Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lee asked to take over the Dodgers last year

Say goodbye to New York until 12 years after the rumored Torre (Joe Torre) will fly to the West Bank, Los Angeles, a fresh start in the Dodgers!

30, according to the Los Angeles Times quoted senior sources said Major League, playing only 82 Dodge this season lost record of 80 wins, could not squeeze into the playoffs, not very satisfied with high-level, the current head coach Li care (Grady Little) his post at stake, The club owner Mai Kante preferred successor candidate, none other than the 1000 winning coach Joe Torre.

Lee asked to take over the Dodgers last year, to arms, the first year and led the Dodgers played 88 won 74 lost to the National League wild card playoff status, the fourth quarter fell to partition, Li Tuotan commitment, team veteran and young communication between the players do have problems with internal record loss and deterioration, although Li care contract with the Dodgers until the end of the next quarter until maturity, but the senior has been the intention of substitutions.

It is reported that as early as Girardi (Joe Girardi) and the Yankees top the interview, had already hinted at some other teams hope he can pick up coach, and Girardi is the Dodge teams within the meaning of, and now Kyrgyzstan Lady Yankees officially took to arms, the former Yankees bench coach Mattingly (Don Mattingly), after soaring expectations dashed, and let it refused to accept any arrangement baseball coach position, once the Dodgers announced that Torre as the new head coach, the Mattingly pole may seek refuge gun, joined the Dodgers coaches.

If Torre really fought Dodgers coach, the former first-hand drawing Wang's mentor, will become the Clansmen and Villager Kuo and Tsao's head coach, this way, the new season of Joe Torre will remain focus of media attention in Taiwan .

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