Thursday, February 25, 2010

EU calls Google Street View to remind the public before taking the photograph

According to foreign media reports, the European Union regulators Thursday asked Google and will be shooting pictures in the city before services are used to inform the public street. This is further exacerbated by Google's legal risk in the European Union.

The European Union in a letter sent to Google, said Google should be the original photo to shorten the retention time from 1 year to 6 months. Instead, Google said in a statement, the streetscape, as the original image that lasts a year is "legitimate and justified."

Google said the company has informed the way through the web site to inform the public streets pictures collection to. According to a notice given in the service Thursday, Google Street View cars have begun collecting pictures Cagliari in Italy and France, Nantes viewfinder, and may be moved into the vicinity of the other cities.

Google in 2007 for the United States issued a street service, and now it has been to extend it to about 100 cities in the world. To allay privacy concerns, Google images through a special software in the human face and license plate number for the fuzzy processing.

As the EU is worried that Google Street View camera in public, would violate the privacy provisions of the EU's part, so streetscape services in the region, shooting very slowly.

Last year, the Greek government had asked Google to stop shooting, until the introduction of additional privacy safeguards. Last year, in April, the British inhabitants of a village and even built a human wall to block Google's path finder car. Google had also to be the German government requested the deletion of one face, street number, license plate numbers and other personal information of the original image.

EU's justice commissioner Viviane Reding said the EU data protection has a very high standard, and she hoped that all businesses are able to act in accordance with regulations.

European Union data protection authorities in charge of Alex Turk 2 Yue 11 wrote to Google data privacy officer, said Peter Fleischer, Google should be filming in advance via the website, as well as local or national media notice. He also said that Google should try to avoid a shoot-sensitive content, and those who would not normally be passers-by to see the private details of the.

He also said that Google will be the original image without the blur to save one-year policies that are "inappropriate" policy, it should be changed. In his view, enhance the image fuzzy processing technology and better to remind the public attention that will help reduce the privacy concerns Google's complaints, but also can shorten people's pictures for the issue of response time.

Just this week three, that is, the EU issued the warning on Google the day before the Italian courts for violations of user privacy has just grounds and sentenced to three Google executives 6 months imprisonment, suspended. The three executives charged with failure to promptly remove the section of the autistic boys were beaten and humiliated at school video. Google said it would appeal the case, and believe that this ruling contradicts the spirit of the Internet, freedom of speech.

Also in Wednesday, the European Union antitrust regulators said the complaints against Google's rival Google to reduce its Google search engine rankings. The EU said that Google did not launch an antitrust investigation, and Google will deny the existence of improper conduct.

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