Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recognized as most of the 10 sports fat consumption

The eyes of a woman would dream of becoming the most dazzling star of all, when you have a fascinating figure, every angle is looked perfect, of course, became the focus of everyone's attention. Life at home Xiaobian 360-degree specially designed for you to create the perfect weight-loss plan, healthy weight-loss diet will be all kinds of information together, to help you have a perfect body!

Beauty are always constantly thinking about weight loss, here are 10 kinds of User recognized as the most effective reduce fat movement, collected, for everyone to refer to.

1,12-minute freestyle, the heat can be consumed 836KJ

Daily consumption of 836KJ movement three times a week, you can stay away from obesity troubles. A short time and the energy consumption of a large swimming is the best choice to save time. Similarly, swimming, freestyle relatively large amount of exercise, only 12 minutes will be able to consume a lot of heat, hurry, let's try!

2, 10000 steps a day walking to stay in shape does not rebound

In order to feel a little sweat some speed walking 10000 steps a day, you can consume 836KJ. 1 month you can lose weight 1kg.

Converted into time, the equivalent of walking two hours a day, you can use a little faster than normal walking speed of 4 km distance. Slope of the steps so there is a place to walk more effective.

3, stretching exercise, a best adhere to seven seconds

Doing stretching exercise, it should choose their own weight, under normal circumstances, a round persist about seven seconds, the best results. Through the stretching exercise to lose weight, if the drop out can cause counterproductive effects, it must adhere to!

4, jogging for 20 minutes or more will be able to good effect!

Aerobic exercise can fully burn body fat, and continuous flow of Oxygen to all parts of the body, is a superior effect of weight loss methods. Jogging are aerobic exercise, carried out 20 minutes later, the body starts to burn fat to achieve weight loss effect. Swimming, walking, etc., also belong to aerobic exercise options under different conditions.

5, at 37 degrees Celsius hot water bath for 20 minutes, half-length

At 37 degrees Celsius water for about half-length can activate the body cells, accelerate the metabolism. Leisurely to bathe in the water, which can effectively promote the sweat excreted from the inside to the outside so that you are tender and beautiful people. 20-minute soak in the tub is very slimming effect. If you do not like sports, you use a simple half-bath to complete the task bar to lose weight!

6,5 seconds, press the ear acupuncture point 5, the can control appetite

Ear acupuncture for appetite control, called hunger point. Under the daily press 5 or so, can effectively reduce the appetite. 5 seconds, press 5, preferably 30 minutes before meals conducted in a better effect. However, the effect of weight loss is also a unique and individual.

7,30-minute foot massage, which can effectively reduce the appetite
Acupoint massage, masseur, said massage is very effective in controlling appetite.
8, by bus, the 1 hour standing to bring the toes may exercise the leg muscles
Is only one-way travel time than sitting to standing to consume about 84kJ, from consuming a total of about 167kJ. Filed tiptoe stand, will make slim fit ankle, should be commended!
9, 1 hour in the club dance dancing
All parts of the body have been the activities of Para Para dance, just do this and be able to lose weight in a campaign. Dancing every day, I've gotten thinner body. Want to be more slender, only some can be serious dancing! Dancing in the club a one-hour dance, you can consume 836kJ, which is the maximum amount of consumption of the day. Can persist for more than 20 minutes to bear fruit. To achieve movement in the entertainment in the efficacy of once a day, the body was very useful.
10 meals under 20 per mouth to chew

Lot of chewing, which can effectively subtract facial fat. At least chewing under 20 can be effectively reduced facial fat, hence the eating habits of people swallowing to improve as soon as possible.
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