Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Li Bo in the past were injured last year

Po-roll in the major leagues for 13 years 1999-2002, Cubs 4 years, the first issue of the 121 race, won 36 lost 48 won achievements, particularly home record of 29 wins 18, lost his performance always forget to Chicago not. 2004 New York Yankees when he was 1 year, 8 lost record of 14 wins, 4.33 ERA, but the Yankees finally tasted only her first taste of the playoffs.

Li Bo in the past were injured last year, he was just out of game Phillies 14 games, pitched 78 Council 6 lose record 3 wins, 4.73 ERA. Leeb said that now his health has been good in the Cubs re-start the preparation.

Li Bo is the first hair style pitcher, the future will be Zambrano, Leary (Ted Lilly), Hill (Rich Hill), Marquez (Jason Marquis), etc. The other eight starting pitchers a competitive seat, veterans coming back and more can motivate teenager.

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