Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today Dodge series on the Brewers third battle of five in the second half

Dodge yesterday with the Brewers series in the second war, as Kuo series aim at the day before the first war, with 22 goals scored 5 of his season, after the successful rescue, the ninth of the closed task can not be played. Therefore, the old coach Dodge Torre (Joe Torre) used (Ronald Belisario), Xue riels (George Sherrill), and the Big Dipper Tyre (Octavio Dotel) three relays, a person facing a batter, continuous resolve to fight off Brewers center line of the Brown (Ryan Braun), Field (Prince Fielder), and Mai Gaiyi (Casey McGehee), to keep the winning results.

Today Dodge series on the Brewers third battle of five in the second half, the Dodgers ahead 1 point. But starting pitcher Manoa Sitailiou (Carlos Monasterios) in one out later, walked along with two body contacts the ball, so the Brewers capture bases loaded. Torre old trick again to be solved by sending Brown, then again to get rid of Rumsfeld Xue riel, and resolve the crisis over the barrier, to keep a one point lead.

But it was just the fifth. To resolve the crisis, the is desperate; but later if needed relief pitcher with the Kansas case, is a big bet!

Results 6 Jushang Ban, Dodge by Blake (Casey Blake) two-run homer, leading 4:1 than the number pulled. If the odds to keep this on to Joe Torre's "behavior" is likely they will not learn the lesson of the day directly to Hugh Kuo up, "no need" to close the investment and the two Councils.

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