Monday, March 8, 2010

The real Super Bowl fame played a ball

44th Annual NFL Finals - Super Bowl stadium in Miami, the sun of life wonderful staged, the United States Federation champion Indianapolis Colts with the National Federation champion New Orleans Saints team had considered quitting. After four fierce fighting, the Saints teams of three with Hartley kick a reasonable success and Brisbane sub quarterback sneaked the ball 31 to more than 17 Liqin Colts, the first time in history was Super Bowl champions.

Saints team's win is not a super hero quarterback Drew - Brisbane, the audience match the success of his 39 passes 32 times, passing up a total distance of 288 yards, including two touchdowns passing, quarterback scores for the 114.5-round, won an overwhelming four regular season MVP's Gary Payton - Manny, but the Saints still unknown hero sophomore cornerback - Porter. Porter at a critical juncture for the successful completion of Payton - Manny's steals, and get back to offensive touchdowns, the Colts tied the hope of completely snuffed.

This is Payton - Manny finished the game was the only time pass steals. Section IV, colt just 7 points behind, so long as to get a touchdown, you can tie the game in Manning's meticulous combing, the colt made the first continuous attack, quickly advancing to the rivals on the half-pony, when the Man ning aimed at the left side and sent a pass to teammate, electro-optic Flint, the cornerback Porter popped up suddenly diagonal stabbing Lane, directly caught a Manning pass, under the cover of his teammates, Paowei Porter reached the trot all the way Colts touchdowns terminal region has made no preparations for pony team who has not made a trailing escort, bringing the game to lose the suspense, the Saints reached the Super Bowl for the first time we have obtained the title.

No positive about this before the game during the regular season mediocre cornerback, and even the U.S. media, quips, "as long as the waves make mistakes especially in the field, we thank God!." However, this comes from Indiana University Bloomington campus two-year cornerback had the ball in the playoffs to become a famous hero. The League of Nations in the crucial final, it is relying on a super-Porter for another quarterback Brett - Faffe successful steals, will the game into overtime, the Saints free kick to seize the opportunity to complete the Juesha. In the two priceless competition, Porter used to shock the world with the performance of cutting off two top-level quarterback, a ball of fame on the true story of the NFL stadium to reproduce.

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