Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Win7 will enable the "trump card" next month 1st RC version will be automatically shut down

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft will have Windows 7 RC version (final release candidate) activated killer, the user either pay for or should endure the pain of automatic shutdown. From the beginning on the 15th of this month, Windows 7 RC will be made every few hours display warning notices to remind users to pay for; and March 1, run the Windows 7 RC version of the computer will shut down once every 2 hours, shut down the former and No warning. Automatic shutdown will continue until June 1 this year, after which Microsoft will replace the user's desktop, in the lower right corner of the task bar, "this version of Windows is not genuine" notification. This would mean running Windows 7 RC version of the computer will not have access to an optional update or download the required Windows certified software.

This will be history, Microsoft for the users to the most severe "punishment" actions. Until last May, Microsoft has also confirmed to the media version of Windows 7RC will be June 1, 2010 is free to use, free use of the period will be extended to 13 months; but now did not say explicitly that all installed Windows 7RC version of the computer users are user piracy, but the treatment is already higher than in 2008 Microsoft Windows XP crack down on piracy, but also severe auto-black, while the free use of extended 13-month commitments have been set aside in advance.

The reporter learned from the computer stores the dealers learned, Windows7 official version from the sale has been sold in the first two months, not bad; but was boxed retail version of a gradual decline in sales, a seller said that the most dismal time of "failed to sell a set of three days." The case against the sluggish sales, dealers have to organize themselves Promotions Clearance Action: Buy boxed version of Windows7 send anti-virus software, or carrying out the price Anzhe (ie, the invoice issued by the standard price, but the actual amount charged is lower than this figure) . The B2C Web Shop Amazon on Windows7 excellent boxed version though not discounted prices, but an extra 50 yuan ~ 200 yuan complimentary gift card (the equivalent of cash shopping on the site use).

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