Monday, November 16, 2009

Lemon is more effective than Apple for lossing weight

    Swept the world in fruit weight at the same time, South Korea Dr. Jin Enji of an academic thesis shocked the medical profession, the news for today, Ms. Amy is undoubtedly a shaking news. The good news is that Dr. Jin Enji the use of fresh lemon extract lemon essence and lemon fat synthesis of inhibin-ching Lignans, through the high-power concentrated, rich in vitamin C, inositol pectin, citric acid and other 30 kinds of active ingredients and trace elements, directly involved in the synthesis of body fat and fat metabolism, the rapid disintegration of a long-term stay in the neck, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs and other parts of the fat, using the technology to produce thin lemon slimming soft capsule, a week can be thin 10 pounds so, the product came upon a very hot, and now the technology and products have been introduced into China Hongsheng Pharmaceutical Co., and has set off across the country to lose weight lemon thin craze.
    Thin lemon slimming capsules on the market is different from other slimming products, it is completely green plants weight loss products, non-chemical composition, safety green, no beverages, health (health food) diet, happy weight-loss, no diarrhea, anorexia, fatigue, skin wrinkling, dependence and other side effects, and effectively wipe out orange peel organizations, so that weight loss after the skin smooth and delicate and shiny, thin lemon diet full of green fruit (fruit, food) to lose weight, safe, rapid, efficient, and more prominent feature of no adverse consequences.
    Thin taking slimming soft capsule clear lemon onset, without dieting, eating incense, incense sleep, weight will not increase, body fat at a fever signs of fat accumulation in constant vibration, and may feel fat, softened thinning, body fat is disappearing. Work with the tape a few days, the amount of lean thigh 2 cm! Scales on a station, a good few catties weight loss (ranging from 6 to 10 pounds), is just unbelievable.
    Amazing! Calf with a finger ring, ring come easily even there I do! Obviously slim body a few days, you did not see anyone who exclaimed: "America has changed how gotten thinner?" With three boxes of about a weighed and thin for quite a few catties (the vast majority of people can be reduced to 12 pounds or more, and some reduced to 24 pounds or more), special feeling comfortable! waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs, knees all lost a great circle, stature curve is too beautiful, the skin is ruddy and shiny whitening. Lemon thin capsule has given way to lose weight you have an angel face and devil body of!
    Lemon thin especially for: a variety of weight loss rebound effect is not obvious or simple obesity; long-imprisoned, or who are obese tend to light work, the pursuit of quality of life of the white-collar women; was waist, abdomen, buttocks, neck and other local Obesity troubled women (female food); postpartum (post-natal food), menopause (menopause food) endocrine disorders caused by fat women.

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