Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tissot watch the latest touch-screen Teng-chi series

Tissot Teng-chi Aviator watch with glossy touch-screen anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass table mirror; careful designer In addition to drawing on the aircraft cockpit, the pilot also made reference to the traditional leather jacket, specially designed cool feeling full of brown belt models replica watches wholesale , both sides of the vehicle using the same color lines, creating a feeling of the fabric, and bomber jacket exist side by side.

Even more worth mentioning is that Tissot has been the world's CEO Francois Thiebaud is a pilot, he Flight Tissot Teng-chi's birth is even more excited. Wear watch, up close and flight dreams can become reality!

Zero-distance contact with dreams of flying

Flying enthusiasts see Teng-chi, who watches the flight will feel pleasantly surprised. Its design inspired by the many aircraft cockpit instrument panel. Oversized titanium bezel engraved with a complete azimuth compass scale, and the aircraft cockpit instruments within the compass, as Teng-chi series of compass bearings were flying scale are omitted, the last one of the "0", it seems more concise, From the complexity of the data to help pilots better screening information, Arabic numerals, and a combination of the words as if the scale of the pilots in the air received digital signal, and these figures fonts and instrument panel design similar to those adopted; 2:00 clock and 8 o'clock of the scale using red, green, hollow arrows instead of bold, but also, and aircraft instrument panel design consistent with that. Two sharp sword-type pointer across the black carbon fiber dial, as if the radar swept the dark sky. Overall design of the masculine flavor, we can imagine, the pilot in the air, touch the surface of the moment is how charming!

Sophisticated touch screen technology

Sophisticated touch-screen technology is no doubt Teng-chi, who watches the flight can not be without mentioning the highlights, not only suitable for rapid interpretation of time-sensitive flight information, but also for us to demonstrate a new vision, allowing you to experience the spirit of flight. In addition to watch their timing features, Teng-chi series also offers 11 kinds of unique features, only after pressing the crown, sapphire crystal glass sheet touching the central mirror can be activated. Outdoor adventurers can directly use the altimeter (ft / m), relative height measurement instrument, chronograph (sub-total timing and the same time, sub-time), compass, two alarm, thermometer (Celsius / Fahrenheit), weather forecasting, the date and time display (12-hour / 24 hour clock), calendar, countdown timer and background lighting. Anytime, anywhere, Teng-chi series of wear between the touch in the fingertips, you can light up a high-tech wrist.

Tissot watch the latest touch-screen Teng-chi series has been popular for its high-tech touch-screen features the industry and consumers, and become a favorite outdoor adventure enthusiasts. This year, Teng-chi series of powerful touch-screen capabilities, based on the Tissot designers cleverly integrated air element, will fly into Teng-chi series of ideas to develop Teng-chi, who watches the flight to another in the design has reached a a new height, it will undoubtedly become a flight enthusiasts favorite. Press the crown, sapphire crystal glass table mirror touch, you can start the 11 kinds of unique touch-screen functions, including altimeter, weather forecasts and so on countdown. The replica watches wholesale is not only a pilot, "God into the land" the perfect partner, also allow you to dream up close and flying!

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