Friday, November 13, 2009

Leaf residue weight fabric

Recently, the leaves residue on the cloth relevant circumstances, I visited a professor of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine doctoral tutor Huang Zhaosheng. Professor Huang pointed out that the cloth has been the Lingnan region slag leaves of edible plants commonly used one in Guangzhou area is common on a small hill, cloth leaf residue can not only appetizers to eliminate bloating, but also contribute to weight loss.

The earliest history of cloth found in food residue Ye Qing Ke remonstrance books written by the Lingnan Materia Medica "of prepared herbal medicine to be" in the book reproduces in order to blindly Qingrejiedu used to make tea and medicinal plants of the Lingnan "rag leaves" , and contains the: "Pickle, sexual-ping, non-toxic, all the insanity expansion solution, the Qing Huang gas, eliminate toxic heat. to make tea, to eat the plot. cloth, also known as slag." Subsequently, the Tao-kuang 28 years (AD 1848) print and publish a monograph on another Lingnan Materia Medica, "Materia Medica seeking original" the middle of the "cloth residue leaves" for the rectification of names containing relevant, reads "that rag leaves, sour and sweet, flat. Xie All insanity bulge drug toxicity, heat, digestion product, jaundice. to make good tea. "separate" Guangdong Annals "Description:" The rag leaf out of Yangjiang Yangchun Enping, shaped like palm and green, Lingnan Zhou many people use cigarettes poisonous water fans passenger service of the legislation Jiantang solution. "

All along, the cloth slag leaves people in our country have been widely used. The current study found that contains alkaloids, flavonoids, volatile oil, organic acids, tannins, sugars, phenols, etc., protect cardiovascular, anti-aging, and pesticides and so on.

Lingnan region in China, cloth residue leaves are used for production of non-governmental tea. Such as the residue with a cloth fabric made from green tea leaves and tea leaves residue, there is a better Xiaozhi In addition to product, and the efficacy of Heweijiangni, pediatric hiccup occurs, Changyin this tea can be effective; residue with a cloth leaves and Yin-hua, streaky made of chrysanthemum, and flavored tea, remove the dry throat pain, throat inflammation, surface Minister acne, swollen gums and other "hot" symptoms; will be accompanied by hawthorn leaf residue cloth, candied honey pot into a thorn cloth tea residue as cloth residue leaves and hawthorn are fat meat and the role of people of all ages can take more suitable for use in obese people lose weight.

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