Monday, February 1, 2010

iPad is not the only option

iPad is not the only option
The release of Apple's iPad has given the industry has brought a lot of surprises, but it falls well below the point where the world is unparalleled. At least, on the recent CES conference, there are a lot of Tablet PC product launch, in fact, iPad competitors quite a bit.
Smart this
Terms of hardware features, using ARM architecture intelligent handling of this (SmartBook) is the iPad most direct competitor. At present, MSI, ASUS have already developed a system of using Android smart in this sample. With the iPad, these smart also used in this 1GHz of CPU, but also integrated WiFi, and 3G communications chips for wireless Internet applications than the iPad has a stronger competitive edge.
As Apple's old rival, Android developers Google has not Xianxia Lai. It is understood that Google and HTC's touch-screen make-up smart cooperative R & D this is also about the stage, and thus and Google has just released its own brand mobile phone NexusOne jointly and iPhone Apple's iPad start against. In addition, there are the upper reaches of the leading chip maker Freescale's new 7-inch Intelligent iPad this will also pose a danger, because it is the price of less than 200 U.S. dollars, cost-effective advantages become more prominent.
At the same time, HP claimed that it would initiate the relevant co-operation with Microsoft, Dell has released a 5-inch-sized smart this, coupled with last year announced the launch of Android system will be smart copies Acer, Apple iPad is bound to and a lot of the old opponents once again launched a positive contest.
Chinese goods
In the CES meeting, the domestic sale of electronic products, boss --- Hanwang Science and Technology released a tablet computer chip called TouchPad The domestic manufacturers to build Tablet PC, direct use is currently on the market popular ultra thin and light notebooks hardware configuration, but also with windwos7 operating system, supports multi-touch functionality.
As for the other section at the CES Show in getting attention of the Tablet PC, also from China, it is Lenovo's Sky-light. It is worth mentioning that Lenovo's Skylight not only in the interface were carried out independent R & D and innovation, and also a breakthrough appearance to design a unique detachable keyboard and screen the way the performance rather leading technological level.
Of course, in China, there is a group of craving for the cottage manufacturers are waiting for the birth of the iPad. Shenzhen Huaqiang North, part of the cottage manufacturers iPad not even before the official release, by reference to the network spread all kinds of Apple's tablet PC schematic picture developed related products. The cottage Tablet PC mainly relies on the Internet this platform, joined the LCD touch panel and LCD screen can be rotated and other elements. Like in those days as a high imitation iPhone, using Apple's reputation, high imitation version iPad also hope that the good to make money.

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