Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dodgers and Padres in March this year

Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) and the San Diego Padres vice president of Winfield (Dave Winfield), today in Beijing to attend a press conference to announce that they will send "troops" stationed in Beijing.

Dodgers and Padres in March this year, plans to 15,16 Day, the two moved to Beijing in spring training exhibition game, when the Taiwanese-American star Clansmen and Villager and Kuo may travel with the team to their tasks in addition to competition, perhaps but also as a translator.

These two warm-up match Beijing, the venue is to accommodate 12 000 spectators in the Beijing Olympics Wukesong Baseball Field, the first by the Dodgers as the home team, the second round by the Padres as home.

"China has a lot of good athletes, such as gymnastics and basketball players Yao Ming." Padres general manager of Tower Falls (Kevin Towers) that the strength of China's baseball in Japan and South Korea after hot pursuit, good strength in the Asian area, He said that he would not be surprised of the strength of Asian baseball map, because of change in China.

Dodgers and Padres have the experience of overseas competition, in which the Dodgers in the old coach La Suda days, had come to Taiwan to play friendly match Lvdui, in 2003, the New York Mets to play exhibition games in Mexico, even as early as 1980 years, and China on cooperation in Beijing to build a batting cages, but also built in Tianjin, another Dodger Stadium.

As for the Padres and New York in 1996, most of Team Sweden in Monterrey, Mexico (Monterrey), to participate in the Alliance's first overseas regular season, when the Padres in 1999 and also played the Colorado Rockies season opener Monterey .

A success of Major League overseas in China are actively exploiting, in addition to coaching to help the Chinese national team training camp, but also provide the Chinese baseball coaches, referees develop training and continually tap the younger players, in the past few years, Major League merchandise China has already opened stores in more than 50, while major league game broadcast can be seen through the baseball exchange, so that more interaction between the two countries increased.

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