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This can effectively avoid the sudden cessation caused by endocrine disorders

Smoking harmful to health, however, for smokers who really want to quit smoking, but it is very difficult task, and some even jokingly: you can not eat rice, Cox can not sleep, but by no means may from time to smoke cigarettes.

Why are cigarettes so much magic with it? Are they really that difficult to quit smoking, there is no better way of smoking it?

In fact, researchers around the world on cigarettes and their harmful effects have been studied and invented a lot of tobacco substitutes, such as a mouthwash containing cigarette smoke with nicotine plaster, as well as smoking cessation sugar, etc..

Recently, the Beijing-based company has developed a micro-electronic smoking device, because of its shape resembles a pipe, suction of smoke when they can produce, so called "smoke atomizing electronic cigarette." According to the company's R & D personnel, it can maintain a smoking people in the state, unwittingly quit on I asked myself. The same kinds of products have been in Beijing, Shanghai and other places listed.

Nicotine addictive, but the tar in cigarettes is the real culprit, in the process of inducing cancer and tumor promotion have played a certain role. People have the impression that the nicotine in cigarettes (also known as nicotine) is the cause of various diseases of the root causes of a variety of the human body, but more scientific research has found that the primary role of nicotine is addictive, creating dependence really harmful to the body of cigarettes when burned, release carbon monoxide, tar and irritating fumes.

According to the company's R & D personnel, is a small molecule alkaloid nicotine, inhaled human body, 90% of lung absorbed into the blood after 6 seconds to reach the brain, and sympathetic impact, usually presents short-lived excitement, followed by that is inhibited. In addition to the increase in nicotine cigarette smoke, the main feature lies in the physiological stimulus it generates, this intensity can also be considered "satisfied" or "not satisfied", a high nicotine content of tobacco, flue gas momentum is also large and vice versa smaller.

However, carbon monoxide and tar is not the same. Carbon monoxide can cause cardiovascular disorders and lack of oxygen poisoning, but also may lead to organic disease, but a cigarette can produce carbon monoxide are 0.3 to 0.4mg. Cigarette tobacco tar is in the organic material under anoxic conditions in the incomplete combustion is determined by a variety of hydrocarbon and hydrocarbon oxides, sulfides, a complex composed of nitride compounds, for the harm the human body mainly composed of the concentrated here.

The most obvious feature of electronic cigarette is only equipped with a medically artificial synthesis of nicotine, retained the taste of cigarettes and refreshing effect, but does not contain tar and other harmful substances. The electronic chip which can control the amount of nicotine intake and avoid over-excitement.

It is understood that this electronic cigarette cigarette holder was like, the top is a light-emitting diodes can be in the middle there are a lithium battery, an electronic chip, an ultrafine aerosol spray pump room, near the cigarette holder is a place where container, used to hold liquid synthesis of nicotine.

When people began to smoke the electronic cigarette, the nicotine liquid fluid in electric current into the spray chamber, was that AMD aerosol pump spray imaging like cigarette smoke, into people's lungs, but it's smoke in fact with the smoke of the steam, not harmful to people.

The role of the piece of silicon is to control people is nicotine intake. Under normal circumstances, a cigarette smoke can be 14-16, the electronic cigarette smoking to do for the time control. When people of this electronic cigarette smoking has 16, the chip will be issued a directive to automatically cut off the supply of liquid nicotine. Half an hour later, it will re-instituted. This will avoid excessive intake of nicotine of people, over-excited.

This electronic cigarette in front of light-emitting diodes in the human breathing will automatically flash, as if lit, as there will be smoke, to maximize their time with the same regular smoking status and environment so that will not quit there is strangeness.

Electronic cigarette nicotine amount by the daily decline, ex-smokers will be able to unwittingly bring the body's nicotine to minimize the physiological demands until no.

Many ex-smokers have quit smoking syndrome, manifested by irritability, nausea and vomiting, and endocrine disorders.

Electronic cigarette designers take full account of this, they are under different degrees of ex-smokers the addiction, with a corresponding set of electronic cigarette with different concentrations of nicotine were divided into high, medium, low, no four kinds, from the electronic chip control, in a certain period of time day by day decreasing the amount of spray at the same time and through the turn used by the high nicotine content to smoke alkali content of the container, so that withdrawal from the high concentration of large, high-level start, and then a gradual transition to the middle of the , low, until no.

This can effectively avoid the sudden cessation caused by endocrine disorders and other symptoms, without affecting the psychological needs of ex-smokers to achieve the aim without suffering the slow smoking cessation.

Flue-cured tobacco cigarettes, divided into common type and mixed different tastes, the electronic cigarette prescriptions are based on various flavors of different nicotine content to a variety of flavors modulated not let ex-smokers feel uncomfortable. Others, such as mint-flavored, fruit flavored, and when people come over smoking at the same time, but also remove mouth odor.

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