Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NFL 10 free agent

March 5 after the start of the new season, a large number of players become a free agent, some of which is the team's backbone, the following are most concerned about this year's 10 free agent.

1.Thomas Jones, New York Jets, running back

Jones last season, contributed 14 touchdowns and 1402 yards red ball, he was a leader, has a tough character and single-season more than 1000 yard capacity of the red ball.

2.Ryan Clark, Pittsburgh Steelers, free and safe Wei

The advent of today's Guardian, one of the most intelligent, and very young, after the contract out of its own large numbers of followers.

3.Darren Sharper, New Orleans Saints, free safe Wei

Although already 34 years old, but the play has not been Shapo age limit to nine times last season, tied for the league in steals, but also the three defensive touchdowns.

4.Kevin Mawae, Tennessee Titans, center

39-year-old age is an obstacle to renewal of his contract, but he is still the All-Star last season, the players, in most NFL teams are still playing in the starting strength.

5.LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego, lightning, running back

He is no longer productive period of LT, but there are still more than a single season, 1000 yards and at least 50 times the capacity of the catch.

6.Leigh Bodden, New England Patriots, Kok Wei

Teng Tower - Robertson did not become a free agent, so Boden in hot demand on the market this year, in the Patriots team and his contract before the other teams have the opportunity to compete for shot.

7.Jamal Williams, San Diego, lightning, protecting front

Although the injury has a bad history, but in the 3-4 configuration, Williams still play an important role in the strength, lightning team very much hope that he will return to the team.

8.Kevin Faulk, New England Patriots, running back

Perhaps such a high ranking unexpected, but to ask the Patriots, and you'll understand his values and his New England in every effort to re-sign a contract.

9.Jake Delhomme, Carolina Panthers, quarterback

Talk about what you are looking for him, he was worth 3 million annual salary of the replacement, at least not playing the team can win.

10.Derrick Mason, Baltimore Ravens, foreign take over

The data in 2009, he was 73 times the ball forward 1028 yards, contribute seven touchdowns, has it all, although the age of 36, signed a big contract more difficult, but as a strong team to take over the number two foreign objects super - value for money.

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