Thursday, March 4, 2010

France's 0-2 defeat by Spain

The same as the European champions, but almost no one optimistic about France. "Marca" drum up support before the game for Spain, "smashed the 42 years the curse away victorious," France "Equipe" also embarrassed to admit competition into a "parade of Spain", FIFA is also enlivened by a few out: "For Spain abnormal situation is favorable, the European champions France in Wednesday's main stadium to send to their lineup, including the Sun was in Liverpool and Blackburn League Torres comes back. "

Casillas played 102 times on behalf of Spain, with Spain's Raul played tied for second place record. World Cup away jersey for the first time dressed in the Spanish first kick-off, the European champion then showed their strength and ball five minutes before the rate of 88%. French manufacturers were frequently used to counter the threat, but Gourcuff, Franck Ribery has a breakthrough to the restricted area on the right are not formed after the high cross shot. Spain will win 19 minutes after the goal, Henry was off Iniesta pass forward pass, Silva lose a ball, single-handedly broke into the Villa closed the face of the right foot Tuishe Loritz break ,1:0 -- Villa No. 37 into the national team goal lead away from home in Spain. The first 45 minutes, the Spanish siege of front row, Alonso after the sub-front steal the ball, Ramos, restricted the right side of the ball go past Escude left foot shot hit Escude varied-line network, 2: 0.

The score for the French team helpless, the Spanish can be confidently deployed forces, but in no way diminished offensive forces, and poor is the little bit of luck. Spain's Xavi and Torres sent half, Stade de France, only found a surprising opponent has a gun one spare vehicle. Spain won easily, as well as Xianxin let out a public reserve to adapt to the atmosphere before the game very Danding Bosque: "With warm-up tournament substitution rules, as much as possible to the majority of players play. France is the support teams, players want to get one to enjoy. "be treated as such competition, there are strong teams in France and that the identity and temperament.

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