in the collection, a placed in my shoe store is only the most high-profile position. "

In addition to the Bulls players have a large number of signatures, this pair of shoes, the technological content of their integration is the main reason jordan shoes wholesale it is worthy of the collection: The whole sole is equipped with NIKEAIR damping system, shoelaces is designed with a quick tie-down. It is also characterized by the largest digital and text, in the sole surface recorded in professional career, Michael Jordan made the greatest achievement. March 19, 1995, which was originally to commemorate the pairs of Jordan's brilliant career, born shoes, had also been welcomed Jordan's comeback, and with him began a new glory.

Although unwilling to disclose the sale price of these shoes, GUO talking about all these years collections experience is still looked very excited: "From 1997 onwards, each listing a new Jordan shoes, I would Collection. But a collection of the first generation to 12th generation of Jordan shoes, is not easy. To them, I am often asked me to relatives in the United States to participate in various auctions, auction information collected. every time to go abroad, I will certainly patronize around the flea market or an old shoe store , hoping to find out the 12 pairs of shoes worthy of collection of cheap jordans . So far, I have the first generation to a generation of Jordan 20 shoes, all the capsule into the arms. "

Many players left the Bulls do not have the signature or mark the value of Jordan shoes, but also GUO an important part of the collection. "In order to Favorites them to spend money is inevitable, only the first 17 on behalf of the Jordan pair of shoes cost me more than 10,000 yuan. More expensive Jordan shoes, in my collections abound."

"Jordan shoes on my appeal, Jordan has exceeded my attraction for me."

Yu Guo, who has been in Beijing, has a collection of private sports shoes shoes store super fan of this claim.

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