Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Best Diet in Winter

Weight loss is the eternal topic of women. Healthy weight loss is more important, in 2009 the best ways to lose weight big PK, take a look, you have to use what kind?

First, the exercise to lose weight / easy to bomb

Rationale: For weight loss in terms of diet and exercise.

Note: the main points of exercise to lose weight first, over time, the two must be controlled with diet. At the same time taking some of sports nutrition supplement agent, a better effect.

Second, the Western diet

Features: fast onset of action, the effect is good, but the rebound high rate of side effects.

Rationale: the strict sense should be vested in Western weight loss prescription drugs, unfortunately, the current healthy weight-loss drugs were wearing flag, it has covertly to add a drug ingredient, so unknown on the inside of the consumers are only concerned about the weight loss effect is good, with more than safe to use multiple doses of medication are aware of, which eat their way to the phenomenon of a variety of issues to occur. However, it is useful to weight-loss drug's own side if they do not rebound and side effects to consider factors, alone, fast onset of action, by far, it should be top of the list.

Note: must be a doctor under the guidance of safe medication, contraindications people not to take.

Third, customized weight loss

Features: according to their different situations, tailored to develop weight-loss programs that seek to maximize the slimming effects

Reason: As obesity by age, sex, associated with chronic diseases, physical condition, lifestyle and diet, genetic factors, there is many differences in other aspects, so to lose weight need to vary from symptomatic administering treatment. Customized weight-loss plan should include: the use of targeted products, to correct poor eating habits, healthy weight loss psychology.

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