Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NFL playoffs, decided to change the overtime rules

Sudden death in the NFL playoffs become less sudden.

League playoffs this week, two of the overtime rules changed. Rules will be implemented next season if the team by throwing a coin to get some guess right the first attack and to rely on a free kick for points, then the other team will get the ball right. If you took over the series of attacks to score another free kick over, competition will be under the current under sudden death rules. If the team won the first attack of the right to rely on scoring touchdowns, then the end of the game.

In the NFL, held Tuesday meeting, the team owners voted by 28 to 4 by the proposal. Minnesota, Buffalo, Cincinnati and Baltimore, voted against it. The adoption of the proposal due to director Roger - Goodale's support, and throwing coins in a series of data show that the decision has been too obvious winner of the overtime. Minnesota in the NFC finals last season, losing in overtime in New Orleans Saints. Saints win by throwing coins in the first attack of the right to promote Daoqian Chang and scored a free kick won the day.

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