Friday, August 6, 2010

Belated recognition of particularly treasure

Belated recognition of particularly treasure, rattlesnakes Melvin (Bob Melvin), Indians Wadge (Eric Wedge) proved a good coach does not necessarily have to be a good player.

Player of the times, have spent time catcher, a career batting average of 33 hours are 2 percent, Melvin, Wadge not play well when the point, but after the coaching shine, major league best 15th head coach of the two Union Award winner, leading the Diamondbacks won the National League by the Melvin scored 90 wins, led the Indians into the medal Midland is the Wadge lun yuan League Championship Series, both were selected to the best head coach in team history award the first.

Wadge, 39, for the major league's youngest head coach in 2003, took to arms after the Indians, after four years of restructuring, hard work finally bear fruit this year, led the Indians once again re- back to the playoffs, the team's capabilities will integrate Wadge players due to squatting during the fishing experience, "catcher must always observe the pitch changes, but also the constant encouragement of his teammates, gave me great help." he said.

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