Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Poor diet to lose weight foiled four major errors

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With the increasingly rich material life, modern increasing emphasis on health, aware of the importance of a balanced diet. However, the deputy secretary general of China Health Care Association, believes that eating habits are often people there are still a number of cognitive errors.

Myth # 1: eat or not eat rice or pasta to lose weight

Facts: the main component of rice and pasta carbohydrates, is the daily needs of mankind an important source of energy. Insufficient intake of carbohydrates will lead to nutritional imbalance in the body, losing weight is often less effective. The misconception that eat or do not eat rice or pasta and other grains can lose weight, which had significant health threat.

Myth # 2: high-fat, high-protein foods easily lead to obesity and a variety of cardiovascular diseases

Facts: Experts believe that adequate intake of high-fat, high-protein food on the human body is actually more good than harm. Lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease, the culprit is the body to convert fat into energy, the lack of nutrients such as vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and nicotinic acid.

Myth # 3: Caffeine can cause osteoporosis, as well as have adverse effects on the nervous system

Fact: Although caffeine increases calcium excretion, but not caused by the high-risk factors for osteoporosis, calcium intake is the main reason, it is recommended that adequate intake of calcium should pay attention to. For most people, caffeine does not affect their concentration and other high-level intellectual function and therefore very suitable for beverages containing caffeine consumption in the workplace. According to a report shows that each 240 milliliters boil tea, coffee, energy drinks, as well as the caffeine content of Coca-Cola, respectively :20-90 mg 65-120 mg ,70-85 mg, 23 mg. In other words, a can of Coke in the caffeine content of tea is roughly equivalent to equal 1 / 2, the same amount of coffee 1 / 3. For the average person in good health, safety within the scope of caffeine intake, drinking several cups of coffee a day or a few cans of cola containing caffeine will not produce a result of caffeine intake caused health problems.

Myth # 4: the effect of added water or white water well

Facts: studies show that children and adults to drink your favorite beverage intake will be more than 45% -50% of the water, which is why more often than people would choose fruit juice after exercise, or Coca-Cola to supplement the water. In fact, this has its theoretical basis.

China Health Care Association, Deputy Secretary-General believes that the key to a healthy diet is still the more and miscellaneous. People in the selection of food and soft drinks when you do not have to over-worry about health problems, one heard the high-protein, carbohydrate, or less caffeine be avoided. As long as pay attention to maintaining a balanced diet and proper sport, or he can come to enjoy favorite foods and soft drinks.

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