Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nelson: Internet users wanted to have fun are not willing to pay for network news

According to foreign media reports, the research firm Nielsen has released a survey showed that Internet users more willing to pay for online entertainment content, but not willing to pay for the network news.

Nelson on the global 52 countries, conducted a survey of 27000 consumers, the findings show that Internet users are more willing to movies, games and music pay.

Nearly 60% of the respondents expressed their willingness to pay for movies and music, while more than 50% expressed their willingness to pay for the game. In contrast, are willing to pay the proportion of Internet news is only 30%.

The survey results show that the "New York Times" recently announced the pricing strategy may not be wise. "The New York Times" announced last month that starting in 2011, online readers per month free of charge to read a certain number of articles on the need to pay more than quantitative.

In addition, the News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch has said that plans to this year's news site on the implementation of fees and charges.

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