Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ruse Jones is in New Orleans right half-day test

At the same time, trainers Duke - Ruse Jones is in New Orleans right half-day test. Rousse said Jones weight of 13 pounds, it is now 181 pounds, 40-yard sprint time in 4.5 seconds or less. "He looks fantastic," Ruse said. "Physically speaking, he has for next season's NFL game ready, but the biggest problem is not his speed or he can do in the field."

Jones was considered to be a very promising NFL star, but repeatedly break the law to make his career off the track. The 26-year-old former West Virginia's outstanding player in his first two seasons playing for the Tennessee Titans team when an elite cornerback and kick back hand attack, when Schwartz is the team's defensive coach. But the 2007 season, Jones because some events are outside the union president, Roger - Goodell suspended.

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