Sunday, August 8, 2010

As long as Santana (Johan Santana) and the Twins did not nod contract

As long as Santana (Johan Santana) and the Twins did not nod contract, the Yankees are always the biggest eyes of a "fat."

In the Twin Cities five years, 93 million U.S. dollars raised by Santana broker conditions "to be turned down", the intention to fight the city were strongly left wrist, Dodgers and other teams once again Sabre-rattling, which went the Yankees the most active market rumors the Yankees currently working with the Twins trade Santana to discuss the possibility, which the Yankees do not want to respond to high-level low-key.

Reinforcing the Yankees pitching staff is top priority, while Twin Cities last week, has lost seven Gold Gloves with hegemony Hunter (Torii Hunter), if not keep Santana, is bound to get into the combat force restructuring, the Yankees long ago that it will not take high-level " Taiwan Light "Wang as a bargaining chip, may now be included in the transaction list of players point to Cabrera (Miguel Cabrera), the young pitcher Hughes (Phil Hughes), Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain), Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) have also been name.

"Whether the other side (Twins) to that which the players, or we can provide the transaction object, not the message to the outside the current time, only a preliminary discussion stage." Yankees senior vice president of said.

Santana, now 29 years old, in addition to 150 km above the speed ball strength, also has beautiful hand speed ball, nearly four years, at least one quarter out 235 batters K, 2004,2006 awarded in the American League Cy Young Award twice, won 13 lost 15 wins this season, 3.33 ERA the next season was 13.25 million U.S. dollars annual salary.

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