Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hong Kong SAR Government Department of Health

The spokesman said the preliminary findings of electronic cigarette sample tests revealed that the product contains nicotine. He said that the electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, and as tobacco cessation products, according to Hong Kong "the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance," the product has been classified as pharmaceutical products and to be registered. The Department of Health has instructed the parties concerned to take down the electronic cigarette advertising and publicity materials.

The spokesman said that the possession and sale of unregistered pharmaceutical products, and unauthorized possession of Part I poisons are liable to a fine of 100,000 Hong Kong dollars and imprisonment for 2 years. He said the public should immediately stop using the electronic cigarettes, and the product destroyed or handed over to the Office of Pharmaceutical Service, Department of Health.

It is understood that the electronic cigarette shape similar to traditional electronic cigarette , generally made of stainless steel containing nicotine extracted from tobacco leaf oil.

Kenyan medical personnel on the market today to advertise tobacco products of electronic warning that the electronic cigarette is still unable to prove that it is safe to human health.

According to Kenya's "People's Newspaper" 8 Dr. Edward Lu Suoge quoted as saying, electronic cigarette, compared with ordinary cigarettes damage the human body may be doubled. He said that electronic cigarettes with a metal shell tube, which filled with liquid nicotine, installed in the tube can be repeatedly filling tube, the smokers in his mouth metal shell tube puff. Such cigarettes with metal accessories, compared with ordinary cigarettes, to increase the possibility of cancer.

Hong Kong SAR Government Department of Health, on the 4th urged smokers not to use "electronic cigarette" because the product's safety, efficacy and quality have to be established.

4 Department of Health spokesman said it has too full of electronic cigarette on the Internet and individual stores. The staff on the 4th inspection of a shop in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, the seizure of nine types of electronic cigarettes.

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