Monday, February 8, 2010

IPAD acceleration of e-reader market shopping

With the deconstruction of the iPad perspective on the birth, it seems to be between iPhone and PC products between the third. Zhongguancun counter Apple's distribution of Xiao told reporters, although they have only just been released in the United States, but now every day consumer telephone consultation, and asked whether the Chinese mainland market. Consumers are most valued, or light, fashion, avant-garde. U.S. market research firm NPD's latest survey recently released report shows that in all kinds of e-book reader has purchased the U.S. consumers, 93% of users have purchased a product's performance was "very satisfied" or "relatively satisfied."

Deputy Director of Information Management Department of Peking University, Professor Zhou Qingshan pointed out that Apple has long been a leader in the information industry trends, in addition to design an advantage, this launch iPad is a combination of new property rights under the network environment model, profit model, achieved a business innovation. iPad will be the model of content and software package unique, and it is more than ten million species of hardware and software, is to start from the cultural and creative industries, adding to the product interesting and cultural.

To some extent, iPad e-book reading function of the introduction of the complex situation on the future evolution of electronic publishing again Duoliaoyifen uncertain. Apple iPad is currently e-book for the function, specifically set up their own iBook Store Sales Shop, formally related to the content source.

Jobs at the press conference, said that six major publishing companies in the five already iPad in the provision of e-book content to reach an agreement, they are penguins, Hab, Simon & Schuster, Makemilun, Hachette Special Book Group. The world's largest bookseller, Random House trade category also expressed hope for further communication with Apple. The New York Times Group, News Group, Conde Nast Media Group and other also as much as there's collaboration.Hab Publishing Group and general manager of market development in China Zhou Ailan told reporters that, as a group are willing and different number of publishers, so that is conducive to the promotion of works of digital publishers and readers in different variety of choice, which is a kind of mutual benefit and win-win situation.

At the same time, iPad with the publishers to take a more liberal forms of cooperation, but also to allow self-publishing house prices. Not long ago, because it has long been upholding the Amazon electronic 9.9 U.S. dollars low price to attract customers, while McGraw-Hill that the book prices are too low to require Amazon to improve McGraw-Hill publishing company in the Amazon online prices of electronic books. Amazon ultimately compromise in this dispute are willing to increase the price. Even media reports said the incident reflects Apple iPad of Kindle e-reader in the market dominance has become a strong challenge. Amazon and Apple in the coming e-book market, publishing and retail sectors is bound to start a fight, but this is just the beginning.

In addition, analysts point out that Apple's iPad reading the e-book reader to meet the greater needs of users. iPad represents a change in the way e-book reader. Readers will read the text turned to multi-media approach to reading. Not only can enjoy the pictures and videos, you can also read the contents of the back on our comments. A "New York Times" website, for example, iPad specially equipped with a "New York Times" digital version of the program, the title page continuously updated, while mixed series of pictures, videos, user reviews, links to other sources, as well as documentary-style news reported.

Professor Zhou Qingshan that, iPad development of electronic readers, first of all depends on whether one can accept "mobile computer and e-reader" pattern of use. Second, iPad in the "standard, application software, hardware, supplies, accessories," such as supporting the development of ability for the user to accept. But more critical is that publishing is affecting human ideology and values of spiritual products, in the face in different countries and regions of different social and cultural background, publishing content should be able to meet the various sales regions and cultural practices, legal practices, this is Apple's It should be noted.

As for the e-book market, whether it would iPad an overwhelming majority, swept to form the world's trend of China Publishing Science Research Institute, said researcher Zhang Li, e-books, and music industry is absolutely not an industrial patterns and concepts. E-book resources can be more dispersed around the world, and will not form a large monopoly companies. Mobile terminal development on the traditional publishing challenge is certain, but Apple's market experience and a good performance, but also to be seen. E-books have to face other competitors in addition to paper media, but also the face of competition from other electronic readers. ABI Research analyst Jiefuaoer Jeff Orr said: "Tablet PC will not replace the laptop, Internet phone book or at least the next few years, it will be a phase co-exist with the above equipment, a luxury."

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